PENS Lesson 4 -

PENS Lesson 4 -

PENS LESSON 4 Infinitives Quick Verbal Practice PENS Steps ARK Steps Five Requirements for a complete sentence Definition for a verb Definition for an action verb Examples of action verbs Definition for a linking verb

The linking verbs (9) Definition for a subject Examples of subjects Advance organizer In the last lesson, we talked about finding linking verbs and subjects in a sentence. You wrote some sentences containing linking verbs, and you checked those sentences. Advance organizer

Purpose of todays lesson Expectations Learn how to mark out words you may mistake for the main verb so that you can find the real verb in every sentence SLANT

Take notes M part of Search and Check Cue Card #8 What is an imposter? The M part is Mark out imposters.

In sentences imposters are words that we might mistake for the real verb or the real subject of the sentence We are going to mark out the imposters, so we dont make a mistake when we search for the verb or the subject of the sentences.

Infinitives Madonna likes to sing. Infinitives Cue Card #8 An infinitive is usually made up of two words: the word to and a verb. It is the purest form of a verb before it

is changed in any way to go with a subject. Usually two words: to + action verb Madonna likes to sing. Examples of infinitives

To + action verb = infinitive To eat To paint To want To run Search and Check Step

Emily loves to ride horses Mark out imposters Ask the verb question Root out the subject Key in on the beginning, ending, and meaning.

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