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By Astrid, Audrey and Jaede OWLS INTRODUCTION We will tell you about all kinds of owls. Snowy owls ,Elf owls and other stuff! You will learn

what owls eat, how they fly and how long they live! Owlets Owlets are a grayish brown. They hatch from small eggs. When they

hatch they look a little like a cotton ball. They have rings around their eyes. Snowy owl Snowy owl have

white feathers and yellow eyes. Their white feathers help them to camouflage and keep them from frost bite . They live in cold climates.

Elf Owls Elf owls live in the U.S. and Mexico. The owl is one of all birds. Their home is in a cactus.

What owls eat Owls eat insects, mice and rodents. They eat with their beak , and they catch their prey with their

talons. The end

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