Paving the Way for Positive Patient Experience through ...

Paving the Way for Positive Patient Experience through ...

Paving the Way for Positive Patient Experience through Financial Clearance Becky Peters System Director, Patient Access Services Sutter Health Objectives Learn how to build an Patient Friendly and Focused Financial Clearance Program through: Centralized functions and standard processes Developing a Positive Employee culture that puts the Patient First Creating a Learning Environment that Engages and Empowers staff Agenda: Moving to an Enterprise strategy Our journey toward understanding what it takes

to create a Positive Patient Financial Experience across the System How we create collaborative partnerships with credible internal and external groups to develop staff, and spark passion in the workplace 2 Sutter Health at a Glance

27 Acute Care Facilities across Northern California & Hawaii Facility Beds:5,000 Births: 35,498 Discharges: 206,804 Emergency room visits: 798,681 Outpatient visits: 10,310,82 Physicians (members of Sutter Medical Network) 5,000 A little bit more about us Sutter Healths Mission: We enhance the health and well-being of people in the communities we serve through a not-for-profit commitment to compassion and excellence in health care services. 4 Workshop Dialogue Do you have centralized or de-centralized Financial Clearance functions? How does your pre-service team communicate with point of service registration or check-in?

What challenges do you experience between pre-registration and point of service registration or check-in that create a positive or negative patient experience? Our Patient Financial Experience Journey Historically Today FastTrack Lack of trust Low collections Inaccurate estimates Variance redundancy Surprise,

you owe Long wait times real time Eligibility/ Benefits Quality Audits Clean handoffs Real time Reg Quality Accurate estimates & improved cash

Educated Patients-no surprises Standard & streamlined workflows Laborintensive 6 7 /2 0 012 011 11 09 /2 0

15 15 201 6 28 /20 12 Coa st 3 / SSR SSR Nov ato

/La ke 2/2 side 014 San ta 10/ Rosa 201 4 1/2 013 MC 4/2 013 ta 3 /20 13 12/ 2

12/ 2 10/ 20 CPM C1 ABS De l Ede n PCR CVR MP HS

4 Epi live c go s Moving from a Individual/Regional perspective to a Enterprise Wide Strategy Currently on Single Episode Epic version 2015 and upgrading to 2017 in October 2017. Sutter Shared Services (S3) Revenue Cycle 2013 Opening Removing the Barriers for Collaboration, Best Practices and Standard Work Patient Access Services Central Billing Office Health Information Management Revenue Cycle Integration Revenue cycle Liaisons

PMO Revenue Integrity Education and Training Data Analytics Sutter Health Patient Access Services Patient Access Services Central Scheduling Pre-service Financial Clearance & Financial Counseling Point of Service Registration Cashier PBX Patient Advocates Revenue Cycle Education Quality Analysts Data Analytics Patient Access System Director

Revenue Cycle Education and Training Patient Access Center Director S3-PAC Financial Clearance & Counseling teams Central Scheduling Patient Access Regional DirectorValley PAS Facility Managers Patient Access Regional DirectorBay PAS Facility

Managers Sutter Health Patient Access Vital Few Strategies Deliver an excellent, standard and streamlined patient experience Utilize LEAN Philosophy for continuous process improvements, standardization and employee engagement Innovative Technology and Data Analytics Collaborative partnerships with our Customers Focused, relevant & measurable education/training Staff Engagement and Satisfaction Collaboration Improves Patient Experience What we do Improvement for the Patient Seamless handoff from PAC to POS (Learning to trust) Reduces unnecessary rework- Patient confused and frustrated when we ask the same information multiple

times (ex: why do I have to register again here when I already preregistered over the phone?) Complete and accurate financial clearance includes: preregistration, insurance eligibility, benefit verification and review, authorization, patient liability explanation and collection (including price estimates) Financial Counseling when needed for; Payment Plans, Financial Assistance/Charity and VIP referrals for Government eligibility assistance Use standard documentation and real time E.H.R reports that POS can see (DAR) and understand what conversations and/or actions have taken place with the patient prior to arrival Set expectations for the patient when they arrive at the hospital for their services Provide them wayfinding instructions and parking Standard scripting, tools and roles both in Pre-Service and Point of Service teams. Ability to bypass long waits for registration and go directly to the service department (Fast Track) Has been educated on Patient Liability and provided options that work best for their situation (No surprise bill) Authorizations secured prior to service so no unexpected

delays or cancellations Consistent messaging and processes no matter where they receive services Reduction of billing errors & denials Patient Access Center Top 10 Best Practices 1.Conduct real time insurance verification/eligibility/benefits review 2.Utilize real time Patient Price Estimations and collects patient liability prior to and at point of service 3.Performs real time registration quality reviews and corrections 4.Employ RNs as Clinical Liaisons to partner with physicians and insurance companies for authorization and medical necessity issues 5.Financial Counseling unit within PAC to assist patients that need additional options; payment plans, real time charity review/approvals, follow up on post discharge IP authorizations, shopper price estimations, TARS, etc. 6.Utilize a third party vendor for MediCal and other program eligibility identification and application process during pre-service and Point of service. 7.Record and monitor all inbound/outbound phone interactions for Quality 8.Utilize Data and Analytics team to track performance and identify opportunity for improvements 9.New Hire Training program /on going competency checks/education 10.Interactive workflow and scripting tool available to all staff

