OSV Customer Portal

OSV Customer Portal

Our Sunday Visitor Parishioner List Upload Instructions Mosaic Customer Portal Our Sunday Visitors Mosaic Customer Portal is your primary location for accessing the Online List Manager (OLM) and your Account & Order Information. Additional features include paying your invoices online, accessing resources for your OSV-hosted website, and various Online Giving resources, videos, webinars and more. 1. Access Portal

Access Mosaic from osv.com/mosaic and enter your log in credentials for your church. If you are not currently registered for Mosaic, please contact our Customer Satisfaction Team at 800-348-2886. We are happy to assist with this. 2. Click on Orders & Upload Lists 3. To Upload List Located on the Upload Lists screen, follow these 6 easy steps. 3

1 2 4 5 Step 1 - Select the List Type Step 2 Select the List Name Step 3 Click Choose to locate and attach your file or drag your file Step 4 Enter number of records on attached file Step 5 Check box when you are ready to submit Step 6 Click Upload File

Once the file has been submitted you will receive an automated response to your email. The acceptable file types are: .csv, .xlsx, .xls, .txt, Please note: The file name must have an extension at the end of it in order for the portal to recognize the file type. For example: Correct: April List.xls Incorrect: April List 6

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