Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history. -- Plato

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history. -- Plato

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history. -- Plato Seen/ been Types of Rhyme Internal rhyme-an individual line of poetry contains one or more words that rhyme. Use for emphasis or additional unity Rhyme Scheme the pattern of rhyming words within a given stanza or poem; identified with a letter of the alphabet. Ask: Is rhyme scheme germane to the effect or meaning of a poem.

Near Rhyme Onomatopoeiamurmur WHY USE IT? Slant Rhyme (n): When the end words of two lines of poetry share a similar sound but do not rhyme in the traditional sense (known as full or perfect rhyme). Sam Am Ham Use of Repetition

Alliteration-repetition of initial sounds; intensify effects, add weight to an idea, makes verse easier to remember. James Thomson's verse "Comedragging the lazy languid line along." Consonancerepetition of consonants within a line or at the end of words. Used to create subtle harmonies. Ex: "some mammals are clammy; odds and ends; struts and frets; a.k.a. Dissonance, Half rhyme, and Oblique Rhyme (or Slant Rhyme) --rhyme in which either the vowels or the consonants of stressed syllables are identical, as in eyes, light; years, yours. Assonance- repetition of similar vowel sounds; can be used to create near, or slant, rhyme. EX: earth and hearth Example: The plate was shapely and well-made.

Meter and Rhythm Iam bic Pen tam ete r= 5 ia mb s pe r lin e or 10 s ylla

b les. SHA K ESP E AR E Roughly 90% of poems in English use iamb Cute little song Scansion. (uh, goot gawd) the process of analyzing meter What is it good for? Meter contributes to the poems meaning, structure, tone, and effect Irene is an iamb

Tanya is a trochee Sue-Ann is a spondee Deborah is a dactyl Antoinette is an anapest Caesura, Enjambment, End-Stop Its an internal pauseusually indicated by a period, semicolon, dash, or other punctuation. EndStopped CLASS Enjambment, often called run-on, is indicated by an absence of punctuation and eliminates the need for pause. Dont stop reading until you see punctuation! Free Verse

While Ezra Pound is largely credited with starting the free verse poetry movement that created more relaxed style requirements and eliminated the wide-spread use of formal poetry, there are still plenty of aficionados out there who firmly believe that all poetry should rhyme. These are ten of the reasons they use to support their argument, and reasons why some believe that rhyming poetry is far superior to its free-verse brethren. Do poems have to rhyme? Is Free Verse r eally poetry? Is "The Red Wheelbarrow" a poem? Blank Verse

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