ORC Update - What's New and Different for 2012

ORC Update - What's New and Different for 2012

Community and Youth Services Librarians and the ORC: A Partnership for Success Community and Youth Services Librarians Meeting May 21, 2014 Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator What is the ORC? A $1.7 million collection of curricular-aligned,

authoritative digital resources licensed on behalf of all Alberta: K-12 students and their parents School staff Pre-service teachers Public library staff * Funded by a yearly Grant-In-Aid from Alberta Education to The Alberta Library (TAL) Return on Investment (ROI) calculation of 3:1 for Alberta Schools

*for the purposes of supporting K-12 patrons should access the ORC ORC Resources: Provide authoritative, age appropriate, engaging, curricular-aligned content Allow students to become familiar and comfortable with the kinds of resources and searching practises that an integral part of 21st century learning Are time savers once you are familiar with using

them Include embedded supports for diverse learners like listen, text translation, citation tools, vetted websites, copyright friendly pictures and videos Provide anytime, from anywhere access should access the ORC ORC Resources Provide: Access to ready-to-use or customizable lesson plans, teaching materials and direct curricular correlations

Support for ESL and foreign language learners Access to journals like Walrus, National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, Mens Health, and Macleans just to name a few (RSS feeds available) Consistent and explicit update schedules Access to vetted websites Ability to create permalinks that can be posted on a website or in an email blast Accessing the ORC Go to LearnAlberta.ca

Select English Click on Online Reference Centre in the tab along the top of the screen In school automatic authentication Access outside of school requires a remote username/password Share your district username/password using low tech methods Email [email protected] for your remote username/password

Public Library Staff and the ORC What does this actually mean for Community Librarians? While working with K-12 patrons, their parents, school staff (teachers, educational assistants, student teachers) public library staff can inform patrons about their free access to the ORC collection If the patron is not aware of their remote ORC access information front-line staff can share the applicable district username/password with them after confirming their school district with the patron Patrons can write this information down, put it in their phone, whatever they

need to do to remember it Library staff can use a username/password combination from their local school district to access the ORC so they can familiarize themselves with the collection to better support K-12 patrons Public library staff are invited to join any ORC PD opportunities at no cost Sessions for whole library staff can be arranged upon request at no cost Any

Questi on? Resources to Support Literacy and Language Learning Skills BookFLIX Recommended for K-3 105 fiction and non-fiction book pairs organized into themes Search titles by guided reading level,

author, grade level, theme, etc. Lesson plans for each pair provided Real voice audio support embedded throughout resources Follow up puzzlers for each pair TrueFLIX Newly created sister resource to BookFLIX designed for grades 3-6, alignments to the grade 2-6 Science curriculum Nonfiction content divided into 2 broad

themes with 3-6 subthemes Each ebook includes an introductory video to help build background knowledge of topic Human voice read along feature Interactive table of contents for each ebook Essential inquiry questions and project ideas for every ebook TeachingBooks.net Bring an author into your classroom any time you need

Search for Meet-the-Author Movies or Book Readings, Author Audio Name Pronunciation, book guides and lesson plans Access Alberta specific booklists: Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Readers Choice Award (YRCA) ELA Authorized Novel and Nonfiction Reading Lists grades 4-12 Meet-the-author book readings in French Canadian Book Award Winners/Canadian Book and Author Resources

Muzzy Online Recommended for grades K-6 Learning languages through the context of a story Hundreds of words and phrases embedded in stories Six movies in each language level with subtitles that can be turned on/off 101 thematic video lessons with embedded language learning games divided into level

I & II Visual Thesaurus Recommended for grades 3-12 6 languages including English, French, Spanish and German Correct word pronunciation in human voice for every word Images related to words with right click (images are google images and not vetted) Word of the day/week/month

Personalized word lists and spelling bees* Vocabgrabber* *With personal account Setting up a personal Visual Thesaurus account Resources to Support the Science Curriculum

Amazing Animals of the World Recommended for K-6 Lists animal classes, orders and species Read Aloud available

Provides quick access to the animal stats at the top and a brief article below Links to information about animal habitat, and order Vetted weblinks that open within the database PowerKnowledge Suite Recommended for grades 1-6 Content divided into 3 databases: Earth Space, Life Science and Physical Science

Includes a customizable read aloud feature Short, segmented articles with introductory videos to build background knowledge Embedded science experiments and educational games Aligns with 95% of the grade 3-6 science curriculum and 87% of grade 1-6 science PowerKnowledge: Earth Space Curriculum areas covered:

Grade 1 Seasonal Changes Grade 2 Exploring Liquids Grade 3 Rocks and Minerals Grade 4 Light and Shadows, and Waste and Our World Grade 5 Weather Watch, and Wetland Ecosystems Grade 6 Sky Science Social Studies mapping skills PowerKnowledge:

