Poetry Revision - St Cuthbert Mayne GCSE English

Poetry Revision - St Cuthbert Mayne GCSE English

Poetry Revision Cousin Kate and Hitcher Today

Beth Burnard Sara K Emily Smith Rhiannon Blackburn-Roberts Kassandra Brunner

Ben H Brandon S Damian G Yesterday

Beth Burnard Sara K Emily Smith

Rhiannon Blackburn-Roberts Kassandra Brunner Damian G Amie S-D Sophie G Alyce Mears Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti

When do you think this poem was written? Voice Who is the voice? What is the tone of the voices speech? Imagery Find an example of an image used in the poem

that has a powerful effect on the audience He wore me like a golden knot, / He changed me like a glove possession, not a person, knot trapped, item you wear, superficial, glove changeable, not important to him He bound you with his ring got married, bound protected, secure Language Choice

Is there any language that is particular to the STYLE of the poem? Poem slightly ballad-like: woe etc Is there any language that helps to particularly CHARACTERISE the VOICE? Language Features Rhetorical questions Why. Why Repetition, Demanding emphasise confusion, anguish

my shame, my pride antithesis, shameless, shameful could both be negative, meaning ambiguous who might have been a dove symbolises purity Biblical, white colour of purity / virginity good and pure repetition, emphasising Cousin kates virtuous nature, - these qualities are very important

Rhyme and Rhythm What rhyming patterns are present? Every other line rhymes What kind of rhythm does this create? Balad / Songlike What is the effect of this rhyming pattern? Why has it been used? - Helps to emphasise the comparison between the two women read lines as couplets eg contrast between dust and gold , me and you repeated to highligh

comparison Form and Structure What structure does it have? Narrative structure story-like, beginning / middle / end Past to present All the way through the poem, negative about comparing herself to kate However, at the end yet change because she has

something kate will never have Last line warning about threat that still exists looking to the future, uneasy tension Hitcher by Simon Armitage Explore how Armitage presents his ideas about conflict and violence in Hitcher. Voice Imagery

Language features Rhyme and Rhythm Form and Structure Voice Casual voice you can walk from there bouncing off the kerb talks about violence in a very relaxed manner, use of black humour, mocking

east to west good earth mocking romantic lifestyle Imagery the ansaphone kept screaming personification, loud, screaming aggressive, confrontational. Could be metaphorical likely that voice FEELS as if messages are screaming at him may be angry, but also could be

demanding, or just a lot of them. Language features? Irony voice hitches a lift to car hire venue and then kills a hitchiker (subtle) not very self-aware / hypocritical? blowing in the wind, Hed said he liked the breeze. > Hitcher ends up with this happening as is pushed out of a car going at

speed Rhyme and Rhythm Occasional rhyme eg hired / fired verge kerb random and unexpected, doesnt seem like the voice planned this act much in advance Enjamebement used, over lines as well as stanzas reflects casual tone. Not new ideas on new lines / not organised. Represents

disorder of thought-flow. Doesnt have a new verse to chock with a sudden revelation. Form and Structure Tone, mood, conlcude!

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