Ocular and Visual Outcomes after MicroIncision Cataract ...

Ocular and Visual Outcomes after MicroIncision Cataract ...

Visual and refractive outcomes following implantation of innovative Premium multifocal toric IOL after cataract surgery NOCHEZ Y, DEBOIS A, SALAH S, PISELLA PJ [email protected] C.H.U. Bretonneau, Tours, France No financial disclosure Introduction Toric IOLs have been designed to compensate preop corneal

astigmatism. PURPOSE To assess efficacy, safety and optical quality of a premium lenses (Lentis Mplus Toric Oculentis, Berlin, Germany) to correct astigmatism, refraction, and also presbyopia. METHODS

Prospective study. Corneal astigmatism greater than 1 diopter 6 eyes (3 patients) received a Lentis Mplus Toric IOL

Single piece, multifocal acrylic lens with and aspheric posterior surface. Multifocality archieved by a near sector in the lower IOL part. An individual correction of corneal astigmatism was also provided by this IOL. Patients underwent MICS through 1.8 mm clear corneal incision. Pre and Post operative parameters :

Keratometry Subjective refraction Corneal Topography (Atlas 9000, Carl Zeiss Meditec) Corneal wavefront analysis and HOA (KR-1, Topcon) These parameters were collected before surgery and 3 months after. Uncorrected distance and near visual acuity was also determined.

Oculentis calculator Using SRK-T formula and IOL Master biometry 6-months postoperative evaluation:

Slitlamp examination (stability, rotation?) Best-corrected visual acuity Subjective refraction Pupillometry Objective contrast sensitivities (OQAS, Visiometrics, Spain) Corneal Topography and corneal HOAs Total ocular aberrations measurement with hartmann-shack aberrometer

RESULTS Our results indicate that multifocal toric IOL implantation is a predictable option to correct preexisting corneal astigmatism. 6 Months postoperative non-corrected distance visual acuity mean value 9,4/10me (between 7/10me and 12,5/10me). Mean rotation IOL 5,2 +/- 3,6 , between 0 and 10. Cumulative uncorrected distance visual acuity 6 months postoperatively 120 100

% patients 80 60 40 20 0 20/20 or better 20/25 or better 20/32 or better Subjective defocus curve

Acrilisa M Plus Rezoo m Objective quality of vision Objective quality of vision values (OQAS) Lentis monofocal

OSI 1,1 0,8 MTFcutoff (c/deg) 33,9 10,45 Lentis multifoc al toric Proba P 1,34 0,65 p>0,05

29,87 7,32 p>0,05 CONCLUSION Good visual outcomes with uneventful multifocal toric implantation. Stable in time : Few rotation at 6 months postoperatively. Predictable and reliable method for astigmatism correction in MICS technique Good intermediate and near vision at 6 months. Good predictive refractive error for distance vision.

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