Overview of the EIA - MEMR Program - roussev.net

Overview of the EIA - MEMR Program - roussev.net

Site Evaluation Dr. Mark Rodekohr Energy Information Administration January 2000 Overview

Introduction Log File Analysis Using Customer Feedback Cognitive Web Site Testing Introduction

There is a wealth of information available from your web logs, customer comments and customer testing that can and should be used to evaluate and improve the functionality of your web site. All relatively large web sites are difficult to navigate, using the available information can improve the ease of navigation. As many studies have shown people will not spend much time on a site if they cannot find

what they are looking for quickly they will leave. Web Logs Typical Log Entry - [18/Jan/2000:15:20:31 -0500] "GET /cneaf/electricity/page/images2/ov erview_on.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 1478 "http://www.eia.doe.gov/cneaf/elec

tricity/page/data.html" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows 98)" What the Log Tells You

On Jan 18 at 3:20pm user download a gif file that was part of a electricity page The download worked I.e. the http 200 code The file was 1478 bytes They were using Internet explorer 5.01 They were running Windows 98 is addr67.pechan.com who happens to be a contractor Review Your Error Logs [18/Jan/2000:15:42:44] warning ( 7615): for host trying to GET /emeu/sep/ga/cosnum/eu.txt, sendfile reports: can't find /Info1/www/emeu/sep/ga/cosnum/e

u.txt (No such file or directory) Log Analysis 1

Number of Hits for home page 179 Total No. of Successful Hits 265969 Total No. of User Sessions 9666 User Sessions from (United States) 0% International User Sessions 0% Origin Unknown User Sessions 100% Average Hits per Day 265969 Average User Sessions per Day 9666 Average User Session Length 00:15:16

Log Analysis 2 Top Entry Pages Single Access Most Downloads Most Active Organizations

Who Are These Organizations was some ISP I never heard of could be run by AOL belongs to

Westat a survey design and analysis company belongs to Enron the natural gas company Referring Sites Spiders Detailed Results by Product

Detailed Results by Subproduct Customer Feedback Sample Comments I 12/13/99 20:5:21 | Paul | Little_rubs | academic | best | no | yes | You provided me with great info on how we have a problem with

energy consumption, but I would like to get some soultions you may have for the future, and if you did then please make them easier for a pearson like me to find [email protected] FYI, "This Week at EIA" is a good idea. Good for your customers, and good for EIA. The fact that it lists the new issues of monthly pubs is useful, as is the announcement of one-time pubs that a user might not know about

[email protected] EIA: I'm a high school teacher and all I want is the energy in the USA by economic sector in the latest year you have data for. But your system is so slow and so user unfriendly it is a real pain. Sample Comments II

10/15/99 1:7:6 [email protected] | selectone | worst | no | some | needs info on australia. 10/28/99 12:18:45 ...... @tmcc.edu | library | better | yes | yes | Thanks for a FANTASTIC site! The data here is great. One thing I missed was energy use before 1949

[email protected] (re. CABs) how about one from Guatemala we will be having elections for president this month best regards, Felix Example of Using Feedback

When are web site was started we used to get several questions per day relating to finding energy price data. Users reported having a very hard time finding it. We created the energy prices shown in the next slide and questions quickly fell. Energy Price Page

Cognitive Testing: What is it? In this type of testing you take some customers (not staff), ask them a series of questions about information that is on your web site then:

See if they find the correct answers Review how they found these answers Sometime video tapes and even keystrokes are used to recreate their every move. Questions Asked in a Recent Test of the EIA Site

How much electricity was used by U.S. households in 1997? What is the forecast for unleaded regular gasoline prices for summer 1999?

How much oil did Saudi Arabia produce in 1998? What percentage of

oil used in the U.S. in 1997 was imported? How much gasoline was used in Massachusetts in December 1998? How much did gasoline cost in 1969? Results of Testing

Summary from Session IV We reviewed what is contained in a typical web server log file We used Web Trends to perform an

analysis of these data and reviewed the results We examined some other techniques that can be used to improve the usefulness of a web site. Summary from Session I At this point we have:

Identified the purpose of the site and the user community Reviewed usability studies and what they have found with regard to page and site design

Developed a file structure Have chosen the hardware, software and vendor Now we are ready to start site construction Summary from Session II

We created two sites using different tools and noted the advantages and disadvantages. The sites we created were generally consistent with the standards we discussed in the previous session. We quickly reviewed the need for your own standards.

We reviewed some more advanced issues including the addition of search engines and the improved navigation through the use of Java. Summary from Session III

We reviewed the file characteristics with regard to owners/groups/permissions to illustrate why site management is so expensive. We looked at security issues including recent events and discussed the various risks. We discussed some tools that can be used to monitor your web site for security problems. Summary from Session III

(continued) While this presentation has been fairly technical it illustrates some of the problems associated with maintaining a web site. It also illustrates the reason for using a ISP if you have a fairly small site as they are responsible for dealing with these technical issues.

Thank you for your patience.

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