Opener: 10/10 - Map Analysis

Opener: 10/10 - Map Analysis

Opener: 10/10 Map Analysis COPY and answer the following: 1. What 2 European countries colonized many parts of Africa? 2. What 2 countries remained independent? 3. What country was colonized by Belgium? TB PAGE 404

HISTORY & COLONIZATION OF AFRICA #5 Why did the Bantu migrate? Increased population Famine & Drought Moved SOUTH and EAST in search of new farmland Effects of Migration: Cultural Diffusion - *Language* Knowledge of agriculture

Iron production Allowed them to colonize new areas in great numbers! Arab Influence in Africa Trade routes between the Middle East & Africa Arabs (Muslims) from the Middle East spread Islam to Northern and Eastern Africa Slave trade between Eastern Africa, Middle East & South Asia Cultural Diffusion: Language Swahili: Mix of Arabic and Bantu

languages Religion Customs & Traditions CAUSES: The Triangular Slave Trade Trade developed between Europe, Western Africa and the New World (Americas) Europeans traded manufactured goods (guns) for slaves Africans were taken to the new world to work on plantations

Raw materials/natural resources from the Americas were taken back to Europe EFFECTS of the Slave Trade on Africa Slave trade devastated Africa: Gender ratios distorted; less men then women Broken families Lost potential of young people Door of No Return Goree Island off the coast of Senegal

Industrial Revolution Markets for Finished Goods Source for Raw Materials European

Nationalism Missionary Activity European Motives For Colonization Military & Naval Bases Places to

Dump Unwanted/ Excess Pop. European Racism $$$ CAUSES OF COLONIZATION By the 19th century, Europe was interested in Africas raw materials

Berlin Conference: In 1884, 14 European nations met to decide how Africa would be divided African rulers were NOT invited Decided any European country could claim land just by telling the others By 1914: Europeans controlled 90% of the continent!! EFFECTS OF COLONIZATION Europeans drew new boundaries, resulting in Several ethnic groups shoved into

single countries some were enemies and divided others who were not Africans have no control over their own countries Starvation & diseases become widespread Africans forced into labor Christianity spreads through Africa When the European Colonialists came, they had the Bible, we had the land. They said, Lets close our eyes & pray. When we opened our eyes, we had the Bible, and they had the land. - Randall Robinson

CAUSES: Independence Movements WWII inspired many Africans to seek freedom for their own countries. African colonies played a major role during the war. African soldiers fought and died to help free Europe from Nazi conquest. Afterwards, Africans pushed to have freedom and independence for themselves. EFFECTS of Independence Economies devastated throughout the continent Europeans did NOT prepare

them independence. Some really good new African leaders but Many countries have had constant dictatorships

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