PC Maintenance: Preparing for A+ Certification

PC Maintenance: Preparing for A+ Certification

Chapter 11 Installing and Configuring Printers Chapter 11 Objectives

Identify basic printer functions Distinguish between classes of printers Explain printer technologies Explain the laser printing process Install and manage printer drivers in Windows View and install Windows fonts Troubleshoot printer problems Definition

Printers are electromechanical output devices that are used to put information from the computer onto paper Basic Printing Functions

Receive data from the PC through an I/O interface Store the data in printer RAM Convert the data into print instructions Feed the paper in and out Store and dispense ink or toner Transfer the image onto the paper Line Printer

Print job is still spooling to the printer as the page begins printing Requires very little RAM of its own Examples: Ink-jet, dot matrix, daisywheel Line Printer Page Printer

Entire page collects in printer RAM, then is transferred to the paper Requires more RAM than a line printer because it must hold more data at a time Examples: Laser, LED

Page Printer Ink or Toner Liquid ink: Sprayed onto paper Dry toner: Transferred to paper with electrical charge and then fused (melted) to the paper with heat

Inked ribbon: Pins or hammers strike the ribbon, leaving a mark on the paper behind it Impact and Non-Impact Impact printer strikes a ribbon physically. Only an impact printer is able to print on multi-part forms (such as carbon paper)

2 Types: Dot Matrix, Daisywheel Non-impact printer does not use physical force to place the image on the page. Multiple copies must be printed individually. Laser, inkjet, LED, thermal wax transfer

Paper Feed Type Tractor-fed (continuous) Sheet-fed or Paper-Feed Factors for Evaluating Printers

Initial cost Total Cost To Own (TCO) Cost of supplies Ink, toner, special paper

Speed Delay before printing starts Pages per minute Factors for Evaluating Printers Print quality Measured in dots per inch (dpi)

Factors for Evaluating Printers Interface Paper tray

Parallel, USB, network Number of sheets of input, output Paper feed type (tractor-fed, sheet-fed) Extra RAM Types of Printer Technology

Daisywheel (obsolete) Dot Matrix Inkjet Laser Thermal Virtual

Daisywheel Earliest type of printer, now long obsolete Rotating wheel containing all the characters for a font

Tractor-fed Impact Inked ribbon Single-color Line printer How Daisy Wheel works How Daisy Wheel works Dot Matrix

Improved on daisywheel by making multiple fonts possible Letters formed by metal pins Inked ribbon Tractor-fed

Impact Single-color Line printer Dot Matrix Inkjet Liquid ink dispensed by nozzles in the print head

Aka Bubble jet Sheet-fed Non-impact Multi-color Line printer

Parts of an Inkjet Printer Print head/ink cartridge Head carriage, belt, and stepper motor Paper-feed mechanism Control, interface, and power circuitry

Print Head Cartridge Stepper Motor Stabilizer Bar Pulley Stabilizer bar Belt Paper Feed Mechanism

Pick up Rollers Separator Pads Inkjet Paper Tray Paper-Feed Sensor Control, Interface and Power Circuitry

Printer Control Circuits Power Circuits Laser

Solid toner dispensed by electrical charges Sheet-fed Non-impact Single-color or multi-color Page printer Toner Cartridge Electrophotographic Cartridge EP

Laser Printing Process Step 1: Processing Step 2: Charging (Conditioning) Laser Printing Process (Paul Can Walk, Dance & Talk French Clearly)

Step 1: Processing Step 2: Charging (Conditioning) Laser Printing Process Step 3: Writing Step 4: Developing

Laser Printing Process Step 5: Transferring Step 6: Fusing Step 7: Cleaning Summary. Summary of Printing Process

Page 523 **** Remember the voltages***: 600VDC charge on the drum 600VDC charge on the toner +600VDC corona wire discharge (transfers toner from drum to paper) -100VDC laser paints image on drum & image areas are lowered to -100VDC Summary of Types Ink

Dot Matrix Inkjet Laser Ribbon Liquid Toner

Paper feed Tractor-fed Sheet-fed Sheet-fed Line or Line Page Impact or Impact Non-Impact Color

No Page Line Non-impact Non-impact Yes Some Thermal Printers

Used in Point-Of-Sale terminals and old faxes Virtual Printing Sends the desired output to a file instead of to paper. Click check box (click to file), or Select PDF, Document Writer etc

