Poetry Analysis Using TPCASTT - Cedar Grove High School

Poetry Analysis Using TPCASTT AP Literature Getting Started This is a process to help you organize your analysis of poetry. We have already learned the vocabulary,

now its time to put it into practice! Together, we are going to analyze To Have Without Holding using TPCASTT. You have a note sheet that looks like this Add your analysis of To Have Without Holding to this sheet!

T is for TITLE Analyze the title first. What do you predict this poem will be about? Write down your predictions. We will reflect on the title again after we have read the poem.

The next step is often omitted, but it is the most important!!!! READ THE POEM!!!! P is for PARAPHRASE Paraphrasing is

putting something in your own words. After reading the poem, rewrite it in your own words. This may be three sentences or a page, depending on the

particular poem. C is for CONNOTATION Analyze the figures of speech and sound effects of the poem. These are the poetry vocabulary we have

already studied. These elements add to the meaning. A is for ATTITUDE Tone is the attitude of the speaker toward the subject of the poem.

S is for SHIFT If there is a change in Time Tone Speaker This should always

be noted as this will also affect the meaning. T is for TITLE (again) At this time, you should reconsider the title. Were you right in your predictions?

What other meanings might the title have in light of your analysis? Next, the biggie. T is for THEME As you already know, theme is the general insight into life conveyed by the author through his/her work.

It does not make a judgment. example: Dont do drugs is not a theme. It merely states something that is true to life and the human condition. How do I find the THEME? Look at the other parts of TPCASTT.

What insight are all of these working together to convey? What is the poet trying to say about life?

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