Physical Geography of Europe

Physical Geography of Europe

Introduction to Eastern Europe and Siberia Objectives On a blank map, identify Siberia, the Urals, the Carpathians, and the Black Sea. Describe the climate differences between Eastern and Western Europe, and between Eastern Europe and Siberia. Describe the population differences between Eastern and Western Europe, and between Eastern Europe and Siberia. Describe where hard borders and soft borders are in Eastern Europe. Describe how the lack of hard borders have affected Eastern Europes history. Name the majority language group / ethnic group of Eastern Europe.

Identify the two alphabets used in Eastern Europe. Terms and Places The Urals is the mountain range that divides European Russia from Siberian Russia. Siberia is the vast, cold, underpopulated region east of the Urals. Danube River runs through or borders more countries than any other river. Black Sea is the largest sea in Eurasia. Carpathians are a U-shaped mountain range in East Europe.

Cyrillic Alphabet is used by several Eastern Europe countries. Part 1: Location and Physical Geography This region is bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean It is bordered on the west by Western Europe. Ba Se

c i lt hi t W e It is bordered on the east by the Pacific Ocean. a Se

a S ian sp Ca ea a Se tic ria Ad Black Sea

It is bordered on the southwest by the Moslem world. It is bordered on the southeast by the Orient. S ian sp Ca Black Sea

Ura l Mo unta ins Siberia is also known for its wildlife. The region east of the Ural Mountains is called Siberia. ea Siberia is rich in timber and minerals, but it is extremely cold.

This pipeline carries natural gas from Siberia to Europe. Ura l Mo unta ins Most of the population is west of the Ural Mountains Part 2: What are Eastern Europes Outstanding Features?

s n i a l P t a e r G ed s s o

r c rs e v i r with Part 2: What are Eastern Europes Outstanding Features? The Danube runs

through or along more countries than any other river. The two most important rivers in Eastern Europe are the Danube and the Volga. The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea. The Black Sea is the largest sea in Eurasia.

The Black Sea forms one of the borders between Europe and Asia. The Black Sea tends to be saltwater in its deeper parts and fresh water toward the surface. Black Sea Saltwater flow in from the Mediterranean, and fresh water from Europes rivers. The Carpathian

Mountains are a fishhook shaped range in Eastern Europe. This rugged area still has bears and wolves, which have vanished from most of Europe. Part 2: Climate sirocco siroc co siro

cco Eastern Europe doesnt get the warm winds from Africa, like Spain, Italy, and Greece. Eastern Europe isnt warmed by the Gulf Stream either. The western parts of northern Europe get warmth from the Gulf Stream waters.

Eastern Europe is colder than Western Europe! Part 3: Borders; Political Groups Hard borders like mountains, seas, and wide rivers are mostly on Eastern Europes edges. The interior of Eastern Europe has soft borders. These

are difficult to defend. Repeatedly, armies have rolled right across them. Political boundaries These northern countries each have coastline on the Baltic Sea. Each of these countries has become members of the EU. Baltic States Unlike Western Europe,

Eastern Europe is dominated by one giant country Russia. Poland No rth Ca rpa thia ns Adriatic Balkans

Russia Belarus and Ukraine and Moldova Some people in each of these three countries want to stay close to Russia. Some people in each of these three countries wants to move closer to the EU. Blacklandlocked These

Sea of Eastern nations This was a single Balkans Europe that once are People in these two nation called Yugoslavia, now members of

countries are poor and but it had a brutal civil the EU. live traditional lives with war and broke littleup. technology. The EU, originally in Western Europe, is spreading further into

East Europe. Part 4: Human Geography Moscow is by far the largest city of Eastern Europe. Moscow The population of Eastern Europe is low when compared to western

Europe. don n o L Paris Rome However, the population of Eastern Europe is high when

compared to Siberia. The majority of Eastern Europe is occupied by Slavic peoples. Their languages are similar and share many words. FinnoUgric Germanic

Slavic nic ma Ger Germanic Slavic Slavic Slavic Latin r

Hunga ian Latin Slavic Latin Greek Traditional Slavic clothing is colorful. Sometimes traditional Slavic clothing and uniforms include fur for the cold weather.

Traditional Slavic architecture includes the onion-shaped domes on church steeples and the unpainted country houses. English uses the Latin Alphabet. Some Eastern European nations use the Cyrillic Alphabet. Cyrillic

Alphabet Latin Alphabet Mixed Catholics In the western follow acountries, leader in Rome people called tendthe to

follow Pope.the Catholic religion; in the east, they tend to be Orthodox. Orthodox Christians use icons pictures or statues to help them Typically, the Pope has been Italian,worship. but in 1978 the Catholic church elected a Polish

pope John Paul II. He helped end Communist rule. Questions Borders Which correctly describes the physical geography of Eastern Europe? Mountains and seas are generally around its edges; interior borders tend to be easy to cross. The edge borders are easy to cross, but mountains and seas are form its interior borders.

What nation is by far larger than the others in Eastern Europe, both in size and population? Romania Poland Russia Ukraine Physical Geography Name the name of the vast, underpopulated portion of Russia in the east. Siberia

What separates Europe from Siberia? The Alps The Ural Mountains The North Sea The Mediterranean Which color map shows the correct location of the Ural Mountains? Name the longest river in Europe. The Volga The Dnieper The Danube The Rhine Physical Geography

Which is the Black Sea? Which are the Carpathian Mountains? Population Density Which area has the highest population? Which the least? Western Europe Highest Eastern Europe Medium Siberia lowest Which correctly describes how the

climate of Eastern Europe compares to Western Europe? Eastern Europes climate is colder than Western Europes. Eastern Europes climate is about the same as Western Europes. Eastern Europes climate is warmer than Western Europes. Name the largest city in Eastern Europe. Moscow Language and Customs What language group is by far the

majority in Eastern Europe? Germanic Slavic Latin Hungarian Which most correctly describes the religious connections of Eastern Europe? Eastern Orthodox and Muslim. Eastern Protestant and Catholic Eastern Protestant and Muslim Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Please read Cultures of Eastern Europe. World Studies: Europe and

Russia. Pearson-Prentice-Hall, 2005. pgs. 91-97. Complete questions at the end.

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