Paragraph Improvement - 長榮大學數位學習平台

Paragraph Improvement - 長榮大學數位學習平台

Paragraph Improvemen t Features of a Good Para graph Interesting content Focus: organization around a topic sentenc e Adequate support for the topic sentence (sufficient reasons, examples, and details)

Supporting sentences have a clear relation ship to the topic sentence Logical development Coherence: smooth transitions from one p oint to the nextno jumps Focus One paragraph has only one topic. The topic is stated in a topic senten ce. All the other sentences in the paragr

aph are related to the topic sentence . No sentences are off topic. Focus (contd.) The topic sentence establishes a bulls e ye that the other sentences must hit. Development The

topic introduced in the topic se ntence should be adequately devel oped. Supporting sentences should be in logical order. Coherence There are smooth transitions betwee n the sentences in a paragraphther

e should not be any abrupt jumps. Paragraph Improvement Read the seven paragraphs that follow. For each of the paragraphs, answer the following question s: Does the paragraph have a topic sentence? If it does, what are the key words that predict ho w the topic that will be developed? Are each of the key words developed?

Are all the other sentences in the paragraph relat ed to the topic sentence? If there is no topic sentence, suggest one. Are there any abrupt jumps? Paragraph 1 My Hometown My hometown is Tainan, a city famous for its hi storic spots and traditional snacks. The people h ere are very friendly and hospitable. Tainan also has one of the most famous night markets in Tai

wan, the Huayuan night market. You can find ap parel to cover everything from head to toe there, and taste many delicious foods. It is a place you can relax and breathe fresh air. You should visit the Huayuan night market. You will be amazed a nd your visit to Tainan will be unforgettable. Fresh air??? Paragraph 1 A new topic sentence

My hometown, Tainan, is fam ous for its historic landmarks, traditio nal snacks, and friendly residents b ut I think the one Tainan experience t hat out-of-town visitors will enjoy mo st is a trip to Taiwans largest night market, Huayuan Market. Paragraph 2 My Hometown My hometown Hongmao Harbor, has been made a cultur

al park. Hongmao Harbor is close to the seaside, and m ost of residents fish for a living. When I was young, I oft en went to the seaside to catch fish, crabs, and kiln [?]. It was very interesting. Temples are one of the features of Hongmao Harbor. There are many temples there, and each temple represents a different family name. Anothe r famous place is the Gao-Zi Tower, located in the secon d harbor. It is a lighthouse and serves to guide ships int o the harbor. In the middle of the tower, there is a revolv ing restaurant. As you enjoy your meal, the restaurant r otates. It is very interesting. After dark, the tower is m ore beautiful. Each week, it attracts many tourists. It h

as become one of the most famous landmarks of Hongm ao Harbor. Paragraph 3 A new topic sentence My hometown, Hongmao Har bor, has recently been designated as a cultural park and has undergone a facelift that has made it one of Kaohs iungs major tourist attractions.

Hong Mao Harbor Paragraph 3 My Hometown My hometown, Madou, is a traditional town wi th many temples. On one short road, there might be t wo or three temples. When we were children, my gran dfather and grandmother often took us to feed turtles at a pool next to one of the temples. The most famou s product of Madou is the pomelo, a grapefruit-like cit rus fruit. During the fall harvest season, you can see

pomelos in every household and eating pomelo is a m ust during the Mid Autumn Moon Festival. Another of Madous traditional foods is wnk ( ), a salty rice paste cooked in its own serving bowl and topped with a savory sauce. If you go to Madou, you must try it. Paragraph 3 A new topic sentence My hometown, Madou, is a cit y where visitors can experience tradi tional Taiwanese culture and sample

several special foods. OR: My hometown, Madou, is a tr aditional city that is famous for its m any temples and its special foods. Paragraph 4 My Hometown I was born and grew up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Kaohsiung is the second big gest city in Taiwan, the sixth largest port in the world. It is situated in sout hern Taiwan and is crowded with more than 2.7 million people. The most f

amous sight here is probably Sizih Bay. The bay, situated between Wansh ou Shan and Chichin Island, is known for its glistening blue waters, its natu ral coral reefs, and its gorgeous sunsets. The sunset at Sizihwan is acknow ledged as one of the eight famous scenes of Kaohsiung. When the night a pproaches and the sun sets, the beautiful glow of the setting sun extends f rom the sky into the water, creating a beautiful backdrop for couples who want to enjoy romantic walks accompanied by the soothing sounds of wav es lapping against the shore. My husband and I used to like to go for walks there. Another attraction that I would recommend is the Liouhe tourist nig ht market. It is only a minutes walk from the KRT Formosa Boulevard Stati on, making it a convenient stop for both local and international travelers. There are more than 170 stalls of all types that sell a huge variety of items

, including traditionalTaiwanese snacks, fashionable clothing, accessories, and folklore games. These two places are my favorite attractions in Kaohsi ung, and I sincerely recommend both of them to you. Paragraph 4 A new topic sentence I am a native of Taiwans second biggest city and the worlds sixth largest portthe city of

Kaohsiung. It is a city that has many attractions. Of these attractions, I especially recommend Sizhi Bay and the Liohe night market. Paragraph 5 My Hometown

Where is my hometown? You may be able to gues s from some of its well-known attractions. If you want to eat the food at night, you can go to the Nanhua night m arket. This night market has many different foods and m any visitors from China come here. Once when I went th ere, I found myself surrounded by mainland Chinese acc ents. If you have time for sightseeing, you should take a boat tour of the Love River--the view is beautiful, especi ally in the evening. If you want to go shopping, the mos t popular shopping district is the New Jyuejiang Shoppin g Area. In this area, there are many stores that sell cloth es, shoes, and other fashion items. Now can you guess

where my hometown is? It is Kaohsiung, a nice place. Paragraph 6 My Hometown In my hometown, one thing never changes: the warm concern that residents have for one another. The village where I grew up is locat ed near the coast of the Taiwan Strait in what is now the greater Ta inan municipal area. In my hometown, the two largest population g roups are seniors and children. When I was in junior high, I went to school by bus at 6:00 every day, and some of the old farmers often asked me if I had eaten breakfast. I always said I was full with a big

smile, but sometimes they invited me to dine at their homes or ga ve me some of the fruits and vegetables they had cultivated. Othe r neighbors dropped by every day to express their care for us and usually brought food to share. So the door of our house was seldo m locked during the day, even when we were not at home. When I go back to the village now, even seniors I do not know tell me abo ut their lives, offer me some fruits, and ask me about my job and f amily, as if we were family. My hometown is truly a friendly village.

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