ONR Project - Naval Sea Systems Command

ONR Project - Naval Sea Systems Command

Strategic Investments to Ensure Tomorrow Matt Kay Flight Division: Failure Analysis Chief Engineer Microelectronics Integrity Meeting August, 2017 DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release: Distribution Unlimited Outline Our Mission Problem Statement Existential Threats Technical Challenges Additional Constraints Engagement K-12 STEM Efforts

University Engagement Employment Missions Focus Areas Strategic Missions Electronic Warfare & Information Operations Special Missions The Scope of Our Mission Nuclear Deterrence

to the War on Terror Microelectronics requirements across the mission space 3 Trusted Microelectronics is National Security Concern C The United States faces a distinct set of specific, semiconductor related national security challenges. * CFIUS - Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States I F

S U The increased acquisition of U.S. assets by Chinese. growing concern over economic and national security implications of such acquisitions Enhance microelectronics in-house capabilities within USG agencies with microelectronics Equities. DON must build and/or sustain

robust in-house research and development capability and develop strategies to accomplish this. Key Programs and Technology Investments: - trusted electronics - micro-miniature anti-tamper - radiation hardened (RADHARD) electronics 4 Tech Challenges: What is being built? NVIDIA Tesla GPUs Moores law drives rapid evolution of technology and with it complexity! 15.3 Billion transistors IC

State Space 2N 2 !!! 109 5 Tech. Challenges: What does it take to build it? Filtering Out Fab Problems An average of 4 million cubic feet of water flow over Niagara Falls every minute. Filtration down to 1 ppq is the equivalent of finding and removing one drop of impurity from this flow over 49 days. Source: Greenwich Mean Time 6 Tech. Challenge: What does it take to verify? Manufacturing Verification:

5mm x 5mm Die 5nm x 5nm SEM pixel 8bit grayscale 100 layers 8e14 bytes TCAT: Terabit Cell Array Transistor Petabyte of Data to Analyze!!!! 7 Take Away Really, Really Important Mission Really, Really Important Technology Really, Really Hard Technical Problems Great responsibility to be shouldered by our People!!! 8

Goals for Ensuring the Future Personnel Development Educate and train existing workforce Strategic recruitment of future employees Competence Integrity Judgement Vision Temporary faculty assignments, interns, postdocs Leadership! Great Stewardship Of Tax Dollars!!! Innovation Program Impactful Data Risk and cost reduction for the DoD Influence on open research Publications

Technology transfer Agreements (e.g., CRADAs) Intellectual property (e.g., patents) Economic development 9 Total Life Cycle Support / Engagement Employment K - 12 NSWC Crane STEM Program University Undergrad Grad School Undergrad

Research Pathways Internships SMART Ph.d. Fellowship Temp Faculty Grants NISE 219 Innovation Labs Interagency Collaboration 10

K-12: STEM GOALS & OBJECTIVES FACILITATE MOTIVATE CULTIVATE Coordinated, collaborative, and cohesive set of STEM programs that motivate, Cultivate, and attract STEM talent Students, parents, teachers, and the community within the region to engage in STEM discovery and development

An innovative, technically excellent future STEM workforce Partner with other communities of stakeholders to strengthen regional STEM efforts Provide and sustain STEM programs accessible by the region STEM Coordinator: Tina Closser Distribution A Approved for Public Release Increase the awareness and importance of STEM Foster discovery and innovation

Provide opportunities and resources required for learning that highlight knowledge and skills required for STEM discovery and innovation Identify current and future workforce needs Develop STEM programs to meet the identified future workforce needs Directly engage underrepresented populations in STEM Provide meaningful mentorships and resources required for developing knowledge and skills required for STEM discovery and

innovation ATTRACT A technically excellent future STEM workforce Develop outreach and hard-touch STEM learning programs that highlight NSWC Crane personnel and technologies Strengthen and promote the awareness of STEM relevant to NSWC Crane Provide access to NSWC Crane facilities K-12: SeaPerch K-12: SeaPerch Innovative underwater robotics program that

equips students and teachers with the resources needed to build an underwater ROV NSWC Crane in conjunction with University of Southern Indiana hold the state level competitions every year Since the inception of the program, weve served over 1000 students K-12: FIRST K-12: FIRST Extracurricular robotics STEM program with levels for K-12. Last year we had at least ten employees mentor various FIRST teams Leverage funding from NDEP to sponsor teams Also worked with SAIC to sponsor teams Since the inception of the STEM program, weve served over 300 students through FIRST

University: National Outreach NSWC Crane PhD Academic Lab NSWC Crane/Academia Agreements 16 University: STEM Outreach Programs PhD Fellowships SMART PhD Scholarships Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program Naval Engineering Education Consortium Grants Grants/Cooperative Agreements Temporary Faculty Hires Post-doctoral Researcher On-Site Fellowships Cooperative Research and Development Agreements Educational Partnership Agreements University Liaison: Dave Acton University: Success Story

2011-14: NSWC Crane PhD Fellow School of Informatics Tech Transfer in Cyber Security 2015: 3-year NEEC contract Multi-CRADAs in place 2015 2014 2010 2014: Navy Task Force Cyber awakening & Cyber 4th Pillar added by NAVSEA

Mutual interest Commitment Persistence Education/training for our existing workforce Intended PhD graduate, plus three more in the program Tailored training and education for a larger fraction of our workforce 2016 2017

Development of the Cyber Security Workforce Targeted hiring of PhD graduates (and the use of Navy Postdoc program) ONR intern, Temporary Faculty participants Innovation in Cyber security Establishment of new research directions and funding! Numerous publications 18 Applied Research Institute Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Establish a collaborative applied research environment between Indianas research universities and NSWC Crane Create a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture

Employment APP NSWC Crane NISE/219: Internal Research and Development Funds + Challenge Rapid Procurement Fast Internet

Time = REEF ATLAS Lab Specialization to Address DoD challenges Creating a culture of innovation that values leadership and employee engagement!!! 20 Thank You 21

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