Olathe South XC Parent Meeting

Olathe South XC Parent Meeting

Olathe South XC Parent Meeting August 27, 2019 Introductions Zach Pope Head coach Scott Quaife Assistant coach Mike Pope Assistant coach Cooper Sax Athletic trainer

Welcome and Thank You! Thank you so much for the support, time, and energy you all provide. We could not run this program successfully without all of you! Goals as a Program 1. We want to cultivate a positive and supportive team atmosphere. 2. We strive to create better runners, students, teammates, and young adults.

3. We want the athletes to set goals for themselves and work hard to reach those goals. 4. We want this to be a positive experience for ALL athletes, regardless of ability level. 5. We want to have FUN! If we can be successful at #1 5, the competitive results will follow. Program Expectations 1. Show respect to your coaches, teammates, parents, fans, and other teams runners at all times. Dont do anything that would embarrass yourself

or your team. We are all representatives of Olathe South High School. 2. Attendance at practice is mandatory unless: -You have discussed the absence with Coach Pope ahead of time AND -You have provided a written (email or text) excuse from a parent If you become sick the day of practice, you need to talk to or email one of the coaches to let us know AND provide a written excuse from a parent later that evening -Being injured is NOT an excuse to not come to practice (unless told do stay home by Coach Pope) Program Expectations 3. Persistent unexcused lateness will not be tolerated. We will start

practice at 3:30 pm. 4. You are expected to try YOUR best at ALL times. Not everyone can be THE fastest, but everyone can be THEIR fastest. 5. Maintain good academic standing in the classroom. Your effort and results in this area are as important (if not more so) to the success of our program than what you do on the cross country course. 6. There will be no drinking, smoking, or drug use on this team. The Olathe School Districts substance abuse policy will be strictly enforced. Program Expectations 7. Coaches will make all decisions about meet entries. Most of the time

this will be based primarily on performances and times at past meets but attitude, attendance, and effort may come into play as well when deciding Varsity, JV, and C team spots. 8. WE ARE A TEAM SPORT! Therefore, all runners are expected to stay for the entire length of meets unless there is a valid reason that has been pre-approved by a coach. Runners are expected to cheer on teammates who are in other races. All athletes are expected to ride the bus both directions unless approval has been given by a coach for an athlete to ride home with their parent. This is a safety issue as much as anything. 9. Have fun! This should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience

Expectations of Coaches As a coaching staff... We will OFTEN be demanding. We will NEVER be demeaning. Meet Participation Policy Athletes are eligible to run in each meet as long as Athlete is not injured Athlete has attended all practices that week (unless excused)

Athlete has demonstrated a positive attitude during the week Athlete has given quality effort during practice that week Practice Schedule Practice will be Sun./M F every week Saturday practices on the following dates: o August 24th (Heritage Park) o August 31st (Olathe South track)

- Practice will usually be done between 5:30 and 5:45 pm - Attendance at practice is mandatory Sunday/Monday Practices Beginning on Sunday, September 1st, we will be having Sunday afternoon practices from 3:30 to 5:45 pm for our weekly long run If an athlete cannot come on Sundays, they will be required to attend Monday afternoons practice Athletes come to either Sunday or Monday, NOT both. They are expected to take the other day off from running.

Sunday practices will be STRONGLY encouraged for the following reasons: 1. 2. 3. 4. Taking Monday off will allow athletes recover more fully for the rest of the week Running the day after races (Sunday) will help get lactic acid out of athletes legs Running on Sunday allows for 1 extra day of rest before the next race Running Sunday allows athletes to prioritize academics after school on Monday (get

teacher help, retake tests, etc.) 5. Running Sunday sets ups Mondays as the preferred days to schedule appointments Necessary Equipment Running watch Important for training runs. We often run by time, not distance Water bottle We will often provide water on the trail during runs but not always Bottles that you can carry easily are best Racing spikes Very helpful for footing and speed during races Highly recommended, especially if your child is someone who wants to run on

the varsity (or upper JV) level Running Shoes Good training shoes are the most important piece of equipment you have in XC. Please spend the money for good ones. You get what you pay for!! **Basketball shoes and tennis shoes are NOT a suitable replacement** You would not go into a football game without the proper helmet and pads; do not attempt to train as a distance runner in old or inappropriate shoes. A good pair of running shoes is the best way to stay injury free! I would strongly recommend buying your shoes from a running specific store such as Gary Gribbles or KC Running Company as they will have the best

selection as well as most knowledgeable sales team. Run around the store (or outside if they let you) to get a feel for the shoes Never buy shoes because they look cool". Buy them because they are the right shoe for your foot Running Shoe Stores Gary Gribbles Running Sports 119TH & QUIVIRA in the Stoll Park Shopping Center They always be offer a discount to area cross country runners. Shop for training shoes and spikes and receive a discount just by telling them you run high school cross country in the area. 10% off all training shoes

KC Running Company 135th & Roe Their current discount for area HS runners is 20% off on training shoes **Bring your current/old shoes with you because seeing the wear patterns help in selecting the correct new shoes. OSXC Night at Gary Gribbles (3 Annual) This Thursday night (August 29 rd

th )!! 6:00 8:00 pm All OSXC runners, coaches, and family members will receive a 20% discount on EVERYTHING in the store (including items already on sale!)

