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2018 Pavement Workshop May 23-24, 2018 Patching Materials for Partial Depth Repair of Concrete Pavements John Roberts Executive Director IGGA/ACPA CP3 + 46 Associate Members 1 Introduction

John H. Roberts Executive Director - International Grooving and Grinding Association Vice President American Concrete Pavement Associations Concrete Pavement Preservation Partnership (CP3) International Grooving & Grinding Association

Industry association founded in 1972 Comprised of contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and public officials Partnering to promote, strengthen and advance the industry Affiliated with ACPA in 1995 to represent their newly formed Pavement Restoration Division IGGA Mission and Vision IGGA mission: The mission of the International Grooving and Grinding Association (IGGA) is to serve as the leading technical resource for acceptance and proper use of diamond grinding and grooving as well as concrete pavement preservation and restoration.

IGGA vision: IGGA seeks to be recognized internationally as a leading authority of pavement surface characteristics and PCC pavement preservation/restoration. IGGA Current Status Offices located in NY, Chicago and Arizona Staffing:

Executive Director Office Manager Director of Engineering and Research Mesa AZ Consultant Promoters Constructive Communications Inc. Shared Staff with ACPA Scope of Services

Research and Development (e.g. NGCS) Technical Service Marketing Communications Public Relations Guideline and Specification Development Membership Recruitment Market Measurement IGGA Core Markets

Diamond Grinding Safety Grooving (Highways) Runway Grooving Dowel Bar Retrofit Full Depth Repair

Partial Depth Repair Slab Stabilization Joint Resealing Cross/Slot Stitching International Market Development Australia

Austria Canada China Czech Republic England Germany Hong Kong

Hungry Indonesia Japan Korea Mexico Poland Russia Strategic Partnerships

American Concrete Pavement Association ACPA Affiliated Chapter/State Paving Associations (21) National Concrete Pavement Technology Center Portland Cement Association National Road Research Alliance Patching Materials for PDR of PCCP Objective: To provide a guide for NRRA members and other agencies to establish an effective partial depth repair program. The final report will guide the reader through product

selection, installation techniques, equipment needed for completing the repair, typical performance cost, along with the life expectancy of the repair products. Typical Layout for PDR Study Patching Material Manufacturers

CTS Rapid Set DOT Repair Mix SpecChem Rep Con 928 Western Material and Design FasTrac 246 D.S. Brown - PaveSaver Polymeric Concrete Western Material and Design - CE 700 HPC Willamette Valley Company FastPatch Five Star - Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix Five Star - Rapid Surface Repair Epoxy Fix Patching Material Manufacturers

TCC Materials - ProSpec Concrete Patching Mix Aqua Patch Road Materials - Aqua Patch Crafco - HP Concrete Cold Patch Crafco - Techrete-TBR TCC - 3U18 Modified USG Ecofix CTS, Rapid Set DOT Repair Mix and Helix 5-25Standard BA (Zinc Coated) and Helix 5-25-SS BA (Stainless Steel) What Can We Expect?

The final report will include technical data sheets, manufacturer recommended time to reach required opening strength under varying conditions, etc. Specific procedures for each patch were documented by field personnel and will be included in the final report. Products will be monitored for performance over time. This information, along with other follow-up data requests, will be compiled, analyzed, and included with the final project report to be prepared by the consultant. Current practices for PDR used by NRRA agency

members will be compiled and summarized. Whats Next? International Grooving and Grinding Association 17 Thank You

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