Node.js for .NET Developers

Node.js for .NET Developers

Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure Josh Lane Cloud Practice Lead - Wintellect [email protected] @jplane Consulting/Training Thanks to our Sponsors Consulting/Training

About Wintellect who we are Wintellect is the only company that offers the combined value of world class consulting services along with onsite, virtual and on-demand developer training. We help companies build better software, faster, helping you maximize and protect your consulting and training investments through ongoing knowledge transfer. consulting

Wintellect helps you build better software, faster, tackling the tough projects and solving the software and technology questions that help you transform your business.

Architecture, Analysis and Design Full lifecycle software development Debugging and Performance tuning Database design and development training Wintellect's courses are written and taught by some of the biggest and most respected names in the Microsoft programming industry.

Learn from the best. Access the same training Microsofts developers enjoy Real world knowledge and solutions on both current and cutting edge technologies Flexibility in training options onsite, virtual, on demand Consulting/Training

TL;DR Consulting/Training AWS overview Originally designed for internal use History Simple Queue Service late 2004 Mechanical Turk late 2005 EC2 and S3 2006

>$1B in revenue/quarter (estimate) 8 distinct geographic regions + GovCloud Customers - Netflix, NASA, Pinterest, Expedia, Instagram, Heroku Consulting/Training Azure overview Announced at PDC October 2008 Initially focused on PaaS

Commercial release Feb 2010 150% YoY growth (2Q2014), ~ $4.5B annual revenue Includes Office 365, etc. 13 geographic regions + 2 gov-related Customers Apple iCloud (!), Vancouver and Sochi Olympics, Toyota, etc. Consulting/Training Features and Capabilities

Performance/Scale/Reliability Cost Developer Productivity Management Consulting/Training Features and Capabilities Consulting/Training

Consulting/Training AWS Features 36 distinct, marketed capabilities across 8 categories About 24 (give or take) are standalone Rest only make sense in the context of others Focus areas IaaS EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, etc. Storage S3, Elastic Block Storage, CDN, etc.

PaaS offering (Elastic Beanstalk) is not really a first-class citizen Developer-centric services offerings Managed (No)SQL, data warehousing, Hadoop, queues, workflows, emails, push notifications, etc. Handful of others AppStream, WorkSpaces, etc. Consulting/Training Consulting/Training

Azure Features 27 distinct, marketed capabilities across 7 categories About 18 (give or take) are standalone Areas of focus PaaS Web Sites, Mobile Services, Cloud Services Storage blobs, tables, queues, files IaaS Developer-centric services

Managed (No)SQL, queues, Hadoop, service bus, push notifications, etc. Others RemoteApp, API Management, etc. Consulting/Training Commonality IaaS Run anything in a VM

Extend your datacenter into the cloud (virtual networks, etc.) Storage Raw, NoSQL, SQL, big data, CDN Access control IAM and Azure AD Legacy-application-as-a-service AWS AppStream and Azure RemoteApp Consulting/Training

Key Differences View of the world AWS VM-first Azure services-first PaaS Azure has a clear advantage here Hybrid cloud connectivity Azure has more emphasis, options Mobile back-ends Azure Mobile Services mature, full-featured Amazon Cognito/Analytics/SNS new offering, promising but still early days

Azure has obvious ties into MS developer ecosystem Will Amazon create their own dev ecosystem? Feature differentiation Azure native API Management AWS native OLAP data warehousing Consulting/Training Performance/Scale/Reliability

Consulting/Training AWS perf/scale/reliability Server estimates (May 2013) 160K web-facing (11.6M distinct, public web sites) 50K non-web-facing VM sizes 22 instance sizes across 7 categories General purpose, micro, compute-optimized, memory-optimized, storage-optimized, etc.

On-demand, reserved, and spot pricing models Database sizes 11 instances sizes across 3 categories (standard, memory-optimized, micro) SLA EC2 and RDS 99.95% S3 99.9% Scale out load balance All The Things Scale up up to 32 cores, 244 GB of RAM per instance

Consulting/Training Azure perf/scale/reliability Server estimates (July 2013) 19K web-facing (170K distinct, public web sites) VM sizes 10 instance sizes across 3 categories General purpose, compute-intensive, memory-intensive Fewer options than AWS (no GPU, storage-optimized, etc.)

