Nutritional Assessment - MCCC

Nutritional Assessment - MCCC

Nutritional Assessment Chapter 11 Defining Nutritional Status Optimal nutritional status Undernutrition Overnutrition Nutritional requirements at different ages

Slide 11-2 Infants and children Adolescence Pregnancy and lactation Adulthood The aging adult Purposes and Components of Nutritional Assessment Purposes of nutritional assessment Nutrition screening Admission nutrition screening tool 24-Hour diet recall Food frequency questionnaire Food diaries

Direct observation Food guide pyramid Slide 11-3 Subjective Data Health History Questions

Eating patterns Usual weight Changes in appetite, taste, smell, chewing, swallowing Recent surgery, trauma, burns, infection Chronic illnesses Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation Food allergies or intolerances Medications and/or nutritional supplements Self-care behaviors Alcohol or illegal drug use Exercise and activity patterns Family history Slide 11-4

Objective DataPhysical Exam Equipment needed Skinfold calipersLange or Harpenden Measurement tape Anthropometer Pen or pencil Nutrition assessment data form Slide 11-5 Objective DataPhysical Exam (cont.) Anthropometric measures Derived weight measures Body weight as percent of ideal body weight

Percent usual body weight Recent weight change Slide 11-6 Objective DataPhysical Exam (cont.) Body mass index = Weight (kg) Height (m)2 or Weight (lbs)

Height (in)2 x 705 Waist-to-hip ratio = Waist circumference Hip circumference Slide 11-7 Objective DataPhysical Exam (cont.) Skinfold thickness Technique of measurement Repeat three measurements and then take

average Mid-upper arm circumference (MAC) Slide 11-8 Objective DataPhysical Exam (cont.) Derived anthropometric measures Mid-upper arm muscle circumference (MAMC) MAMC = MAC (p TSF) Mid-arm muscle area (MAMA) MAMA = (MAC MAMA)2 4

Arm span or total arm length Frame size by elbow breadth Slide 11-9 Laboratory Studies in Nutritional Assessment Hemoglobin Hematocrit Cholesterol Triglycerides

Total lymphocyte count Skin testing Slide 11-10 Serum proteins Serum albumin Serum transferrin Prealbumin Nitrogen balance Creatinine-height index Abnormal Findings Classification of Malnutrition

Obesity Marasmus (protein-calorie malnutrition) Kwashiorkor (protein malnutrition) Marasmus/kwashiorkor mix Slide 11-11 Abnormal Findings Abnormalities Caused by Nutritional Deficiencies

Pellagra Scorbutic gums Follicular hyperkeratosis Bitots spots Kwashiorkor Rickets Magenta tongue HIV-associated malnutrition Slide 11-12

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