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Plants and Seeds Plants and Seeds Table of Content Terms What is a seed? What will you see in a see d?

Monocots &Dicots Seed parts Life cycle of plant Germination Steps Pictures of seeds and thei r parts Activities & Discussion Activity websites Terms Embryo

Plants and Seeds - developing plant still inside the seed. The embry o has cotyledons (embryonic leaves), a root cap, a food so urce and a plumule (shoot). Micropyle - the small pore in a seed that allows water abs orption Primary Root (hypocotyl) - the part of the stem of a spr outing plant that is above the root and below the stalk of t he cotyledon (seed leaves)

Seed coat (testa) - seed coat is the outer, protective lay er covering the seed embryonic leaves - the embryonic leaf within a seed Cotyledon- large part of embryo and the first leaf to grow and provides nourishment to the various parts of embryo d uring growth. Endosperm- The nutritive tissue within seeds of flowering plants, surrounding and absorbed by the embryo. Plants and Seeds

What is Seed? Seeds are the beginnings of a new plant. Fro m the seeds new plants grow; however, they do not start to grow until they receive the thin gs they need to grow, such as adequate soil, water and sunlight. When seed receive the thi ngs needed to grow, it is called germination. All seeds are different and unique and require different condition to germinate. However, mo

st seeds have three main parts in common; t he seed, coat, endosperm and embryo. Plants and Seeds What you will see in plants! Seed is very similar to eggs. Like eggs are covere d with eggshells for protection, seeds are covered

by a layer called seed coat. Inside the seed, ther e is something called endosperm, where food th at will used for seed to grow into plant is stored. A lso inside the seed there is an embryo, which is will grow into a plant. The embryo has the prima ry roots, cotyledons, and embryonic leaves. Addition to these structures you will also see Micr opyle, which is a small pore in a seed that allows water absorption during germination and growth. Plants and Seeds

Monocots & Dicots There are two types of seeds. All seeds a re one of the followi ng, monocots and di cots. Monocots seed s have only one cot yledon and dicots

seeds have two cot yledons. Other ways to distinguish between monocots and dicots Plants and Seeds Seed Parts-simple Plants and Seeds

Seed Parts-growth Plants and Seeds Seed Parts-Detail Plants and Seeds Life of a plant

The life of a plant begins as a seed. Within the seed is the embryo, endo sperm and the seed coat. The embryo is the developping plant, this is w hat will eventually become the fully mature plant. The endosperm is th e nutrient-rich tissue which provides nourrishement (food) for the develo pping embryo. Thirdly the seed coat is the tough outer covering of the s eed, the seed coat encloses and protects the embryo and endosperm. When the conditions are right (enough warmth, daylight, and water) ger

mination begins. That is the embryo will begin to grow. (Up until this poi nt it was dormant/ asleep). A root will grow out of the protective seed co at and search for water in the soil or environment. Then seed leaves pus h up from the soil which contain nurtients from the endosperm. Afterwar ds real leaves develop and begin to harness energy from the sun. As wel l, nutrients and water from the soil are absorbed by the roots and the pla nt develops until maturation (a fully grown plant). The fully mature plant will begin releasing seeds and the cycle begins ag

ain. Plants and Seeds Life cycle of a plant-Detail Germinatio n Steps 1) 2)

3) Plants and Seeds Water enters through the Micropyle and other c ondition for germination are meet. Causes the cells to start dividing and starch is tu rned into sugar. The sugar is used for growth Plants and Seeds

Activities and Discussion Plants and Seeds Introduction Look at the foll owing pictures

of seeds and c ome up with a w ay t o c a t e g o r i ze these seeds into groups an d discuss with the class how y ou came up wit h these catego ries. (e.g. mon ocots or dicots)

Plants and Seeds Peanuts Plants and Seeds PEA Plants and Seeds

GRASS SEED Plants and Seeds BEAN Plants and Seeds CORN Plants and Seeds

You can also test your friend if they know their seed parts, terms and life cycle!!!!!!!!!!! Plants and Seeds Other activities on In

ternet Games, pictures, facts and quizzes http://www.sciencekids Advanced plant info http://www.biology4kid n.html Easy games, Range of videos

m/Plants.htm Interactive website for

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