OSSLT - Beamsville District Secondary School

OSSLT - Beamsville District Secondary School

OSSLT Things you need to know OSSLT Test Date: st March 31 OSSLT

Prep Sessions: March 1, 8, 22, 29 Additional Support March 10 & 24 Prep Sessions: Who, What, Where, & Why? Great Questions! All students participating in the OSSLT. Prep Sessions will focus on News

Report, Opinion Piece, Multiple Choice & Open Response. On Tuesday, March 1, you will be given a slip in your period 1 class that will tell you which group you are in and where you need to go! The more you practice your literacy skills the stronger they become. Lunchtime Literacy

Every Wednesday at lunch in room 3200 Review and practice important components of the OSSLT

What are the two main areas that are assessed on the OSSLT? Reading and Writing What is the weighting of each? 45% writing;

55% reading What are the three types of reading skills that are assessed? Explicit answer is on the page; Implicit answer needs students to infer; Making Connections student needs to connect answers to themselves or another event or experience

Which of the reading skills is most heavily weighted? Implicit questions of the 45 multiple choice reading questions, at least 20 require students to infer. How do I infer? An

inference is using facts, observations, and logic or reasoning to come to an assumption or conclusion You do it all the timebut here is how: Use clues from the reading details, facts, descriptions to justify what & why you think something. Sometimes people tell you to read between the lines no one has actually said it but based on what is happening

you infer it! Inferring here is an example: Yesterday at BDSS I saw many students wearing pink shirts and signing the antibullying poster. I

infer that the students at our school really care about each other and want help end bullying. The four writing skills that are assessed on the test: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Developing a main idea Organizing information Using conventions Topic development Want to make sure you are on the right track? Use part of the question in the answer!! & EXPLAIN!! Which parts of writing assessment are worth the

most marks? 1. Topic development your answer with lots of details/examples/support) 2. Using conventions

(explain New Format this year Every answer must be recorded in the Answer Booklet Nothing written in the Question Booklet will be scored Make sure you are answering the correct questions in the Answer Booklet What is the minimum score a student needs to pass the

literacy test? Students must earn a total of 300 (or 75%) to pass this test. What is the maximum score a student may obtain on the literacy test? 400

BDSS highest score has been 395 Maybe this year YOU will get 400! What is the approximate value of a single MC question?

A single MC question is worth about 5 marks of the required 300. Leave no blanks behind!

In the past, we had 23 students who missed passing the test by one or two MC questions (only 5 or 10 points). You dont want this to happen to you. So, whats the point? The point is every mark counts. The more you know and can use on the test,

the better you will be able to do. Prep sessions begin March 1st you need to attend EVERY ONE! Your teachers will be preparing you for the test & giving you feedback on your work Buccaneer Pride 100% PARTICPATION For

the past 2 years students at BDSS have set a record! 100 % Attendance 100% of students arrived on time and ready to go on OSSLT test day! Lets make it 3 years! Get here early we have a yummy continental breakfast for you to help fuel your brain! Top 10 Tips

Use Black or Blue pen Scribe or computer (IEP only) Pre-read Underline Highlight Top 10 Tips

Add details Print or Write Neatly Use the space Reread Your Answers Leave NO Blanks OSSLT Test Date:

st March 31

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