Perseus -

Perseus -

PerseusThe Medusa slayer Hero Mythic HeroesCommon Traits Perseus: Miraculous birth, early threats Disinheritance and/or powerful enemy Quest(s) impossible tasks requiring strength and courage, really a search for their identity

Helpers often divine Warrior mentality Inability to manage women Difficulty controlling passions Egocentricity The Heroic Journey: Why did King Acrisius of Argos want to get rid of his daughter Danae? Priestess

at Delphi told the King that Danaes son (later known as Perseus) would kill him. Acrisius built an underground chamber and imprisoned Danae in it to avoid his fate. While in the chamber, Zeus visits and fathers Perseus. He is a demiGod. When discoveredsets Danae and Who Rescues Danae and Perseus?

Dictys (fisherman) and his wife rescue Perseus and Danae and care for them for many years raising Perseus as his own child Polydectes (Dictys evil King brother) sets his eye on marrying Danae. Wants to get rid of

Perseus first. The impossible task King Polydectes gives Perseus an impossible task of bring a gift for the wedding celebration to get rid of him. Perseus was poor, and could not afford a gift. King Polydectes asks for Gorgons head as a wedding gift. Not an easy

taskGorgons are winged, dragonlike women with snakes for hair whose gaze turns mortals to stone. The Impossible Task Perseus promise to obtain the Gorgons head delights King Polydectes because he was certain that Perseus would not be able to return from this quest.

The god Hermes and goddess Athena helped Perseus every step of the way. Hermes and Athenas gifts: Heroes never achieve things alone Hermes gave Perseus a sword

strong enough to pierce the scales of a Gorgon Athena gave Perseus her own shield. The shild could be used as a mirror and

enable Perseus to see the Gorgon without actually looking at it and avoid being turned to stone Other helpers-- Gray Women and Nymphs of the North Perseus

went to the three Gray women and took the one eye they shared and would not give it back until they told him how to find the nymphs of the North. Perseus found the nymphs and from them he obtained winged sandals to help him fly and a magic wallet that would shrink or expand to hold whatever was placed in it. Also an invisibility cap to make him invisible.

Slaying Medusa The Questaccomplished The Underworld: Persus went to the Gorgons home. With Hermes and Athenas help, he slays Medusa by beheading her.

Then he uses the magical cap given to him by the dieties becomes invisible and Escapes with Medusas head The Return Home: On the way back to Greece w/Medusas head, Persus lands in Ethiopia (Africa) and finds Princess Andromeda chained near

the sea waiting to be devoured by the sea serpent. The serpent had been eating Ethiopians to punish Andromedas mom (Queen Cassiopeia) for saying Andromeda was more beautiful Perseus saves the dayhe rescues Andromeda and cuts off

the serpents head with Hermes sword. Takes Andromedas handto marry her. Returns to Seriphos Perseus saves Andromeda The Return Home Perseus returns home changed.

He discovers that Danae and Dictys were hiding from King Polydectes who was angry because Danae refused to marry him. Perseus kills Polydectes and his men at a banquet with the head of Medusa. He turns them to stone. Perseus frees his friendsmakes Dictys king of Seriphos. A Prophesy fulfilled: Persus

went to Larissa in N. Greecein some stories city of Argos. Enters a discus-throwing contest Unknown to him, King Acrisiushis Grandfather, was there watching the event. Entirely by accident, Perseus kills Acrisius with a discus that he threw off course. LESSON:You can never escape your fate!

The new movie: Clash of the Titans vs. the real story of Perseus: What are the key differences? Perseus Clash Titans of the

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