Philippine Drama

Philippine Drama

Philippine Drama Before the Spanish period, the early forms of the Philippine drama were the duplo and the karagatan. *Duplo was a poetical debate held by trained men and women in the ninth night, the last night of the mourning period for the dead. Bellacos male participants, they are

the heads of the games. *Karagatan was also a poetical debate like the duplo, but its participants were amateurs. >> Both were held in the homes. >>Theme: was all about a ring that fell into the sea. 1598- The first recorded drama was staged in Cebu.

>> It was a Comedia written by Vicente Puche and was perfomed in honor of Msgr. Pedro de Agurto, Cebus first bishop. 1609- Eleven year after, another stage play portraying The Life of Santa Barbara was staged in Bicol. Three kinds of plays:

1. Cenakulo It was a very heavy drama shown in relation to the life sacrifices and death of Jesus Christ. It is like a passion play presented and celebrated during the month of March or April depending the exact date of the Holy week Two kinds of presentations: The Ablada (oral) Kantada (song)

*Several versions of Cenakulo: The Tagalog, Iluko, Kapampangan, Bikol and Bisayan Version. *The Cenakulo is divided into several parts, one part for each night of the Holy Week. Each performance lasts from 3-4hours. In Malibay, Pasay for instance, the entire Cenakulo cycle starts with the creation and ends with resurrection

Cenakulo 2. Moro-moro It is a cloak and dagger play depicting the was between the Christians and the Muslims with the

Christians always on the winning side. Fr. Jeronimo Perez wrote the first moro-moro and was staged in Manila in 1637, to commemorate Governor General Consueras victory over the Muslims of Mindanao. >> it becomes the favorite play of the people, especially during the town fiestas. Moro-moro

3. Zarzuela it is a melodrama with songs and dances that have a three in one act play. It is intended to make the mass feeling towards love, fear, grief, sorrow or any emotional reactions sublime. >it sometimes shows the political and social conditions of our country.

>the musical part of the zarzuela has given much opportunity for creativity and appreciation of the audience until the revolt in Cavite in the year 1872. >it is played by 20-25 professional zarzuela artists (actors, actresses and extras) >the Zarzuela is a musical

comedy. Zarzuela Junto Al Pasig (beside the Pasig) A zarzuela written by Jose Rizal and it was staged at the Ateneo de Manila on December 8, 1880 on the occasion of the celebration of the Feast Day of the Immaculate

Conception (Patron saint of the College) >Zarzuelas was nationalistic in theme and plot. Popular Zarzuelas among masses: Pagibig sa Lupang Tinubuan ( Love for Native Land) by Pascual Poblete Tanikalang Ginto (Gold Chain) by Juan

Abad Malaya (Free) by Tomas Remigio Kahapon, Ngayon at at Bukas (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) by Aurelio Tolentino Walang Sugat (Not wounded) by Severino Reyes Poblete and Tolentino: two of the most nationalistic zarzuela writers were put in jail. 1905-1930:

The Golden Age of the Zarzuela in the Philippines. ( Fernandez, D. 1978) Organization of the Zarzuela Foundation of the Philippines by Ms. Imelda R. Marcos and Mr. Teodoro F. Valencia. The Rationale of this foundation is hopefully to create a mass base of support for the zarzuelas all over the country. > The foundation successfully revived one of the pre-war zarzuela favorites, Walang

Sugat 1902 by Severino Reyes in Street Dramas: Moriones the Morion Festival is a Lenten ritual that is colorful as it is unique. It is celebrated every Holy week in Marinduque. Morion means mask or visor which is the top part of the Medieval Roman armor covering the face. It is this mask carved from dapdap wood that is the Focal point

of the Moriones celebration. Moriones Mask Festival Pugutan ceremony is the climax of the Morion festival held at noon of Easter Sunday. It is held on the dried river bed outside Boac. Longinus who at the time of Pilate

drove his spear into the side of Jesus Christ as he hung from the cross. -When Christ resurrected, He was the first one to proclaim his Divinity. >>Men participate in this ritual and go about the streets of Marinduque as Morions. >> They perform this as an act of Penance of thanksgiving for some favor granted in Ati-atihan

Ati-atihan is a pagan ritual, which has become an annual affair that the natives look forward to with great expectation. It is the most extravagant fiesta in the Philippines celebrated in Kalibo, Aklan

every 3rd Sunday of January in honor of the Infant Jesus. Ati-atihan derived its name from Atis, the aboriginal Negritos of the area in the Visayas. Hala Bira! Hala Bira! This resonant cry fills the air as the people of Kalibo gyrate through the streets in a hypnotized mass of dancing and

shaking. Feet stomping, hands clapping, bongos beating and ears ringing all sound out the rhythmic beat of the Ati-atihan. The festival was later dedicated to the Santo Nio because of the victories won by the Spaniards in Kalibo against the Muslim attacks

when they were forced to abandon Mindanao. The people of Aklan celebrate the atiatihan dressed in outlandish costumes and get-ups. This native mardi-gras finds the participants dressed in improvised attires of feathers, coconut shells and palm fronds, as they imitate in their own way the garish tribal costumes of the Atis. The merrymaker throw their inhibitions to the

wind as they prance about in gay abandon for 3 consecutive nights. The Modern Philippine Drama -The modern Philippine drama/stage play was rejuvenated upon the establishment of the Repertory Philippines in June of 1967 which was founded by Zeneida Bibot Amador and Baby Barredo. Repertory

- Philippines In its 30years of existence it has become the countrys leading theater company, keeping abreast of new materials and demanding outstanding performance from its extraordinary talents.

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