Outline of Thesis

Outline of Thesis

Ethics Mon 3/9/11 Jean-Francois Van Huele Any questions about 416? Learning Objectives for 416 Homework submissions? Interviews? Presentations (SRC)? Ethics Motivation A few facts

Sources Case studies And participation from everybody! Wed 3/9/11 What is Ethics? (A few hints) Is ethics for ethicists? Intersection of ethics with P&A? Ethics vs. professionalism Small everyday issues vs. sensational issues The negative vs. positive approach to ethics

Its not (so much) the crime, its the cover-up! Ethics Readings (Physics Today 2004) Ethics and the Welfare of the Physics Profession What is the message? What new? interesting? Trust and the Future of Research What is the message? What new? interesting? The Scientist Code of Ethics What is the message? What new? interesting?

(Famous) Physics Ethical Dilemmas Nuclear Weapons, WW II Heisenberg and the 3rd Reich Einstein and the Nuclear bomb The 1939 letter from Albert Einstein to President Franklin Roosevelt can be found at http://www.dannen.com/ae-fdr.html Ask the Ethicist column in APS News http://www.aps.org/apsnews/ In the News...(unfortunately)

On the Hwang Woo-suk story. The New York Times online has several articles http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/peo ple/h/hwang_woo_suk/?inline=nyt-per On Jan-Hendrik Schon and Victor Ninov fraud cases Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki Physics Today, http://www.physicstoday.org/ In the News...(Today) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-126 11570

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/07/educatio n/07iht-educLede.html http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2011/03/0 8/Ohio-professor-settles-plagiarism-lawsuit/U PI-42401299645603/ Ethical issues you may encounter

Data Reproducibility Deadlines Negative Results Recommendations Referencing (Self-)Plagiarism Cut and Paste, Wikipedia

what else? Resources AAAS, Professional Ethics Report http://www.aaas.org/spp/sfrl/pers/per.htm ACM, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct http://info.acm.org/constitution/code.html ACS The Chemists Code of Conduct

http://www.chemistry.org/portal/a/c/s/l/acsdisplay.html?DOC=membership %5Cconduct.html AMS Ethical guidelines http://www.ams.org/secretary/ethics.html APS Statements http://www.aps.org/policy/statements/index.cfm IEEE Code of Ethics http://policy.rutgers.edu/andrews/projects/ssit/ethics.shtml NAP On being a scientist responsible conduct in research http://stills.nap.edu/html/obas/ascii.txt Sigma Xi The Scientific Research Society The Responsible Researcher: Paths and Pitfalls Case studies (pick one)

A career in the balance A case of plagiarism A conflict of interest Credit where credit is due Fabrication in a grant application Industrial sponsorship of academic research Publication practices The selection of data The sharing of research materials Case Studies

Form groups of 2 (or 3) Agree on one case study Read the case study and Formulate your answers (in writing) Present to class

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