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OBU Template - Oxford Brookes University

Cant you just give us 2 sides of A4? . Stepping up Library use from school to higher education Hazel Rothera Oxford Brookes University [email protected] @hrothera Perspectives on the issue My

experience Evidence from colleagues What? Evidence from students Evidence from the literature

(Brookfields four lenses) Now what? So what? (Rolfe et als reflective model) What are we seeing?... In the last ten years search tools have gone from this

to this Shift in support: from finding to understanding and using That student didnt know what the key terms meant They can find journal articles now but still dont use them because they say

they dont understand them Was I supposed to read the stuff on the reading list? Time, comprehension, strategic/surface approach, metacognitive issues So what (does that mean?)

Students find the idea of long-form reading very offputting They find it difficult to engage with lengthy, dense texts, especially online Tension between wanting convenience of e-texts and finding paper easier to read and comprehend Need support with the idea that it is possible to learn to be an academic reader (and then thinker and writer) but they need to put the work in to achieve that Now what do we do? (Croft, 2018)

The information ladder until you can understand the in-depth research findings. read article abstracts get the background from a textbook use a dictionary to learn any words youre not familiar with Read a basic but reliable introduction to the topic Youll need to work your way up the information ladder!

Research is mostly reported in journal articles Abstracts are summaries of the key points of a journal article Textbooks from the Library Look in our Quick Ref section or online (good quality Wikipedia article, encyclopedia

entry, reliable Web site) and the reading iceberg Kils & Bodo, commons.wikimedia.org Elsewhere in the sector Workshops aimed at supporting students to become ambassadors for more effective information literacy practices (eg SADL project, LSE 2013-2016)

Academics rethinking what, how and why they expect students to read and how they communicate this building reading resilience (eg Australian Learning & Teaching Council 2010-2012) Explicitly teaching pre-reading strategies course structure, key points of readings, connections between readings, teach the structure of a journal article Communities of practice where academic staff and librarians work together on

issues of critical information literacy (eg York St John) And what do you do?... Do you recognise the situation Ive described? Whats causing it? Does it matter? If so, what does that mean for school librarians, teachers and school leaders? References

Brookfield, S (1995) Becoming a critically reflective teacher. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Brief open-access explanation of Brookfields four lenses here.) Croft, D (2018. What is a reading list for? Oxford: Oxford Brookes University. (Available open access here.) Croft, D (2018) Embedding constructive alignment of reading lists in course design. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. (Open-access preprint available here.) Duncan, L (2016). Adolescent reading skill and engagement with digital and traditional literacies as predictors of reading comprehension. British Journal of Psychology 107(2), 209238, (Open-access preprint available here.) Information Learning & Estates, York St John University (n.d.) Information in the curriculum. (Available here.) Jenks, A (2016). Why dont students read? Teaching Tools, Cultural Anthropology website. (Available here.) Kennedy et al (2014). The reading resilience toolkit. Canberra: Australian National University.

(Available here.) References (continued) Mizrachi et al (2018). Academic reading format preferences and behaviors among university students worldwide: A comparative survey analysis. PLoS One. (Available open access here .) Rolfe, G et al (2001) Critical reflection for nursing and the helping professions: a users guide. Basingstoke: Palgrave. (Brief open-access explanation of Rolfes reflective model here.) Rothera, H (2015) Picking up the cool tools: working with strategic students to get bite-sized information literacy tutorials created, promoted, embedded, remembered and used. Journal of Information Literacy 9(2), 37-61. (Available open access here.) Secker, J (2017) Students in the SADL: lessons from LSEs digital literacy programme. In: Reedy & Parker (eds), Digital Literacy Unpacked. London: Facet, pp 83-96.

(Chapter available open access here.) Singer, L, and Alexander, P (2017). Reading across mediums: effects of reading digital and print texts on comprehension and calibration. Journal of Experimental Education 85(1), 155172. (Available open access here.) Weimer, M (2010). 11 strategies for getting students to read whats assigned (Faculty Focus Special Report). Madison, Wis.: Magna. Available open access here. Cant you just give us 2 sides of A4? . Stepping up Library use from school to higher education questions? Hazel Rothera

Oxford Brookes University [email protected] @hrothera

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