Database sizes 8 instance sizes across 2 categories (general purpose, memory-intensive) SLA VMs and Cloud Services 99.95% Pretty much everything else 99.9% Scale out load balancing using Traffic Manager (across one or more regions)

Scale up up to 16 cores, 112 GB of RAM per instance Consulting/Training Cost Consulting/Training Economics o the Cloud Budget and tax implications Capex Big, depreciating assets on the balance sheet

Opex - Fluid, less predictable (but smaller) ongoing expenses Developers no longer downstream from IT decisions Public cloud allows end-run around traditional IT We control the meter (for better and worse) Spend is now a noun Youre welcome Price usually not a differentiator

Consulting/Training AWS Pricing Generally a pay-as-you-go model Paying the water bill vs. digging your own well Free usage tier 12 month limit for new accounts Monthly credit for Linux/Windows micro VMs, relational and NoSQL storage, etc.

Discounts for education and startups Convenience vs. commitment On-Demand vs. Reserved vs. Spot Instances Here Be Complexity Whitepapers, how-to videos, VC-backed third party providers, etc. Consulting/Training Consulting/Training Azure Pricing

Largely a pay-as-you-go, rental model Discounts for 6 and 12 month commitments, prepayments Try before you buy - $200 credit for new signups Free credits for schools, startups, and MSDN subscribers Again with the complexity What services are you using? How many?

Which options? Consulting/Training Consulting/Training Developer Productivity Consulting/Training Consulting/Training

AWS Developer Productivity Multiple tech stack SDKs Java, iOS, Android, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, browser Package management integration npm, NuGet, gems, pip, composer, etc. Eclipse and VS.NET integration Command line Windows (cmd.exe and PS), Mac, Linux Excellent SDK and services docs Active forums No officially supported, unified local emulator Consulting/Training Consulting/Training Azure Developer Productivity SDKs to target multiple tech stacks .NET, Java, node, iOS, Android, Windows 8, WinPhone, PHP, Python, Ruby, browser

Package mgmt. integration npm, NuGet, gems, pip, composer, etc. Eclipse and VS.NET integration Also works with Python and Node Tools for VS.NET CLI support across Windows, Mac, Linux Auto-deploy from GitHub, Dropbox, TFS, etc. Excellent docs - Forums are meh (even MS suggests you use StackOverflow )

Local emulator works well for some stuff Consulting/Training Management Consulting/Training Consulting/Training AWS Management

Web portal Command line (CLI) APIs Third party integration VMWare, Rightscale, Scalr, BMC, Puppet Labs, Layer7, etc. Services CloudFormation templated resource creation CloudTrail auto API call logging CloudWatch unified cloud resource and app monitoring IAM security and access control

OpsWorks AWS resource integration for DevOps Consulting/Training Consulting/Training Azure Management Web portal (two of them, actually) Command line APIs Third party Cerebrata, BMC, Puppet Labs, etc. Immature compared to AWS

Services Recovery Manager automated backup of Hyper-V private clouds Backup automated on-prem server backup to Azure Scheduler cron for Azure Active Directory hosted in Azure, sync with on-prem, etc. API Management versioning, quotas/rate limits, security, transformations, documentation, reporting, etc. Consulting/Training Advice

Appreciate how cloud changes IT dynamics Winners and losers Budget and tax implications Understand your SLAs 99.9% = 10 min/week, 45 min/month, 8.75 hours/year 99.95% = 5 min/week, 22 min/month, 4.3 hours/year Learn the difference between cloud-capable and cloud-native Think beyond the VM Still lost?

Choose AWS because no one ever got fired for choosing IBM Choose Azure because you love PaaS, and/or youre already within the MS orbit just remember these are broad guidelines! Consulting/Training Questions? Consulting/Training

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