Object oriented Databases. - Illinois State University

Object oriented Databases. - Illinois State University

Object Oriented Databases Abhishek Khanolkar Agenda: Service and SOA. Object oriented Databases. Different Architectures MOCHA,SODA. Compare. Conclusion. Questions?

Services? In everyday life Cooking, hairdressing and cleaning. Something that adds value to the inputs and gives an output. A service is an encapsulated method. Service could be used to insert and retrieve data from database.

Web Service and SOA. Web Service enable machine to machine interaction. Web service make use of WSDL, XML and SOAP. The protocol is HTTP,JMS. SOA is a collection of distributed, self contained web services. Middleware Systems. TIBCO.

IBM MQ Web Methods. RPC. JEE. CORBA. JMS/MOM. SOA + database <=Service oriented Databases. Service

need data. Data Integration Servers. Database Gateway and Database Mediator. Wrappers? What are they? Service Oriented Databases & Database Middleware. System to integrate collection of data over

networks. Current system is architected around Data Integration Servers. Uniformity is achieved by imposing Global data View on top of local data view. There are 2 ways to do that database gateway and database mediator. Service Oriented Database cont Database

Gateway accesses the remote data. Database Mediator does distributed query processing. Mediator make use of wrappers to access and translate the data into Global Data Model. MOCHA. MOCHA

is a self-extensible middleware system. The new application-specific functionality for query processing is deployed to remote sites in a automatic fashion. Existing middleware systems will ship the data or evaluate operators already present in the environment. MOCHA Architecture.

Client Middleware level QPC DAP XML DAP

Oracle QPC QPC Client API Catalog Manager DAP API DAP API

DAP API DAP DAP DAP API Control Module Execution Engine Data Source Access

interface SODA The SQL Server SODA has following features SQLCLR Database Change Notification. Native Web Service Access Service Broker.

SODA SQLCLR SQL CLR Framework and App Code SQL Server Engine CLR SQLCLR Hosting SQL OS-- Memory Management, Concurrency Control.

SODA-- DCN DCN Data Workstation Server Laptop SODA Native Web Service Support

User Mode SQL Server Kernel Mode HTTP Listner MOCHA Vs SODA MOCHA offers memory management and

object reuse. SODA in SQL Server offers only memory management. MOCHA was used in university of Maryland, SODA is effectively implemented in the 2007 version of SQL Server. MOCHA Vs SODA MOCHA is self-extensible, SODA is NOT.

SODA uses the Database Integration Server. MOCHA uses the java Sockets, QPC and DAP. References.

[1] Gennaro (Jerry) Cuomo, IBM SOA on the Edge SIGMOD 2005. [2] Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Grace A. Lewis, Dennis B. Smith, A Framework for Roles for Development, Evolution and Maintenance of SOA-Based Systems, International Workshop on Systems Development in SOA Environments (SDSOA'07), 2007 [3] Dov Dori, SODA: Not Just a Drink! From an Object-Centered to a Balanced Object-Process Model-Based Enterprise Systems Development, Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Model-Based Development of Computer-Based Systems and Third International

Workshop on Model-Based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software, 2006 [4] Web Services Architecture,http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/NOTE-ws-arch20040211/ 2004 [5] Manuel Rodrguez-Martnez, Nick Roussopoulos, MOCHA: A SelfExtensible Database Middleware System for Distributed Data Sources_, MOD 2000, Dallas, TX USA [6] David Campbell, Service Oriented Database Architecture: App Server-Lite?, SIGMOD 2005,

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