Optics 310 and 320 Fall 2014

Optics 310 and 320 Fall 2014

Optics 310 and 320 Fall 2017 Professor Wayne H. Knox August 30 Introduction Components of the course(s) OPT310 Optical Engineering Senior Design OPT320 Optics Senior Thesis OPT310/311 Required course for Optical Engineering Degree OPT320/321 Required course for Optics Degree

Hopefully you know by now which one you are in ! If not lets talk MWF 11:50-12:40 pm ; GAV 301 WHK in office G507 or lab generally after class Blackboard Course web sites regularly updated Grading: 50% two assignments, 50% final specifications and planning document and presentation (310) or thesis proposal (320) (no final exam) The Plan OPT310 Fall Learn about potential projects from customers

OPT320 Fall Learn about patents and Intellectual Property Discuss research interests and career goals with WHK Learn about patents and Intellectual Property Write a proposal to form and join a Project Team Make appointments to meet with five Professors

Learn about IP War Stories and Professional Ethics Review results and discuss with WHK Meet with customers and develop specifications Learn about IP War Stories and Professional Ethics Write up your specifications and plan, BOM, review Decide which research group to join

Present it to the class with needs specified Work with Professor and group to develop a Proposal Present your Proposal to the class OPT311 Spring OPT321 Spring Execute your plan in Project Teams Execute your Research plan, midterm review

Regular Project Reviews in class and with Customers Present final project in class (PPT) and in poster Present final project in class (PPT) and in poster An example of great design Somebody really thought about this I would love it and use it !! http://www.buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/ingenious-productsthat-will-save-you-so-much-space#3h3gqe7

Example of great design but does not look too comfortable The design may be beautiful, but what does the customer think about it ? The Voice of the Customer Voice Of the Customer (VOC) The voice of the customer is a process used to capture the requirements/feedback from the customer (internal or external) to provide the customers with the best in class service/product quality. This process is all about being proactive and constantly innovative to capture the changing requirements of the customers with time. The voice of the customer is the term used to describe the stated and unstated needs or requirements of

the customer. The voice of the customer can be captured in a variety of ways: Direct discussion or interviews, surveys, focus groups, customer specifications, observation, warranty data, field reports, complaint logs, etc. This data is used to identify the quality attributes needed for a supplied component or material to incorporate in the process or product. Related Articles and Dictionary Terms QFD Know Your Customer Voice of the Customer: Have You Asked Enough Questions? Turning Customer Data into Critical-to-Satisfaction Data Customer Requirement Another great design ? Or ugly !!

Looks like it works, but what does the customer think ? A few examples of design mistakes I would not know how to use this Likely there was no design Likely there was no design review ALSO 2007 Goergen building waterless urinals great, or mistake ? ??

Engineering Design Giant Mistakes Tacoma Narrows Bridge (1940) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org501 350Search by image The original Tacoma Narrows Bridge roadway twisted and vibrated violently under 40-mile-per-hour (64 km/h) winds on the day of the collapse 2013-2014 Senior Design Projects (Prof. Tom Brown) SmartPhone Spectrometer (Per Adamson) Portable Pathogen Detector (UR Chemistry) 3D Display (RMSC)

16-inch Ritchey-Cretien Telescope (Hopkins Centeer) High Speed Polygon Scanner (Xerox) Keratoprosthesis Metrology (Harvard Medical School+URMC) 2014-2015 projects (WHK) Pathogen Detection V.2 (UR Chem.) Instrument to measure Dominant Eye/etc. (Flaum Eye Institute) Acoustic Zoom Lens for Photoacoustic Imaging in Prostate (URMC Urology) Large Solar Concentrators (WHK) Optics Display Prototypes for RMSC on 2015 Year of Light (RMSC) Lens Design Optimization Cost reduction via the Estimator (Optimax) Illumination system for high speed Projectile Imaging (Sydor Instruments)

Optical measurement of nanoroughness/optical quality of flats (Sydor) 2015-2016 projects Pathogen Detection V.3 (UR Chem. With MechE and VhemE) Illumination system Design/fab for Photoacoustic Imaging of Thyroid Cancer (URMC Urology) Large Solar Concentrators V.2 (WHK) + Mech E Measurement system design for large AR VUV curved optics (Optimax) + Mech E Brewster Angle Rayleigh Scatterometer for (Sydor Instruments) Color Calibration System for Art History and (Kruschwitz+RIT) Laser scanner for 3D Atomic Vapor Display (Broadbent/Physics) Off-axis Telescope Design (Zavislan)

