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OCR AS Level ICT - thetrainingpartnership.org.uk

A Level Computer Science Exam Technique paullong.net Training paullong.net 2016 1 Keeping up-to-date Twitter: @paullongnet 60 second articles Cover:

ethical issues legal issues cultural issues environmental issues privacy issues development in technology paullong.net 2016 5

AQA Consequences paullong.net 2016 6 OCR Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues paullong.net 2016 7

Eduqas Economic, moral, legal and cultural issues paullong.net 2016 8 OCR P1 Q8 2017 9 marks paullong.net 2016 9 AQA P2 Q7 2017 12 marks

paullong.net 2016 10 Eduqas AS P2 Q3 8 marks paullong.net 2016 11 Eduqas AS P1 2016 Q15 12 marks paullong.net 2016 12

13 http://tiny.cc/CyberCockroach - life saving cyborg cockroaches! (4:31) 14http://tiny.cc/ThinkingArm - first paralysed man to move his arm by thinking about it (3:04) AQA P2 q4 - 12 marks paullong.net 2016 15 Plan the essay

paullong.net 2016 16 Well structured essay Structure the essay logically following a plan Cover all areas asked for Use examples Describe how the technology would be used in context eg RFID tags use short-range wireless transmission so the fridge can identify items that are in the fridge by the data stored on each tag Explain advantages, eg: RFID tags do not require a power source The user would not need to be involved (contrast with barcode)

Data could include use by date (contrast with barcode) Explain disadvantages, eg: Low cost consumable products dont usually have RFID tags (contrast with barcode), although this could change in the future Will need an alternative method to deal with untagged products paullong.net 2016 17 Answering a hard question Question paper has 120 marks It is a 2 hour exam How many minutes per mark? Question 2b is worth 8 marks

Youre struggling to work out the answer Option 1: You decide to miss out the question How many marks will you lose? Option 2: You spend 15 minutes trying to answer the question How many marks will you lose if you answer the question? paullong.net 2016 18 Maximise marks, NOT maximum marks Traditionally 80% = A 70% = B 60% = C

If you are aiming for a grade A, you could afford to lose 20% of the marks BUT what are the marks really? In 2018, Grade A: AQA 66/100 and 65/100 (66% and 65%) OCR 89/140 and 94/140 (64% and 67%) Eduqas 65/100 and 66/100 (65 and 66%) Compare with OCR 2018: Chemistry = 80% and 73% English = 75% English Lit = 88% Maths = 61 75% Psychology = 74% and 71%

So if aiming for grade A 35% of marks not needed You do NOT have to aim for all marks Do NOT be afraid of missing a question out paullong.net 2016 19 AQA P2 q5.2 - 1 mark W W G

paullong.net 2016 G G G G G G

W 22 AQA P2 q5.2 - 1 mark W paullong.net 2016 W G Y

B B Y Y G W 23

AQA P2 q5.3 - 2 marks paullong.net 2016 24 AQA P2 q10.1 - 2 marks paullong.net 2016 26 Documenting errors Keep a record of regular mistakes that you make

Learn from your mistakes Be conscious not to repeat them in the real exam Are you reading the question carefully Always go back to the question to check you have answered it fully Mistakes are HUMAN nature paullong.net 2016 27

Using a template structure Look at number of marks available Focus on the command/key words to see what you are being asked to do: Describe Reasons Advantages Explain

Evaluate Dont forget EXAMPLES paullong.net 2016 28 Eduqas P1 q9b Look at number of marks Problem Reason 29

Could run out of memory (stack space) because there are a high number of recursive calls Difficult to debug if producing incorrect results because its difficult to determine which recursive call produced the error paullong.net 2016

29 Eduqas P1 q5a Explanation / reason Constants Once the value is set, it can be used several times throughout the programme. If a change needs to be made to the value, it 30 only has to be done once. Eg VAT = 20% Meaningful variable names

This makes the program more readable because it is clear what the variable is for. Eg Surname[counter] USERINPUT is easier to understand than x[i] USERINPUT Annotation It helps the programmer understand what the purpose of each part of code was for, and for other programmers to understand it too. Eg Loop to request surnames from user paullong.net 2016 30

Eduqas P1 q8 Description Example related to STOCK CONTROL Perfective maintenance is used to improve the functionality of a system. For example, adding a facility to automatically re-order products from suppliers. Corrective maintenance is about fixing bugs in a system.

For example, some re-order reports may be including stock that has already been re-ordered but not yet been delivered. 31 Adaptive maintenance is about For example, the way stock is categorised in the adapting the software due to an store is changed and the software needs external change. updating to accommodate the new categories. paullong.net 2016 31

OCR P1 q3c Follow standard rules for standard questions Remember to include DEGREE of relationships paullong.net 2016 33 Resolving many to many relationships ENTITY A Primary Key A Attribute A1 Attribute A2

X ENTITY B Primary Key B Attribute B1 Attribute B2 Use the primary keys from the original entities as foreign keys in the link table ENTITY A Primary Key A Attribute A1 Attribute A2 LINK TABLE Primary Key Lk

Foreign Key A Foreign Key B ENTITY B Primary Key B Attribute B1 Attribute B2 Remember the many side of the relationship goes with the foreign keys Therefore, the foreign keys always go in the link table paullong.net 2016 OCR P1 q4d 3 marks Avoid: its faster

what is it faster than? why is it faster? its cheaper what is it cheaper than? what makes it cheaper its more robust what is it more robust? why is it more robust? its smaller

what is it smaller than? why is being smaller an advantage? paullong.net 2016 35 Exam technique summary Read questions and instructions carefully A highlighter pen can be your best friend Dont panic Dont be afraid to miss out a question Look at marks available

Avoid easier, faster, more efficient, better Give full answers to written questions Include extra information if time Give examples related to the scenario Draw diagrams if appropriate paullong.net 2016 36 37 http://tiny.cc/WasteAfrica - computing waste in Africa (4:09)

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