Perception - Personal Pages - Denison University

Perception - Personal Pages - Denison University

Perception Perception Definition Perception The organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information to understand the environment. Gestalt Psychology Max Wertheimer: 1880 1943 Kurt Koffka: 1886 1941

Wolfgang Khler: 1887 1967 Gestalt Psychology Gestalt Psychology The whole is different than the sum of the parts. Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Grouping include

similarity, proximity, good continuation. Figure Ground / Reversible Figures

Illusory Figures Perceptual Constancy Perceptual Constancy The perception of an object or quality as unchanging despite

changes in the proximal stimulus. http://

Perceptual Constancy Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Top-Down Process Knowledge Driven

Requires information beyond the stimulus Bottom-Up Stimulus Driven Relies entirely on the neural response to stimulation

Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Top-Down vs Bottom-Up

Visual Neuroscience: What / Where Dorsal Pathway Where

Ventral Pathway What The Binding Problem

The Binding Problem - How is neural activity from different brain regions combined to give a coherent perceptual experience?

The Binding Problem: Neural Synchrony Unconscious Inference Unconscious Inference The phenomenon

that occurs when ones statistical knowledge of the environment alters the perception of proximal stimulation, without effort on the part of the perceiver. Unconscious Inference From Wiki The second card from the left seems to be a stronger shade of pink in the top picture. In fact they are the same color,

but the brain changes its assumption about color due to the color cast of the surrounding photo.

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