Performance Assessment Assurances: Day 2 Opening

Performance Assessment Assurances: Day 2 Opening

Performance Assessment Assurances: Next Steps for Leading Deeper Learning in Virginia Day 2: Opening May 7-8, 2018 @Fredericksburg May 10-11, 2018 @Staunton June 4-5, 2018 @South Boston

June 7-8, 2018 @Abingdon The Why Student Voices Aiden Elementary student from Henry County, VA Listen to Aiden Welcome Back!

Learning Outcomes for Today Develop an understanding of Virginia Common Rubrics in secondary history and third grade science by applying them to scoring student work Experience a scoring process that could be used with educators in local divisions

Learn about the concept of a body of evidence in English writing Body of Evidence Kim Dockery, Christine Harris Virginia DOE Introduction to Common Rubrics Envision Learning Partners


See Day 2_Holistic Rubric Example COMMON ANALYTIC RUBRIC: LITERACY DESIGN COLLABORATIVE ARGUMENTATIVE WRITING RUBRIC (VERSION 2) See Day 2_Analytic Rubric Example LEARNING CENTERED DESIGN Analytic rubrics provide specific feedback to

students and teachers to inform revision COMMON ANALYTIC RUBRICS SEPTEMB ER 1 (Not Yet) NOVEMB

ER 1 (Not Yet) FEBRUAR MAY Y 2 3 (Approache

(Meets s Expectation Expectation s) s) The Why Student Voices Rubrics

Listen to Student discussing rubrics (from CCE) COMMON RUBRICS DISCIPLINARY TASK GENRES EXAMPLES ELA: Argumentative writing, Explanatory writing, Narrative writing, Research Science: Investigation, Design, Research

Mathematics: Modeling, Problem Solving History-Social Studies: Document-Based Questions, Research, Application of Concept Common Rubrics Other Task Genres COMMON RUBRICS, NOT TASK SPECIFIC

Support tracking student progress over time Provide consistency for students

Provide a unifying language that builds professional community ng i r

o Sc rics b Ru Pe rf e or Ta m sk an

s c Pil oti n g Per for ma

nc Ou e tco me s Performance Task Design Process Scoring

Virginia Elementary Science Grade 3 Science Laboratory Investigation Virginia Secondary History-Social Science History-Social Science

Standards of Learning Skills Progression Questions? Logistics Break-out Rooms (9:15 2:00) Elementary [location] Secondary [location]

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