Othello by: William Shakespeare

Othello by: William Shakespeare

Othello by: William Shakespeare *Background Information* Miss Amorin Author- William Shakespeare (April 23, 1564- April 23, 1616) from England The most famous writer in all of English

literature. He wrote 37 plays (tragedies and comedies) and 154 sonnets. Most famous works are: - Othello - Hamlet - King Lear - A Taming of the Shrew Othello, The Moor of Venice (Pre-reading of play) Written in 1603 or 1604.

TRAGEDY- a type of play that ends in a disastrous manner, usually with the death or ruin of multiple characters. Protagonist- main character of a literary work that is involved in central conflict of story- usually heroic. In a tragedy, the protagonist often becomes a tragic hero. The tragic hero is well liked and valiant but has a character flaw that brings him/ her to ruin. Antagonist- the force working against the protagonist (can be another character, society, nature, or internal force).

Setting- Venice, Italy Characters names are all Italian. The people living in Venice, Italy were known as Venetians. The majority of the

Italians practiced Catholicism. First Act of play takes place in Venice Acts II, III, IV, and V take place in Cyprusan island off of Greece Seven Deadly Sins Lust (extreme Pride desire Sloth (extreme Jealousy (envy)

laziness) Gluttony (over indulgence) Greed Anger Othello themes Outsider/ Prejudice Love Jealousy Appearance

vs. Reality (seeing is believing) Honesty Falseness Christian values Othello- Main character (an outsider in several ways) Known as the MOOR dark skinned man usually of African descent (had reputation of being barbaric- associating with

witchcraft) General of the Venetian Army OUTSIDER Black man (moor) in a white world Muslim in a Christian world Army man in a civilian world African in an Italian World Ideas to look for when reading play Light vs. Dark (order evil/malice)

Social class Gender roles Authority Historical context (battle of the Venetians with Turkey at Cyprus) Journal Entry What would you do if your boss at work promoted another employee to a higher position (better job, more money, hours)

over you, even though you were more qualified for the job (more experience, been at the business/company for longer, better suited for position)? Explain how you would react and what you would do. Would you quit? Why or why not? Would you seek revenge? Has a similar situation ever happened to you? Opening of play Main character, Othello, who is the general

of the Venetian army is good friends with soldier, Iago. There was a position open for lieutenant. Iago assumed he would get the position because he was friends with Othello and the most qualified for the job. Othello hired Michael Cassio, an arithmetician instead. This causes Iago to HATE Othello- seeks plan of REVENGE on him. Main Characters Othello-

Moor- general of Venetian Army Iago- soldier; Othellos best friend Desdemona- wife of Othello; high social class Emilia- Iagos wife; Desdemonas attendant Brabantio- Desdemonas father Michael Cassio- lieutenant of Venetian Army Roderigo- very wealthy; Iagos right hand man Bianca- town hussy Enjoy the play!!!

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