Life Science Curriculum areas covered: Grade 1 Needs of Animals and Plants Grade 2 Small Flying and Crawling Animals Grade 3 Animal Life Cycles and Hearing and Sound Grade 4 Plant Growth and Changes, Wetland Ecosystems and Waste and Our World

PowerKnowledge: Physical Science Curriculum areas covered: Grade 1 Needs of Animals and Plants Grade 2 Hot and Cold Temperatures and Magnetism Grade 4 Wheels and Levers Grade 5 Electricity and Magnetism and Classroom Chemistry Grade 6 Trees and Forests

Science In Context Recommended for grades 6-12 Featured news and videos on homepage Content organized into Featured, Reference, News, Statistics, Videos, Images, etc. on topic pages Customizable listen feature Download articles to MP3 Text translation into 13 languages Resources section includes resources for students, teachers, and librarians

Curriculum Standards for Alberta Resources to Support the Social Studies Curriculum Culturegrams Recommended for grades 3-12 Very strong alignment to grade 3 Social Studies curriculum Also supports grade 2 and 10 Social Studies curriculum Updated every 6 months by in country consultants

Includes a World, Kids Edition and Provinces Edition Articles are written and reviewed by in-country consultants Cultural recipes included for each country and province Create customizes graphs and tables Great for Mathematics using current data! Tools include world time, distance calculator, and currency converter The Canadian Encyclopedia Recommended for grades 5-12

New updated interface very aesthetic and functional Multiple pathways to accessing information Personal accounts, videos, articles, images, etc. Wealth of Canadian content to support: Grade 4 - Geography, Geology, Natural Resources, Provincial & National Parks, Hoodoos, Dinosaurs in Alberta, Foothills, Rocky Mountains, etc. Grade 5 - WWI, WWII, John A. Macdonald & George Etienne Cartier, Confederation, Canadas National Railway, Great Depression, Famous Five, Lester B. Pearson, Statute of Westminster, Potlatch, etc. Grade 6 - Local Government, Lieutenant Governor

Grade 7 - Pre-Confederation/Confederation, Immigration/Migration Grade 9 - Canadian citizenship, Government, Charter of Rights & Freedoms Canada In Context

Recommended for grades 6-12 Includes Canadian content! Customizable listen feature Articles downloadable to MP3 Text translation to 13 languages Share or permalink capabilities Featured videos, news, and stories on homepage Jump to related articles within the article

Advanced search allows for Boolean, and content selection (basic/intermediate/advanced) Canadian Points of View Recommended for grades 7-12 (Can support grade 5/6 students also) Essays written from multiple sides of current Canadianthemed issues Organized by category and then related topics Homepage guides for research In the Spotlight Customizable listen feature

Access Canadian magazines, newspapers, International newspapers, Bios, Radio and News transcripts, etc. Embedded Canadian Curriculum standards With An Account: Can create folders and sort by date, articles, videos, etc. Can create RSS feeds on searches Canadian Reference Centre Canadian Reference Centre Customizable listen feature (periodicals and reference)

Text translation into 32 languages (periodicals and reference) Recommended for grades 7-12 CRC Student Research Centre Topics included on homepage like math, art and media, current issues, careers, business, etc. Can limit search on homepage Spotlight included on homepage. Other Engaging Resources to Check Out

World Book Kids Recommended for K-3 New text to speech feature Easy online database for young users Use the compare option to find

similarities and differences between animals, countries and places Available on iPads Online Training Available World Book Student & Advanced Recommended for grades 4-9 (Student) and 8-12 (Advanced) Text to speech feature General encyclopedia that includes atlas,

dictionary (with voice pronunciations), images, web links, and charts "My Research" option for students to track and save their research online. Timeline feature embedded (Student), Embedded eBooks (Advanced) Available on iPads ORC Support Site www.onlinereferencecentre.ca Resource training materials - podcasts,

videos, archived webinars, and guides Information about upcoming free ORC PD opportunities Information about province-wide resource trials and surveys Online booking system for ORC sessions Calendar of ORC Events Links to ORC Twitter and Facebook accounts ORC Listserv Weekly email updates organized by E/J/S:

ONew resources and features OProvince-wide trials OSurveys OFree PD opportunities No emails during school breaks Membership has its benefits joining incentive Email [email protected] or visit the ORC Support Site to join today Contact

For more information or to schedule a school presentation please contact Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator Call 780-414-0805 ext.229 OR Email: [email protected] Links to Check out ORC Support Site http://www.onlinereferencecentre.ca/

ORC ListServ https://lists.talonline.ca/listinfo/orc ORC Facebook http://www.facebook.com/OnlineReferenceCentre Twitter @ORC_AB

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