Printer Interfaces Serial Legacy Parallel USB

Ethernet Wireless Printer Drivers Page Description Languages (PDLs) translate between PC and printer Popular PDLs include: Printer Command Language (PCL),

developed by HP for laser printers PostScript, developed by Adobe for professional typesetting Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Monitors and Printers Installing a Printer Driver in Windows Windows refers to a driver as a printer You can have more than one driver installed for the same printer,

resulting in multiple printers in Windows for a single physical unit Installing a Printer Driver in Windows Run the Add Printer Wizard Let Windows detect the

printer, or Choose from a list Installing and Sharing Local Printers 1. Attach the device using a local port (USB, parallel) and connect the power. 2. Install and update the device driver and calibrate the device. 3. Configure options and settings.

4. Print a test page. 5. Verify compatibility with the operating system and applications. 6. Educate users about basic functionality. Installing and Sharing Network Printers Integrated print server vs

Separate hardware print server if a printer is capable of connecting directly to a network, it has the ability to be its own print server Installing and Sharing Network Printers

1. Connect the printer to the network and power it on. 2. Configure the printer with an IP address if it does not already have one. 3. From your Windows 7 computer, start Add A Printer. 4. Choose Add A Network, Wireless, Or Bluetooth Printer and click Next.

Installing and Sharing Network Printers 5. On the next screen, the system will search for printers. You can let it search, or you can stop it and click the link that says The Printer That I Want Isnt Listed. 6. Choose Add A Printer Using A TCP/IP Address Or Hostname and click Next.

Installing and Sharing Network Printers 7. Enter the IP address (or hostname) of the

printer that you want to add, add a port name (its just for identification), and click Next. 8. Select the make and model of your printer from the list. 9. You will be prompted to install the driver; continue installing the printer as you would any other local or networked printer. Printer Driver Maintenance

Remove a Printer Set Default Printer Delete its icon from the Printers (or Printers and Faxes) folder

Right-click icon and choose Set as Default View Driver Properties Right-click icon and choose Properties Apples Bonjour

Bonjour was designed to enable automatic discovery of devices and services on local networks using TCP/IP It discovers printers and devices on the LAN It works with other Operating Systems In Windows services.msc lists the services

Apples AirPrint Bonjour cannot find systems on the other side of the router (works on Single Broadcast domain) Airprint meets this need Mobile devices can automatically detect

AirPrint-enabled printers on their local network and print to them without requiring the installation of a driver Cloud Printing Printing to a remote device, one that is not

necessarily located on your local network Requires a service such as such as Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint Page 546 Enabling cloud printing Laser Printer Maintenance

Wipe out the inside Run printers cleaning sequence Adjust toner delivery Change toner cartridge Change cleaning pad Clean corona wires Replace drum Inkjet Printer Maintenance

Change ink cartridges Run printers cleaning sequence Ensure Suitable environment Heat

Humidity Light Ozone Print Queue View print queue Double-click printer icon in Printers folder

Managing a Print Queue Pause print queue Clear print queue

Printer > Cancel All Documents Pause an individual print job Printer > Pause Printing Document > Pause

Cancel an individual print job Document > Cancel, or press Delete Troubleshooting Printing Problems Stalled queue

Pause and resume queue after deleting job with error Junk characters in printout Power printer off Clear queue Power printer on and try again If problem persists, reinstall driver

Troubleshooting Printing Problems Paper jams Fan paper before inserting in tray Check feed rollers Check for obstructions inside printer (ex. bits of paper) Use different weight of paper

Troubleshooting Printing Problems Illegal operation or general protection fault Pause and resume print queue Restart computer Remove and reinstall printer driver Laser Quality Problems

Printout faint in some spots Shake toner cartridge gently Replace toner cartridge Loose or smeared toner

Check fuser Vertical white streaks Dirty corona wires Inkjet Quality Problems Stripes, or one color missing

Clean ink jets using printers utility Run printers self-test Colors off alignment Run printers alignment utility Printer Upgrades

Installing Printer Memory Installing a Network Interface Card Upgrading Printer Firmware Other Upgrades: 1. Hard drives, 2. Trays and Feeders, 3. Finishers

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