. Photo Commanding Officer Headquarters & Support Battalion ...

. Photo Commanding Officer Headquarters & Support Battalion ...


Ref: General Amos Planning Guidance of 2010;
BGen Coglianeses Philosophy of Leadership dated January 2012
1. It is truly an honor & pleasure to serve with such a talented group of Professionals- -my first
month as your Commanding Officer has been really terrific.I wish I could be in more than one
place at a time in order to enjoy it more! It is quite apparent to me that you all know your role
within H&S BN; we will continue to ensure others also understand their respective role(s),
especially when it comes to being prudent stewards of the American taxpayers hard earned dollars. Thus, I plan to continue
observing, learning, and supporting all of you in your endeavors- -both professional and personal- -while we train and support highly
motivated Marines, Sailors, and Federal employees who are prepared to deploy anywhere in the world to execute our Commander-inChiefs policies.
2. We all know the Corps has existed for nearly 237 years on certain, simple basic principles and I have incorporated many of them into
the way I approach each daythe following lists some of those concepts:
Support & Defend the Constitution of the United States of America; Core Values; Rewarding Brilliance;
Traits & Principles; First to Fight; Nice & Important; PME=both On & Off Duty to include
Reading Books off of the USMC List;
KISS, BAMCIS, SMEAC; Chain of Command; Trust & Confidence; Healthy
Lifestyle=Mentally/Physically/Morally Fit; An Honest
Days Work For An Honest Days Pay while having Fun; 7Ps; Mentoring; Professionalism & Patriotism; Observing & Respecting our
Customs, Courtesies, History, &
Traditions while upholding our Reputation & Legacy; Force Preservation; Marines Dont Do
That; Family Readiness=Operational Readiness; The Golden Rule
3. My goal, obligation, & responsibility demands that I afford everyone under my charge the opportunity to become a better person
and be more competitive for promotion and/or retention within the Federal Government. Simply stated, that means living up to the
high standards that the American public expects out of its Corps and those that serve with us. From what Ive seen here within H&S
Battalion, we have future GS15s, future Sergeants Major & Master Gunnery Sergeants, future Warrant Officers & CWO5s; future 2ndLts
and even a future H&S Battalion Commanding Officer- -that is how confident I am in the abilities, capabilities, and talents I have seen
exhibited in our command. A former Commandant once stated that all Marines should leave the Corps a better person physically,
mentally, and especially one of good morals/character--some would call this the spiritual aspect--then when they initially entered The
Finest Fighting Force the World has ever known! I believe this also applies to every member of this Battalion. Thus, we also need to
be constantly vigilant for when a person/section/unit is really good it can be easy to get lured into complacency. This is when sexual
assaults, vehicle mishaps, alcohol/drug/family abuse, financial irresponsibility, DUIs/DWIs, suicides, etcetera can rear its ugly head
so therefore we will use the four indicators of a good unit as our guide: morale, proficiency, discipline, and Esprit de Corps. We must
challenge ourselves and each other while at the same time not becoming arrogant/too proud/too high & mighty but instead take
care of each other by keeping what we do realistic & positive.
4. Per the 2 references, we all know that the United States Marine Corps Makes Marines & wins our great Nations battles! We also
know that the two basic objectives of Marine Corps leadership are to ACCOMPLISH THE MISSION--effectively, efficiently, economically,
equitably, and ethically--while TAKING CARE OF MARINES AND THEIR FAMILIES....this does not mean coddling, pampering, or abusing
them. Thus, we shall provide the very best support possible to the Operational Forces- -the Warfighters- -while ensuring that each of
us retains the ethos of Every Marine is a Rifleman. Part of the way we shall do this is to train for tomorrows battles today while at
the same time doing away with the zero defects/micromanagement mentality by empowering Marines to the lowest level to make
positive and timely decisions. As SgtMaj Lewis G. Lee (the 13th SgtMaj of the USMC) used to say, It is not easy being a good Marine but
we owe it to this great Country of ours to give it our best. I find myself truly Blessed and very humbled that I have been given this
fantastic opportunity to serve with top-notch people since it is you all working together as a team the constitutes our beloved Corps
most precious asset. I am eagerly looking forward to the next couple of years of this AWESOME tour where together we will make a
difference in the future of our Corps, our great Nation, and the entire world, OOh Rah!
Semper Fidelis and may GOD continue to Bless the United States of America!

Michael E. Cordero
Colonel Michael E. Cordero, USMC

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