OMorFi - Biogov

OMorFi - Biogov

Building Shared Language Research Environments inside the European Union Krister Lindn and Ville Oksanen FINCLARIN / University of Helsinki Outline A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. 01/26/2020 BACKGROUND LEGAL TRENDS AND MOVEMENTS


Tektslabbet Kielipankki (UG/Sweden), (UiO/Norway), (CSC/Finland), ... Restricted resources available to individual legal entities possibly for a fee 01/26/2020 E.g. LDC and ELDA. 3 B. LEGAL TRENDS AND MOVEMENTS

GNU and CC licensing of open-source software is becoming more and more common all over the world. In EU, exceptions for academic researchers to the IPR and Personal Data legislation are possible but not always implemented in the individual countries. In the US, it is already in place and federally implemented. Some countries have taken the stance: "If you need a group license, buy it!", e.g. Finland. 01/26/2020 4 Efforts in the EU CLARIN Preparatory Phase EC project 2007-2011

META-NET / META-SHARE EC project 2010-2013 CLARIN ERIC 2012- META-TRUST 12 01/26/2020 September 2012 IPR Issues 5 C. CLARIN PROPOSAL Classify the existing licenses into three main categories:

PUB(licly) available resources Resources licensed to ACA(demic) researchers RES(tricted) resources requiring individual authorization CLARIN can legally and without additional effort maintain the categories PUB and RES. The CLARIN effort is focused on providing and extending the ACA category. 01/26/2020 6 Resource Categories or

Laundry Symbols Other CC0, GPL, LGPL, BY CC-nc ~CC-sa CC-nd, opt. fee additional conditions, fee, mandatory fee, proprietary conditions

01/26/2020 7 D. AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION The technical requirements for the three categories are: PUB -authentication -authorization ACA +authentication -authorization RES +authentication

+authorization For ACA The authentication is provided by an identity service provider providing access only for academic researchers Resource owners grant a license to all academic researchers who accept certain conditions in the Terms of Service when logging in ToS 01/26/2020 explains the meaning of the Laundry Symbols 8

Resource Categories within CLARIN Other CC0, GPL, LGPL, CC-by CC-nc e.g. ~CC-sa CC-nd, opt. fee additional conditions, optional fee, mandatory fee, proprietary conditions

01/26/2020 9 E. CLARIN LEGAL MODEL AND FIELD TEST PUB resources are made available through CLARIN mainly for the convenience of the research community. ACA licenses are group licenses made available by the resource provider to authenticated academic researchers. Some of the ACA licenses may contain special conditions requiring the user to electronically accept additional conditions for certain resource collections. 01/26/2020 10 E. CLARIN LEGAL MODEL cont.

Resources in the RES category require individual authorization by the resource owner bringing an essential amount of legacy resources within reach of the CLARIN community. The RES category also provides the procedure for getting access to resources for an individual non-standard research purpose or some other special purpose that needs the attention of the resource owner, e.g. the mandatory payment of a fee. 01/26/2020 11

Field testing (~150/800 existing resources in the LRT Registry) PUB ACA RES RES; 22.22% PUB; 52.53% ACA; 25.25% Detailed breakdown Detailed breakdown (incl. the 650 nonclassfied resources) F. EXTENSION OF THE CLARIN MODEL CLARIN centres may accept logins from identity providers for non-academic groups, but in that case the option to

automatically access resources for the academic community will not be offered. Resource requests by non-academic users will by default be handled through the procedure for granting access to RES resources. It is of course possible that non-academic entities, e.g. commercial companies or government agencies, negotiate a separate category for business-friendly resources, e.g. META-SHARE 01/26/2020 15 Resource Categories in META-SHARE 0 BY


CC META-SHARE LT community META-SHARE no redistribution 01/26/2020 +/fee +/fee +/fee Propri etary 16

G. BUSINESS MODELS The CLARIN centres will be supported by national funding with the specific goal to provide resources and tools for academic research purposes. CLARIN centres in EU will grant access to their resources to academic researchers from all the participating countries on a fair exchange basis. META-SHARE will be supported by the participating institutions offering some of the resources for download and others via access links to third party sites. 01/26/2020 17 H. WHAT SEPARATES CLARIN AND METASHARE FROM LIBRARIES AND SHOPS? Libraries have the right to grant access to resources without asking the owner using a standard agreement for which there is national funding.

ELDA and LDC are shops that have standard agreements for resources available for a fee. While CLARIN and META-SHARE currently do not plan to charge for their services, they will have procedures for granting access to resources available for a fee based on owner authorization, i.e. like market places with stands for shop-owners. 01/26/2020 18 I. CLARIN SINGLE SIGN-ON PLANS Desirable stages for CLARIN single sign-on: CLARIN centres currently accept logins from several identity federations (to be united under EduGain) CLARIN

centres should accept automatic logins from other CLARIN centres via the identity credentials given on login to one centre A CLARIN centre may launch an application that accesses resources in another centre, e.g. distributed content search. For this, there may be two different solutions: - Access rights are checked at the site of the resource. - Access rights are checked at the site of launch. 01/26/2020 19 J. CONCLUSION PUB resources are publicly available on the internet and they need to be made available mostly for convenience.

ACA resources are resources for which an academic group license has been prepared and which can be electronically signed by a known academic researcher without further scrutiny by the resource owner. Access to RES resources are granted on an individual basis with the approval of the resource owner. While CLARIN caters primarily to academic users, META- 01/26/2020 SHARE is a CC-inspired framework for resources also available to non-academic users. 20

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