Pat's poor presentation stage 3 - JC Schools

Pat's poor presentation stage 3 - JC Schools

About me By Pat My name is Pat Smith

I live at 45 West street in Newtown by the post office in a house with a blue door and three bedrooms My mum works for the post office and goes to work very early every day and I have to get breakfast for Jane My best friend likes football and chips and his dads car and going to his nans house on sundays except when Jamie is there because shes always getting everyone into trouble

My family My dad lives in Spain My sister is younger than me and is a pain in the neck We have got three cats called Tommy fred and tibbs We got our dog from the rescue centre

because he had been abadoned Hobbies Football Tele

School I liked my last school Miss jones was great but mr best was horrid and he got cross when I talked I liked maths but not history or geography My school was near here, just

round the corner The end

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