Patient Access Point-of-Service Personable and Efficient Patient interactions Clear indications of what information is needed from patient Fast Track check at Service departments based on Pre-Service Financial Clearance Onsite Patient Advocates for non-scheduled/urgent patients Price Estimates Collections Payment Plans Financial Assistance/Charity Onsite Vendor support for government eligibility assistance and payor discovery Expanded coverage in Emergency departments and 7 day a week support Utilizes same tools and workflows for process transparency and standard work They see all touch points that the S3 PAC staff had with the patient Access to Patient Estimation tools

Registration accuracy gap stop with additional edits Provides account escalation support Continues patient and physician communication for late-add-on scheduled procedures Liaisons with scheduling departments for on-going patient experience improvements Quality Auditing Registration Quality Audit tool that provides registration accuracy identification and correction flags for real-time error resolution Tracks Top 10 errors by facility/user Individual & Facility Score Cards Integrated single source tool Payor Plan Mapping/Bad Plan flags Denials root cause team Training Analysis protocols and monitoring Phone monitoring and scoring software Customer service, process adherence and compliance score card Desktop recording to ensure information captured is accurately documented in the account record Phone monitoring and recording used for weekly audit and employee coaching

Providing your Team with the Right Tools at the Right Time E.H.R-Epic, System wide Third party Platform Insurance eligibility Address checker Real time Charity care assessment/application Bad Plan Flag Indicator Integrated Real time Quality-Registration Accuracy Payment posting Real time Patient Price Estimator New-Automated hospital authorizations

Biometrics-Patient Identity PAC Portal-Web Scripting Tool Predictive Dialer Process Automation-Robotics Revenue Cycle Training/Education Portal Patient Access Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)- Patient Experience Metric Patient Access Patient Liability Collections Registration Accuracy Target HFMA Benchmark 35% of all Patient Liability collections\ 99% Authorizations are in place prior to service for non-urgent/non-emergent patients.

95% Abandoned Call Rate >3% -S3 PAC Average Call Wait Time-S3 PAC % of Accounts Financial Cleared prior to Service 30 sec 98% 16 Workshop dialogue Do you have a training program and dedicated trainers? How do you deliver training to staff? How do you engage your staff in improving the Patient Experience

PAS: Our Purpose To build and foster an innovative culture that promotes: Trust, Respect, Collaboration, Understanding and Success for our Patients, Staff and Customers Investing in our Human Capital Employee driven decisions Staff Roundtables & 360 Feedback Communication-Take 5 PAC portal Job shadowing program-Rev Cycle Career Networking event

Employee Recognition programsPAC Culture Committee, STAR Program, Thank you Thursdays Empowering and engaging employees Career development tracks Education Program-RevCycle U Lean Training/Certification Experience of Work (EOW) 19 Building a Team that puts the Patient First What if I and What if We Assume Positive Intent Embrace New Ideas and views Be open to giving and receiving Feedback Be willing to look at things from a different perspective

Walk in anothers shoes Get out of your comfort zone more often Share histories to break down barriers Cultivate understanding-ask Why Embrace success as a Team- not always about the individual Take Risks- dont be afraid to fail Practice an Open Mind Be Respectful in all things Trust Seek out collaboration Dream Big & Share Pioneers of Change Video- Employee Engagement 99b309ee 2017 RC Education Program Structure Designing Our Program Structure

Blended Learning Model Curriculu m ownership and structure Revenue Cycle Overview Coding School Rev Cycle U Portal 22

Blended Learning Model Epic Training Environment Structure 23 Curriculum Structure for New Hire Training Revenue Cycle content development to support staff knowledge Integrated Functional and Technical Training Curriculum Structure Learning tracks specific for

each job role through online Learning Maps Scenario based learning Integrate Job Aids into curriculum Utilize standard Epic eLearnings 24 Partnerships are Key! Round with Leadership, Team Leads, and Staff Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Senior team members

Revenue Cycle Education Advisory Group Information System Analysts 25 Revenue Cycle Overview Benefits: New Team Members understand that they are part of a larger process, including the notion that all Revenue Cycle Team Members impact denials and cash! Level setting of metrics. Face time with leadership.

26 Revenue Cycle U Portal Meet the learning needs of remote workforce Support Career Development Rev CycleU Incorporate technology to promote learning 27

Expand our learning and delivery services to all facilities Good To Great Innovative Education We fully expect our innovation and determination to result in a World-Class customer service operation with empowered and committed employees producing strong financial performance and sustainable long-term growth. Career Mobility Tracks Push/Pull Content eLearning Modules

Virtual Classrooms Centralized DTPs/Job Aids Self-service Learning Video Library 28 Becky Peters Patient Access Leader, System Director [email protected] 30

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