P09713 - Fresh Bread and Roll Scaling Room

P09713 FRESH BREAD AND ROLL SCALING ROOM Senior Design Winter 2008-2009 Team Introduction Erik Webster, Industrial Engineer Project Manager

Kate Gleason, Industrial Engineer Technical Lead Cecilia Enestrom, Industrial Engineer Technical Lead Andrew Tsai, Mechanical Engineer Grant Garbach, Mechanical Engineer Project Overview Sponsored by Wegmans Bakery Facility on Brooks Ave, Rochester New York Process for scaling and mixing of dry ingredients

for commercial bread and roll production Three major project aspects: Lean Process Improvements Improved Layout Design for Inventory Management Improved Ergonomics and Product Quality Design of procedures and equipment for sifting and screening dry ingredients prior to mixing into the dough for the commercial bread and roll production line. Status of Week 1 Deliverables

Customer Needs Assessment Project Plan Elements 1-page project summary Work Breakdown Structure 2-quarter schedule and milestones Team Values and Norms Key Challenges

Working around busy schedules Customer availability is limited Wegmans engineering resources are very limited Justifying capital investments to Wegmans Working with an existing production system that will be in continuous operation throughout the design and implementation phases of the project

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