PMP Certification Introduction - Project management

PMP Certification Introduction - Project management

PMP Certification Introduction Copyright [email protected] Rebus Business PMP Agenda / Outline

PMP Introduction (About PMP) PMBOK 5th Edition Project and Strategic planning Initiating Project Planning Projects Executing Project Controlling and Validating Projects Closing the Projects Contact Hours (35 professional development units) Quiz and Seminars Real time Project management Guide Application Assistance PMI Membership Assistance PMP Renewal process Assistance About PMP PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is the credibility offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) as it is

one of the most popular certifications today. This credential is globally recognized and demanded, providing you with the competitive edge necessary in today's global economy. The course allows project managers to be ready to meet any complex projects globally. PMI offers a comprehensive certification program for project practitioners of all industries and to their skill set. It helps you get ahead of others and provides a technical and financial edge. The PMP exam recognizes demonstrated knowledge and skill in leading and directing project teams and in delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget, and resources. The course exhibit your PMP skill set to your employer, peers & customers and its certification made aspirants standalone in the market. PMBOK 5th Edition

PMBOK Body of Project Management Knowledge Recognized Standard for Project Management Describe and established Norms, Methods, Process and Practices 47 project Management Process 5 process groups 9 knowledge Areas Refresh every 3 years PMBOK 5th edition current version updated in July 2013 Best Guide for PMP Exam developed by PMI.ORG (Project Management Institute)

Initiation of Project Project Initiation is the pre-process of the project managers and Decision making team to establish the projects. In this stage, Organization examined the detailed information about process requirement that is submitted by Project management team. Once all the process is evaluated by the Organization head it could be go to next stage. Planning in Projects Project planning is the process of project management team draws the detailed plan (writing / Outlining) to execute the project. This is very important step to be handling carefully with high priority. If there is any problem with this plan, it could be affect whole project and team. In this Process, Project handling Heads derive the requirement, budget, and time (Deadline) of the project. Schedule of the project is

developed after when project plan is executed. Resources is depends on the Schedule and budget of the project. This is the most important Phase for Cost and effort of projects. Executing Projects Project execution process is the step done after all the documents prepared to execute the process of project. Team members in the project have some own assignment to complete the project in the deadline. All the process is done through the derived schedule of the project management team. Closing the Project Once project is finished successfully, this is the time to submit the project with client. After that, client evaluates and performs some testing with the project as his requirement and quality. Once it is evaluated, client approved the outcome of the projects.

Then, project management team closes the project. Controlling and Validating In the project controlling and validating process, project managers track the project workflow and compare it to prederived Schedule to check the process status. In this process project managers have prepared some additional documents to drive the project to success, if there is any problems arise. In this stage, project managers could adjust the schedule in case if any modifications need for the projects (like resources, process or Timeline) on tracking as we discussed above. But if the Modification needs to adjust the budget means it could lead big problem with the organization that managing the project. Because the budget is pre planned to get the project from client. So the project managers have some additional plan for Budget to be handled carefully in the projects. Professional Development Unit

PDUs refer professional development units that are offered by your employers. Its depend on your skills, knowledge and experience with managing project and activities. PDUS vary in size and delivery and designed to fit around your work pattern to meet specific requirement with employers need. Many units allow you to draw on experience and expertise from your workplace and elsewhere, and can be delivered at your place of work, at the university, or via distance learning. Benefits of PMP This thorough hands-on PMP certification gives you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while giving your client the product they expect. If you are an experienced project manager looking to solidify your skills, stand out to your employers and maximize your potential, this course is the right choice for you.

Learn closely with the trainers, able to elucidate the doubts during the break hours Analyze, manage and communicate with all project stakeholders. Estimate, plan and allocate resources to a project. Prepare and manage a project schedule and budget and how to manage project risks. To establish and execute an effective project monitoring and control process.

Identify client expectations and needs; pre-plan and initiate a project. Develop a work breakdown structure for a project and use it to build an accurate schedule. Be able to monitor, control and close projects. Identify human resources required to develop roles and responsibilities. Perform a thorough risk assessment. Define and manage quality. Communicate with clients and other stakeholders. Negotiate and manage contracts. Who Should Attend If you are looking to solidify your skills, stand out to your employers and maximize your potential, this course is the right choice for you. Some of the indicative profiles that are a target audience for this training are:

Project Managers/Leaders Program Managers Project Coordinators Delivery Managers Project Analysts Project Consultants Project Stakeholders IT Managers Technical Managers

QA Analysts Technical Head Project Directors Application assistance and fee Rebus Application assistance for Examination after / before completing the course. For new applicant of PMP certification, professionals need to get 35 PDUS from attending the course offered by PMP Global R.E.P. You can find Institution through web and also with

website. But you would analyze the best PMP PDUS course provider at lowest price. Rebus business solutions benefits and fee details for PMP Course. Fee depends on Country, for USA Starting from $ 1199, for Australia SF 1990 AUD, For India Rupees SF RS 10,000 (Visit Rebus business solutions for more Details.) Canada Starting from CAD 1199 PMP Renewal Process To maintain the PMP certification is very less effort than earn PMP certification. If you a have a PMP in your hand you can open more doors with your hand.

Report appropriate amount of PDU units Application need to be complete for renewal process Reaffirm PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and PMI Certification Application/Renewal Agreement. Submit the Payment for Renewal process. Thank You !!

Rebus Business solutions (Globally approved educational Provider for PMI and Prince2 Project management.) 45,700 Candidates trained Globally Conduct CAPM Course for Beginners who want to start career with project management Corporate and Classroom Boot camp Training Corporate Office: United states: 7950 NW 53rd Street, Suite 337 Miami, Florida 33166. Tel Number: 305-290-3747. India: Padmini Complex, 1st Main road, Adyar, Chennai. Phone: +91 917-666-6426 Australia: Rebus Business Solutions & vCare Project Management Pty Ltd L12, 95 Pitt Street, Australia Square Plaza, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel Number: 02 8520 3328 Website:

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