Overview of Everglades Invasive Species

Overview of Everglades Invasive Species

Report on Operational Activities for Nonnative Wildlife Jenny Ketterlin Eckles Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Argentine black and white tegus (Salvator merianae) FWC/UF/Zoo Miami coordinating trapping efforts in natural areas with NPS/USGS FWC and Venom One responding in urban areas 180+ trapped during last season

UF/FWC/M-D County efforts: 30-32 live traps 17-22 camera traps 252 removed Trap lines = 162 Residential trapping = 59 Other = 31 Three females tracked by UF Moving to dispersal mode Camera traps

Live traps 20+ 0 0 1 1 2 0 130 +

Gold tegus (Tupinambis teguixin) Three gold tegus removed prior to 2013 Six gold tegus removed in 2013 Four gold tegus removed in 2014 Two YOY or yearlings from 2013 All from private trappers on private property

Recent gold tegu locations Nile monitor surveys from August 2013 through June 2014 Number Number of Number of surveys observatio removed ns Sex ratio M:F C-51 Canal

east of SR7/441 15 10 7 3:4 C-51 Canal west of

SR7/441 7 4 2 0:2 Total 22

14 9 3:6 Nile monitors, cont. Overall sex ration is 15:16 Gravid female and one that had recently laid eggs collected in June Average clutch size likely

15-20 Continued confirmed sightings in western Broward Efforts will increase in Palm Beach and Broward Northern African pythons Dog incident Outreach efforts Three large surveys conducted over 201314 dry season Shed skin at the rock pit

Increasing efforts dramatically in 2014-15 Burmese pythons Number removed on Everglades WMA = 16 Number removed from District lands = 14 Other = 74 Seven permittees removed 32 Swamp Apes removed 56 Four sightings along Alligator Alley

Two removed from tree islands in WCA 3AS Purple swamphens FAU completed diet analysis for 83 swamphens, three different locations Most common food item is Eleocharis cellulosa (spikerush) Some inverts found Larger birds in STA1W

Gambian pouched rats Two small-scale trapping events over past year Mailing conducted last month No reports in core Observations from marina and water park Increased trapping in next year using USDA Caimans

8 surveys Locations: Near L-31E in Miami-Dade Co., Holiday Park in Broward County 27 removed Odd singletons in Broward and Palm Beach Counties Map Oustalets chameleons

6 surveys 12 removed 1 hatchling found this year Will decrease surveys to target hatchlings and months when most have been found map Veiled and panther chameleons New veiled locations in

Dade and Broward Property ownership issues hinders removal of veileds No panther chameleons found in follow-up surveys since last July Nile crocodile Chekika, Everglades National Park February 22, 2014

March 9, 2014 Thank you! Mike Rochford (UF) Joy Vinci (UF) Michiko Squires (UF) Michelle Curtis (UF) Larry Connor (FWC) Jake Edwards (FWC) ...and many more Jenny Ketterlin Eckles

University of Florida Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center Davie, Florida 954-577-6408 [email protected] http://www.myfwc.com/wildli fehabitats/nonnatives/

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