Silicon Nanofabricated Optical MidInfrared Filter Design/RIE Fabrication(Materion) Flexible Vision Magnifier for Macular Degeneration (Yoon URMC Ophthalmology) 2016-2017 projects: 3D Imaging for product inspection - Navitar Digital Cloaking system demonstration UR Ventures Lithography system multispectral mask aligner lens design ASML Historical Manuscript Imaging system UR Library/English Dept Rochester Museum and Science Center Stress Birefringence Exhibit Scratch-Dig Optical Inspection System Optimax Retinal Eye Tracker for Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Startup Co. Periscope for Community Art Project Mesh Studios

2017-2018 Potential projects include: Endoscope system (customer is MD) TB Skin response imager (customer is nurse) Automated eye prescription (customer is DigitEyez startup) 3D imaging medical phantoms with IR light (customer is URMC) Prototyping a Fall Senior Design Challenge (customer is Per Adamson) Photoacoustic Imaging System for Thyroid/Prostate Cancer (URMC) Multispectral Document Imaging (customer is English Prof.) Lithography Optical System Design (ASML) AR/VR goggles (Vuzix)

TBD (Honeywell Aerospace) TBD (Photon Gear) TBD (Optics faculty) TBD (Sydor Optics) Hajim School Design Day May 3 (? tbc), 2017 Lets show up with great projects ! Whats it all about ? http://www.hajim.rochester.edu/

Hajim School Design Day show off your demo ! 90 second elevator pitch Rehearse in class Critical review Present at Industrial Associates Spring Meeting Clips ! (before vs after) How we will do this: OPT310 We will learn how to interview customers and determine their product requirements (what do they really want ???) Then you will write me a proposal containing:

Formal cover letter applying for the job Your one-page CV/resume in a specific format A two page essay on which projects are your first, second and third choices, including why you are interested, and what your particular qualifications are I will organize the teams trying to reach optimum placements You will meet with your customers several times over the semester You will develop your Product Requirements Document and we will review it in class. Your Final PRD will represent your plans for the Spring semester How we will do this: OPT320 Discuss with WHK your research interests

Determine which five professors you want to interview with Interview with five professors/research groups Then you will write me a proposal containing: Formal cover letter applying for the job Your one-page CV/resume in a specific format A two page essay on the results of your five interviews, what your choice is, why you are interested, and what your particular qualifications are for the research Work with the professor and research team to develop a NSF style proposal (10-12 pages long) Your Final Proposal will detail your plans for the Spring semester

Examples of what NOT to put on your CV Professional Ethics Component SPIE CODE OF ETHICS The Mission/Vision Statement of SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics states that SPIE partners with researchers, educators, and industry to advance light-based research and technologies for the betterment of the human condition. It is the purpose of this statement to advance this vision by presenting ethical guidelines for society members, collaborators, and participants to abide by in their professional lives. PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR 1. Discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation is not

acceptable. 2. Individual and public safety and welfare should be considered paramount in performance of professional duties. 3. Real and potential conflict of interest should be avoided and disclosed to all impacted parties when it cannot be avoided. 4. Technical knowledge and skills should be kept up-to-date and work should be performed in areas of competency. 5. Public statements should be realistic and issued in an objective and truthful manner based on available data. 6. Professional confidentiality should be maintained. 7. Accomplishments, publications, professional honors and titles should be accurately reported.

Patent component common for OPT310+320 A recent patent is assigned to small teams You will read and analyze the patent (The most excellent) UR Patent lawyer Reid Cunningham will explain Patents 101 to you You will present the results of your analysis in class Themes in the past: * Recent patents containing Laser pointer * Recent patents containing Laser scanner * Recent patents in 3D Imaging systems This is a very valuable part of your OPT310+320 experience

Hopkins Center Software Update 8/29: 431 imaging is completed, including addition of - zemax optic studio 16.5

- lumerical mode 7.10 - lumerical fdtd 8.18 - optilayer 11.65f - codev 11 - light tools 8.5.0-2 - fred 16.42.1 Expectations I expect that you will Come to class (if you need to miss class let me know why)

Participate in class Listen carefully Ask lots of questions Take notes DONT PLAY WITH YOUR CELLPHONE 100% Be a good Team Player


ABSENCES = DOCTORS NOTE ETC. The Order of the Engineer Those students graduating with a degree BS in Optical Engineering (ABET Accredited now) will be invited to the Order of the Engineer ceremony on graduation weekend You will sign the Obligation of an Engineer and be given a simple stainless steel ring We will talk about this a lot more throughout the semester Stupid Design Ideas (or clever ?)

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