Pacific Peoples Research Skills Symposium

Pacific Peoples Research Skills Symposium

University of the South Pacific (USP) : Pacific Peoples Research Skills Symposium- OUR USP-BEING PRESENT & SEEN TO BE &IMPACTING in OUR PACIFIC Professor Unaisi Nabobo Baba Professor of Education, & Acting Dean College of Humanities and Education-KEYNOTE (1)-Day 1 Wednesday 29th August, 2018-Holiday Inn, SUVA, FIJI A LOOK BACK 2008 40th Birthday 2 questions asked:

i. increase research contributions on issues affecting Pacific ii. To build research capacity of people in the region RESEARCH SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT (RSD) FRAMEWORK IN USP History writing in Samoa (Meleisia) Recognition of RSD at USP PLUS ILO-PLO-CLO alignment-PLUS professional specific standards eg. Counsellors/ Teaching etc

Modelled from University of Adelaide (John Willison & Kerry ORegan (2006) Jito Vanualailai (2012)-RSD at USP . Tenth Anniversary Report (Springer Report,1979)

INCREASE USP PRSENCES IN REGION: (remembering USP) Don Patterson (Law, Vanuatu) Coral Research (Kiribati-Tito) and Solomon Islands)Centres Randy Thaman (Tonga/RMI/Fiji)

Bill Albersberg (Nadroga) Research Work on Schools & Community of eg Udu Point, Fiji Nabobo-Baba et al (2012) - Development Decade, Lecture by VC James Maharaj, 1975 - University seen as pool of research experts Decentralisation of courses to countries and support for University centres and courses

- Availability to work in smaller island states Research at centres i.e history writing workshop in Tuvalu-D. Munro - Placing academic staff in centres for research and teaching in areas of expertise University Directions Conference 1980- AUSAid Landuse in Vanuatu (Howard Van Trease)and

Cook Islands-Crocombe PERSPECTIVES ON RSD EXPLORATIONS IN USP As we try to explicitly develop Pacific Peoples Research Skills WHY: i. Next generation well rounded educated ii. Skilled employees global/local iii. International recognitions of USP goals iv.

Student Capacity increase global society v. Human Resources Development 12 USP member countries vi. ***AID: FUNDING of Education/Research etc- Academic Bucaneering-Australian StylePLUS A LOOK @ ECOLOGY OF OUR WORK AT USP Pacific Islands 9/10 of 10 million people live in Melanesia PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji

PIF separation between : a) Small Island States (SIS) Tuvalu, Tokelau, Nauru, Kiribati, Cook Islands, N. Pacific-RMI b) Bigger States PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga Big percentage are youth Malta : Centre for Studies of Small Island States CONTINUED

1. Identifying SIS Issues Experts/mentors that will guide students - both graduate, undergraduate and younger faculty i.e Tuvalu history expert Doug Munro, newly grown under the mentor research scholars King Tide and Schools -Phenomenology i.e Tokelau - 1,200 dependant on boat arrivals from Secondary School 3 Primary Schools Samoan Constitution 2. Identifying Big Island States Issues too Auckland 1 OTHER PLAYERS IN THE PACIFIC-addressing development issues

&researches etc Pacific Island Forum (PIF) Pacific Island Development Forum (PIDF) South Pacific Regional Environment Forum (SPREP) Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) - Tuna Commission, Party to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) Pacific Community (SPC) University of the South Pacific (USP) UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATIONRESEARCH AND PUBLICATION *Ms Kisha Borja Quichocho Calco (now PhD st, UH) - University of Guam - Research claim and other classes with a research project for assessment

- Research teaching skills and process - Mentored - Writing/reading - A undergraduate research symposium/publication/journal - Students are introduced to the canon of their discipline (Ed.) CONTINUED OBSERVATIONS: (UOG) i. Excitement ii. Research demystified iii. Overtime work for lecturer iv. Lecturer supported by other colleagues i.e informal(talanoa) or formal (in class help) v. Coursework assignment > CLOs- PLOs ILOs.

*CLOs explicit research skills Assessment Rubrics-aligned to Objectives BUILDING PACIFIC PEOPLES RESEARCH CAPACITIES-examples I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious. -Albert Einstein FIJI:Curiosity guided well and can be nurtured (ECE) Pre University (INQUIRY)begins at home, early childhood education, primary school, secondary school (Fijis Research text 2008 2009)-USP/MOE team Explicit teaching of research skills to all students as English curriculum is compulsory CONTINUED

Builds research skill through English content but more importantly builds inquiry and curiosity - (scaffolding taught step by step) Assessment i.e this case project Whole new discovery of self, learning together and new skill is under MENTOR. Workshops for teachers on the text Labasa/ Suva/ Korovou / etc INAUGURAL ANNUAL FNU PhD SUPERVISORS WORKSHOP (JULY 2018) Explicit Training of new Supervisors or skills to support student success Facilitation by experienced supervisors Supported by experts from other Universities

_________________________________________________________ Skills Training Re: Program RSD Framework-added next time ANOTHER DIMENSION TO SUPPORT PACIF RESEARCH SKILLS DEVELOPMENT-NZ i.e New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission PBRF Increase in funding for Pacific and Maori PhD Completions - Research Building and Completions Incentivised 2002 beginning of PBRF - Rating of Faculty based on research output, graduate research students Maori/Pasifika that are

- Incentives of Completions of Maori/Pasifika PhDs -$30,000 (timely completions) * Pacific/ Maori Research Approaches Kaupapa Maori Framework & Pacific Is appropriate approaches ( Kabini/Baba/Coxon/ KThaman/ Nabobo-Baba INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURAL SUPPORT AND PRESENCE eg UWaikato 2018 Waikato Establishment of Associate Vice Chancellor AVC Pacific to oversee Pacific success/research and outreach/development Scholarship and support for Pacific students Ensure Pacific Faculty and Staff numbers increase Masters/PhDs etc Pacific Leaderships at all levels of academia Tuakana-Teina (Peer-support in teaching/learning &research)

USP RESEARCH CENTRES/Institutions:LESSONS FROM THE PAST PROFESSORS AND BIG GRANTS Research to address particular issues Interdisciplinary E.G Professor B. Albersberg/ Koshy: Pacific students-mentored within DECENTRALISATION: Research Centres/Campuses Cook Is, Solomon/ Kbati/Tuvalu/RMI/ Fiji (Labasa/Lautoka and sub centres) *Such centres acted as incubators for teaching &new Pacific Science Researchers /fisheries, education/history etc Summary The Region Speaks Back RSD as a Way to address skills development -Graduate attributes

-Pacific worlds-generic courses -Course Conet/Programs -Pacific Research approaches Pacific Mentors/mentees ECOLOGY of our work at USP in the Region (Other players Examples)- UOG/ Fiji txt- FNU Phd Supervisors Skills workshop/NZ/ Waikato Institutional Support Research Centres , USP -Development Decade/Independence/Post-colonialism affects NATURE of Teaching& Research CONCLUSION I affirm RSD work that USP is doing. I have raised a few other ideas that perhaps could add something to your two day deliberations. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary

Research Deliberations -Vinaka- Professor Unaisi Nabobo Baba Professor of Education, & Acting Dean College of Humanities and Education

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