Old Testament Survey: Books of Leviticus and Numbers (22)

Old Testament Survey: Books of Leviticus and Numbers (22)

Old-Testament Survey: Books of Leviticus and Numbers (22) Laws Governing the Priesthood and Census Leviticus Third book written by Moses; means

pertaining to the Levites. Records the work of the Levites appointed to serve in the tabernacle. Events and laws contained in the book transpired during Israels encampment at Mount Sinai. Leviticus Contains laws regulating:

Several different types of offerings (burnt, meal, peace, sin, and trespass) Priests functions during each offering Priests portion of the offerings Clean and unclean animals Purification of women Handling leprosy cases Observing the Day of Atonement Other annual festivals

Leviticus Historical Events There are few important historical events: Moses consecrated Aaron and his sons for the priesthood. Aaron offered sacrifices for the people. Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire. (10:1-3) God intended for Israel to closely follow His instructions.

Day of Atonement (16) Sin of Eleazar and Ithamar (11:12-20) Laws concerning uses of blood (10) Penalty for worshipping false gods (20) Numbers Fourth book of the Bible. In the Hebrew Bible, in the wilderness. History of the Israelites wandering in the

wilderness. The people were numbered at both the beginning and the end. As the book opens, Israel is still encamped around Mount Sinai, where theyve been for nearly two years. Numbers They numbered the men who could fight. In just a few months, they would begin to take the

Promised Land. There were 603,550. (Numbers 1) The Levites were not included because they ministered in the tabernacle. Established procedures for organized camping (2) The book also contains a number of Gods laws. Numbers

Numbers contains laws regulating: Redemption of the firstborn The Levites duties during the moving of the tabernacle Uncleanness Trespasses and restitution Suspicion of adultery The Nazarite vow Purification of the Levites

Keeping the Passover Sin in the Wilderness At Taberah, some of the Israelites murmured against Moses. (11) At Kibroth-hattaavah, they complained about not having meat to eat; Moses became discouraged at their complaining. 70 elders were appointed to help Moses.

God sent them quailso many that it became loathsome to them! God also sent a plague against them. Sin in the Wilderness At Hazeroth, Moses brother and sister (Aaron and Miriam) spoke against him because he had married a Cushite woman (12)

They wanted to play a greater role in Israels Government. God struck Miriam with leprosy for 7 days! God chose Moses, and that should have been clear to Aaron and Miriam. Sin at Kadesh While they are at Kadesh, in the wilderness of Paran, Moses sends out 12

spies to survey the land. (13) They are gone for forty days. They bring back two reports. The men in the land are too mighty for us. The land is meat for us; lets take it! Only Caleb and Joshua trusted in and believed God. (14) Sin at Kadesh

The people cry all night; they want to choose new leaders. (14) Refuse to march against the Canaanites. God sent a swift replyHe decreed a 40year period of wilderness wandering, one year for every day the spies were gone. All who were 20 and older when they left Egypt, except Joshua and Caleb, would die! Numbers 14:28-32

Sin at Kadesh People see their mistake and try to organize a group to invade Canaan; others seek to return to Egypt. Both attempts fail! (15) 250 priests, under Korahs direction, rebel and seek more authority. (16) The earth swallows them up, and a plague kills an additional 14,700. Budding of Aaron rod confirms Gods choice.

(17) Wilderness Wanderings Miriam dies and is buried in Kadesh. (20) Later, moving to Meribah, the people again murmur about drinking water. (20) God instructs Moses and Aaron to speak to a rock to bring forth water; they smite the rock and take credit away from God.

Because of their disobedience, God denies Moses and Aaron entrance into the Promised Land. (20) Wilderness Wanderings Moses requests passage through Edom; it is denied, so Israel marches around Edom. Aaron dies on Mount Hor; his son Eleazar is appointed High Priest. (20:22-29) Canaanites

takes some Israelites captive, but Israel defeats them. The people again murmur against God and Moses! The Bronze Serpent God sends fiery serpents. Many people are bitten and die. (21) The people confess their sins and ask that

the serpents be removed. God tells Moses to place a bronze serpent on a pole; those who look on it will live! Foreshadows Jesus death on the cross. Victories in the Wilderness Israel seeks permission to march through the territory belonging to Sihon, king of the

Amorites. (21) When Sihon rejects their request, Israel fights with him and is victorious. They march to Bashan where Og, the king, attacks them. Israel defeats Og and encamps on the plains of Moab ready to enter into Canaan. (21:3335)

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