Planning a 2D Animation Sequence -

Planning a 2D Animation Sequence -

Planning a 2D Animation Sequence For the 1997 game Zork: Grand Inquisitor The Game I had to choose a game from the years 1985-2000 to advertise for a re-release. My original idea was to create an animation for the original Zork game, however Zork I was released in 1980, which of course was not in the release frame for the brief.

I decided to stick the idea of the Zork franchise as I had some good ideas for what to do in my animation. As I was looking down the list of releases of the Zork series, I decided to choose the last Zork game released which was the 1997 Zork: The Grand Inquisitor. I chose Zork: The Grand Inquisitor as it is a slightly different genre from the other games in the series, while it still has the adventure/fantasy roots like the other games, it is more of a point and click game, than a text

based adventure-as this game had actual graphics, rather than just text. Market Research Games sold in the US in 2014 This shows that Action/Adventure RPG's are relatively popular, and another game of this genre would be well received, so making an advertisement would

work. Since my chosen retro game is an RPG, Point and Click hybrid with action scenes with a fantasy setting, I personally think that it would hypothetically sell well if it was produced after my advertisement. RPG's are fourth with 9.5% of games sold.

Adventure Games are fifth with 6% of games sold Witcher 3-Wild Hunt, Game Awards 2015 "Game Of The Year" had 1.5 Million pre-orders and sold 4 Million in the first 2 weeks of being on sale. TellTale's-The Walking Dead, Season One

As of July 28, 2014, (just over 2 years after initial release) 28 million episodes have been Market Research From my primary research, I found out that role-playing games are extremely popular, and as the majority of people I surveyed were between the ages of 11 and 19, it is reasonable to assume that this age group enjoy Role-Playing Games. This works out well as the game is rated as a PEGI 12.

Concept Art Rough drawings for a sword that will be used in my advert, while these are rough sketches it gives the basic idea of the use. It will be animated and composited over the live action. Rough sketches for a 'Zorkmid" the currency in the game, much like "gold" in other games. While these are rough, uncoloured sketch it will be remade and colored and composite over live action. A rough sketch of a lantern that will be used in my animation. Storyboard

Sound Ideas There will be medieval-style music in the background. There will be many sound effects in my advertisement as well, such as weapons clashing, fire burning and footsteps that add depth to the animation. I will use programs such as GarageBand and Adobe Audition to record and edit sounds.

Character Design and Backgrounds There will not be a main character in the animation to link back to the game, as you play as yourself (referenced in the game as "AFGNCAAP"which stands for "Ageless, Faceless, Gender-Neutral, Culturally Ambiguous Adventure Person". Because of this, the animation will be viewed at a first person angle. The backgrounds will be mainly live action, at a field, a woods, and in a building. There will however be small amounts of animated parts in the backgrounds Any Questions?

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