Training shoes, spikes, shorts, shirts, tops, socks, water bottles, etc. One night only!! Bring the entire family and shop for all of your running needs!! Injuries, Diet, Sleep, etc. Injuries Most can be avoided with good shoes and proper stretchingbut not all If an injury pops up, talk to a coach first. Make sure you still come to practice!! Athlete will be advised to ice and stretch (and possible check their shoes) We may refer the athlete to see the trainer depending on the injury Diet

Seafood Diet see food, eat it!! Nearly impossible for our athletes to be eating too much We dont want them losing a bunch of weight in season A daily multivitamin and/or an iron supplement is also a great idea Sleep Vitally important to staying healthy and recovering properly from workouts Please encourage your child to get plenty of sleep each night 7 - 9 hours each night would be ideal Hydration The athletes MUST be hydrating properly throughout the

season, especially during the warmer early weeks, if they are to run safely and effectively Water is the absolute best for hydrating Gatorade and Powerade can be good for post race/practice runs to help with recovery but should not replace water throughout the day I highly recommend that athletes carry a water bottle with them throughout the day during school and fill it up 3 - 5 times Athletes urine should be a very light yellow or clear darker urine means the athlete is already dehydrated

2019 Meet Schedule Pasta Dinners ** We are holding these on Thursday nights this year instead of Friday nights ** The purpose is to help our kids carbo load before they compete We ask that one parent hosts the dinner at their house and 5 parents volunteer to bring food To sign up, please go to our Sign Up Genius page: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b4bada62da6f85-pasta3 **This link is also posted on our team website in the Info For Parents and Athletes section**

Snack Bags These are given to the kids before each meet. Meets can be 5 or 6 hour events and the kids can get pretty hungry. All snack bag items come from parent donations Shannon Vandaveer will be in charge of organizing snack bags and our drink coolers Donations can be brought to practice or directly to their houses (address on handout) Sign Up Genius link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b4bada62da6f85-sn ack2

(this is also posted on the team website) OSXC Booster Club Booster Club funds go towards: Pizza at meets Donuts and juice at Saturday morning practices Coolers, stop watches, and other meet equipment End of season banquet food and supplies Uniforms Coaching gear Snacks/beverages as they arise

100% of Booster Club funds go back into the program!! $50 is our recommended donation (but please feel free to give more or less) Make checks out to Olathe South High School (NOT OSXC Booster Club) Spirit Wear Order Spirit wear is now available to be ordered! We are ordering and paying directly through the gear provider this year MB2 Sports

All items are optional EXCEPT the team t-shirt which we ask all athletes to purchase Deadline to order gear is this coming Sunday (September 1st) @ 11:59 pm Link: https://mb2sports.itemorder.com Code: XCOS19 Lettering Athletes who hit the varsity standard will letter at the end of the season. Olathe South no longer offers JV letters. Requirements for:

Varsity Letter Compete at Regionals or Sub 17:30 5K - Boys Sub 23:00 5K - Girls Team Time Trial This Friday, August 30th 6:00 7:00 pm meet at the Indian Trail track bleachers* *This is a new locations as we have a brand new time trial course this year!

Practice cross country meet Race starts and finishes on the track Meant to be a fun, yet competitive experience for the kids Awards ceremony follows the race Kona Ice will be in the parking lot after the race (before awards) for all runners and families!! 25% of all proceeds go directly into our team booster club Chipotle Team Dinner/Fundraiser Date: Monday, September 16th

Location: 153rd St. Chipotle (across from Target) Time: 6:00 pm (team dinner) right after practice 5:00 9:00 pm (fundraiser) Fundraiser Details: Show flyer or tell cashier that you are with Olathe South Cross Country 33% of all proceeds go back into our team booster club Online orders will NOT included

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc. to come out and support the program! Needed Forms and Documents Team Forms* Athlete Info form on website SMART Goals form on website *Must be completed before a uniform is issued School Forms* Transportation form

Substance Abuse form *Must be completed and turned into office before our first meet (Sept. 7 th) End of Season Banquet Tuesday, November 12th @ 6:00 pm Olathe South Commons All athletes and families are encouraged to attend! More information to follow Nike XC Regionals

Heartland Region Nov. 9th, 2019 Sioux Falls, SD Parent Contact: Erik France (Justyns dad) Team Website http://teachers.olatheschools.com/os xc/ Sign Up For Remind.com Messages

Text @osxc to 81010 This is new to our program I will use this (along with Twitter) to communicate to athletes and parents It is the easiest way for me to get in touch with everyone in our program, especially on short notice Follow us on Twitter! @OSXCFalcons This is a great communication tool for: Last minute weather updates Team announcements

Meet results Pictures Running related information Car Stickers Thank you to Heather Inman! $3 per sticker All proceeds go into the team booster club While supplies last

Olathe South Yard Signs Supplier: EmbroidMe https://oscc2019.itemorder.com/sale Sign: $55 Activity Placards: $15 a piece A portion of all proceeds go back into the team booster club! Site open until September 8th at 11:59 pm Delivery by early October Parent Contact: Andrea Berezoski


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