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Populism - McGrath's Classroom - Home

Populism What was life like for the rich (think Rockefeller or Carnegie) during this period? How did that compare to the lives of ordinary people, especially in the West? Populism = politics that favors the common man over business/rich Did this come from a rich persons house or a poor persons?

Angry Farmers Problems Poor farmers felt cheated Railroad Rates Gold Standard Farmers didnt have much gold Low prices for farm goods Actions The Grange

Interstate Commerce Act Greenbackers Rise of Populism Angry Farmers came together as the Populist Party in 1892 election Candidate was James B. Weaver; 8.5% of the votes Really peaked in 1896; William Jennings Bryan earned Democratic nomination

Cross of Gold The Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum, a part-time farmer, wrote The Wizard of Oz as an allegory about the troubles of farmers Yellow Brick Road = Gold Standard Silver slippers (ruby in the movie) = Free Silver Dorothy = The American People

Scarecrow = Farmers Tin Man = Industrial Workers Cowardly Lion = William Jennings Bryan Tornado = Political upheaval of the 1890s Populism Today What is this cartoon about? What is the Occupy Wall Street movement? How has/will populism factor into the presidential election of 2016?

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