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Pegasus California School

Hinduism Followers: Hindus Adjective: Hindu (ex. Hindu book) Origin: 5000 BCE, India Mono/Poly/Non-Theistic?

Many, Many Gods! # of Followers today: 1 billion followers The Om as Symbol Hindu Deities The Trimurti: Brahma the creator god Vishnu the preserver/protector

Shiva Patron god of yoga, arts, and meditation; also known as the destroyer Hinduism - Philosophy Vedas Sacred writings. Includes four which goes over prayers, hymns, ritual rules, and spells The Rig Veda mentions yoga as a practice of Hinduism It has a meditative and spiritual core Focuses on both physical and mental strength building

How to Read the Vedas? The Upanishads was a book written around 600BCE Written as a dialog between teacher and student Hinduism - Terms Atman: Your own soul Brahman: The soul of every thing in the universe and the universe itself Moksha: Perfect understanding of the relationship between ones Atman and the Brahman; the end of the cycle

Hinduism - Terms Samsara: The cycle of reincarnation Reincarnation: Every living thing has a soul. When a living thing dies, its Atman moves to a new life to live again Karma: Good or bad points that determine where your Atman goes after death Dharma: Rules determining good/bad Karma Indian Caste System

Your karmic deeds determine where you go after Samsara Mostly Good Karma Mostly Bad Karma Why does religion benefit those in power? Pilgrimages Hindus practice their faith by making a

Pilgrimage (travelling to holy sites) The Kumbh Mela are festivals that are held every three years in different locations Followers bathe in the sacred/holy rivers of the Ganges, the Yamuna, the Godavari, and the Shipra

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    What is Reader Response? How we react to a piece of literature as we read it through our own lenses, or through different ones in particular. Readers determine the meaning of literature. Every person reading a piece of literature will...
  • Chapter One - Strongsville City Schools

    Chapter One - Strongsville City Schools

    Anatomy can be divided into gross and microscopic: Forms of Gross Anatomy. Surface anatomy - study of superficial marking. Regional anatomy - study of specific area. Systemic anatomy - study of system. Developmental anatomy - study changes from conception to...
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) for Government Agencies

    Earned Value Management (EVM) for Government Agencies

    What is Earned Value Management? Earned Value Management (EVM) is the systematic integration and measurement of cost, schedule, and technical (scope) accomplishments in a project or task. EVM provides both the government and its contractors the ability to examine detailed...
  • Learning Objectives Using Accounting Principles and Records Explain

    Learning Objectives Using Accounting Principles and Records Explain

    Journalize departmental purchases of merchandise on account using a purchases journal. Post merchandise purchases to an accounts payable ledger and a general ledger. Journalize departmental purchases returns and allowances. Journalizing and. Posting . Purchases and. Purchases Returns. Page 10
  • 「和平與恐怖主義」教材大綱 -

    「和平與恐怖主義」教材大綱 -

    貳、暴力的緣起與行動的邏輯 政治系統理論--- David Easton 相對剝奪理論--- Ted Robert Gurr 資源動員理論--- Charles Tilly 政治系統理論 當政治體系的輸出無法滿足需求時,不滿就產生,當不滿累積到一定程度時,就會有抗議、遊行 ...
  • Country Engagement

    Country Engagement

    Track progress and report on financial and policy commitments made at the Summit, linking with established accountability processes for the UN Secretary General's Every Woman Every Child strategy; Monitor and report on global and country progress toward the FP2020 Summit...
  • Induction Tasks Ensuring you have the best start

    Induction Tasks Ensuring you have the best start

    Practitioner Enquiry (assessment, behaviour management and supporting vulnerable groups) Task 2 (page 12) Child Study. Task 3 (page 16) Educational Values. This will involve collecting evidence from: your reading. documentation from settings and schools.
  • Nature of the Scientific Endeavor

    Nature of the Scientific Endeavor

    Position Statement Teaching through Inquiry is but one process to engage our students A powerful tool! Question strategies Resources Different styles Experienced vs. Novice Inquiry Inquiry: Chiappetta Inquiry-Based Science Asking questions, resolving discrepancies, figuring out patterns ...