Photo Album - Glencoe Elementary School

Photo Album - Glencoe Elementary School

Accelerated Reader Questions and Answers For Parents What is Accelerated Reader? Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program. Students read a book and then take a test about the book on the classroom computer. Why should my child be encouraged to read books for A. R. ? Research indicates one of the greatest influences upon a students growth as a reader and their

success in school is the amount of text or words the student reads. Simply stated, the more words per day a student reads, the better reader the student becomes. A.R. allows students to read a large amount of text that is self-selected and at a desirable reading level. How do students begin participating in the Accelerated Reading Program? All students participate in the Accelerated Reading Program as soon as they are able to read. Every classroom is equipped with computers and books for students to read.

Every classroom visits the school library once weekly. Students can also check out books during the school day. Where do we find A.R. books? Many books in our library have tests in the A.R. program. The school library is filled with A.R. books that are labeled with a red dot on the spine. Classrooms have many books that are tested. How are students placed in levels or reading zones?

A.R. is part of a larger program called Renaissance Learning, which has other applications besides tests on books. In order to be placed within a reading zone, students take a reading test called the STAR Test, on the computer. A Placement Report from the STAR test sets a reading zone for each student. The reading zone refers to the reading level of books. The STAR Placement report will place students in a zone using two numbers. For example, if a students reading zone is 2.3 -2.8, the student will select books that are leveled as 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, or 2.8. The zone indicates a comfortable reading level for a student where they should thrive. How do I find a book in my zone? Most A.R. books are labeled with

their reading level. The library has printed lists of all books in particular zones. Classroom libraries are sometimes organized according to the reading level of books. A.R. B.L: 2.2 means the A.R. book level is 2.2. Students receive guidance from the Librarian and classroom teachers about how to locate books in their

reading zone. What are A.R. Points? Every time a student passes an A.R. test with at least 60% correct, the program awards points. Most picture books are worth point or .5. Chapter books have varying point values. Who goes to the A.R. party? Each grade level has a minimum points goal set for each nine weeks. Students in that grade level must earn the minimum number of points AND have at least an 85% average. A.R. Point Goals 2011-2012

Grade 1st 9 weeks 2nd 9 weeks 3rd 9 weeks 4th 9 weeks 4 16

21 22 22 3 12 16

18 20 2 10 16 18 18

1 5 10 12 15 How can parents monitor student progress in Accelerated Reader?

Parents can register online for Renaissance Home Connect. Ask your childs teacher for information about how you can sign up for this service. Parents can even receive email notifications. Home Connect This is an example snapshot of Home Connect online. How can parents help students with Accelerated Reader? 1. Sign up for Home-Connect so you can always be informed about your childs progress with Accelerated Reader. 2. Read with your child. 3. Discuss the book your child is currently reading. Ask questions about

the plot, characters, setting, and major events. 4. Be sure to let your child see you reading for pleasure.

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