Northern Nevada Correctional Center

Northern Nevada Correctional Center

Chain of Command NDOC Training Revised Jan 2017 Authority The right or privilege of an individual to perform some action, to require others to perform some action, or to make certain kinds of decisions. Responsibility

An obligation for a person to perform the authorized duty, to observe the limits or restriction set by the organization, and to serve the public need or purpose for which the authority has been granted. Accountability Each individual or group in an organization may be called upon at any time to show that they have exercised their authority and

responsibility properly. Position of Authority The position within the NDOC organizational structure which has been designated with authority, responsibility and accountability for assigned and/or specific duties relating to the NDOCs daily operations. Rank/Insignia

Name the Rank: Associate Warden of Operations Name the Rank: Correctional Lieutenant Rank/Insignia Name the Rank: Correctional Sergeant

Name the Rank: Senior Correctional Officer Rank/Insignia Name the Rank: Correctional Officer What Is The Chain Of Command?

A chain of command is a direct line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed. This is sometimes called a hierarchical structure in the civilian sector. Generally, orders are passed from higher ranking staff to lower ranking staff.

Why do we need a chain of command? In nature there is a tendency in groups for one creature to dominate others. As humans, we seek a sense of belonging. Groups provide security, order, a sense of purpose

and direction. Even in informal groups a hierarchical structure will develop. Why Do We Need A Chain Of Command? NDOC is a paramilitary organization.

With over 3,000 employees structure is vital. To ensure that the NDOCs tasks and assignments are completed without confusion or wasted time and effort. So that everyone knows what their responsibilities are.

Why Do We Need A Chain Of Command? So that everyone is accountable to someone else for their actions. To provide a sense of direction. To ensure clear communications.

Unity of Command The theory that subordinate in an organization must be accountable to one and only one superior. This is sometimes referred to as having one boss.

Its important to know whos in command of a situation. Unity of Command Unity of Command exists to prevent a subordinate from receiving conflicting instructions from different supervisors which could lead to confusion and paralysis. Dual Supervision

When two superiors in separate chains of command provide dual supervision to a subordinate with specific responsibility. Coordination and Span of Control Coordination is most effective when the lines of authority, responsibility, and accountability are clearly defined.

Span of control is the number of subordinates or elements within an organization that are accountable to one superior. Span of control No fixed number, but 7 10 is generally the accepted rule. Routine type work can increase span of

control. Highly motivated or trained workers can also increase span of control. Character of the manager. Who Are They? NDOC

Director James Dzurenda Deputy Directors Quentin Byrne (DDO) David Tristan (DDP) John Borrowman (Fiscal) Romeo Arias (Medical) Who Are They? Nevada State Prison

This Facility was closed down in Jan. 2012. Still has an active death chamber. Who Are They? Northern Nevada Correctional Center Warden- Isidro Baca AW-

Ron Schreckengost AW- Brian Ward Who Are They? Warm Springs Correctional Center Warden AW

Harold Wickham Lisa Walsh ASO Shanda Sergeant Who Are They? Lovelock Correctional Center

Warden Renee Baker AW William Sandie AW Terra Carpenter Who Are They? Southern Warden Desert Correctional Center Jo Gentry

AW Frank Dressen AW Minor Adams Who Are They? High Desert State Prison Warden AW-

Brian Williams Jerry Howell AW- Jennifer Nash AW- Terry Russell AW Bruce Stroud Who Are They? Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center Warden-

Dwight Neven AW- Gary Piccinini AW- Gabriela Garcia Who Are They? Ely

State Prison Warden- Tim Filson AW- Mike Byrne AW- William Gittere

Summary Some people dont see the need for a chain of command To succeed in the NDOC or other paramilitary type organizations you must learn and follow the chain of command.

To not do so can lead to unnecessary conflict and loss of productivity.

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