Positive Control Checks and Critical Assembly Check

Positive Control Checks and Critical Assembly Check

Positive Control Checks Critical Assembly Checks and other Check Lists Accidents with PCC as Contributor or Cause SGS 1-26: After maintenance, reinstalled elevator, did PCC, took off and augered in on tow fatal Failure: Elevator linkages hooked up backwards PCC Indicator: Control direction Jim Vincent 2

Accidents with PCC as Contributor or Cause (Contd.) LS-1: Flying along, aileron did not return from full deflectionpilot bailed out fine Failure: Bent pushrodrivet holding connector to pushrod caught on aircraft structure PCC Indicator: Pushrod inspection, binding (?) Jim Vincent 3

Accidents with PCC as Contributor or Cause (Contd.) Standard Cirrus: Did PCC2/3rds down the runway, glider finally pulled off ground by towplanepitched up, tow rope broke, glider rolled, dived inpilot dead Failure: Misconnected elevator PCC Indicator: Control throw, play in control, control deflection under load (?) Note: Recommend marking normal throws on full flying stabs Jim Vincent

4 Accidents with PCC as Contributor or Cause (Contd.) Standard Jantar: During PCC, left aileron pops off connector at full control deflection under light pressure Failure: Misconnected aileron PCC Indicator: Control deflection under load Jim Vincent 5 Accident Summary:

PCC Indicators Acciden Pushrod t Inspect 1-26 LS-1 Control Directio n Thro w Control Play Bin d Deflect Under Pressure

X X Cirrus ? X Jantar X ? X Jim Vincent 6 PCC Guidelines

Check pushrods for wear and damage before and during assembly Assistant at cockpit, PIC at control surface Thumb up on stick points to up control surface Start PCC at aileron and walk around If interrupted, redo that control One hand on control surface, other hand on wing trailing edge to stabilize Dont forget to lock spoilers Jim Vincent 7

Dont Damage the Glider Dont bang stick or control surfaces against the stops Use light pressure on control surface perhaps equal to weight of forearm Control surfaces and trailing edges are damaged easilyapply pressure with open hand to avoid point loads Apply pressure at control surface strong point typically near pushrod attach point

For elevator, one hand on left elevator, one hand on right elevator For spoilers, hold by spoiler plate, not spoiler capbe careful of your fingers Jim Vincent 8 Avoid Miscommunication by Using Relative Stick Position Move stick away from me Move stick towards me Move stick to center Hold

Good! Etc Jim Vincent 9 PCC Procedure: A Picture Tells a Thousand Words 1) Aileron Up 2) Aileron Up to Down 4) Aileron Down to Up Jim Vincent 5) Aileron Center

3) Aileron Down = Hand 10 PCC ProcedureThe Thousand Words (1) At full control deflectionput pressure on control surface in both directions (2) While moving control to opposite deflection

apply resisting pressure on control surface (3) At full control deflectionput pressure on control surface in both directions (4) While moving control to opposite deflection apply resisting pressure on control surface (5) Center controlput pressure on control surface in both directions Jim Vincent 11 Both PIC and Assistant are Equally Important Cross check each other Teach your assistant

Dont settle for less than what you want If helping someone else, teach them Jim Vincent 12 CAC Failure Examples After landing, pilot finds wing pin not installed On take off roll, elevator falls off pilot diesstab locking pin not

installed Rudder jamspilot clears jam cockpit items not secured In flight, instruments dont work static ports taped shut for washing Jim Vincent 13 CAC Example: Tailor and Update as Needed CAC - PCC Wing pin engaged and pinned Aileron linkages engaged (2) Elevator linkage engaged Elevator pin engaged and locked Positive control

check CAC Finish Battery secure Weight and balance Weights secure TE Probe installed and taped Static and pitot ports uncovered Non Critical Checks Tire Pressure Baggage cover taped Wings taped More info at: http://www.soaringsafety.org/Safety%20Alert%2000-1.PDF Jim Vincent 14 CAC Person

Best to have another experienced person do CACfresh set of eyes If you must do CAC yourself, wait a few minutes after completing PCC Jim Vincent 15 LHotellier Connectors Used on Many Ships Airworthiness Directive (AD) mandates specific safety pin Jim Vincent 16 LHotellier Connectors

(Contd.) Install Wedekind locking system Easier to use than pins, so more reliable Available from www.mandhsoaring.com or other vendors More info at http://www.sliinstitute.ac.uk/~bob/dg200/hotellier.ht m Jim Vincent 17 Personal Check List: IMSAFE

Illness Medication Stress Alcohol Fatigue Emotion Jim Vincent 18 Pre Take Off Checklists Factory checklist takes precedence Use pilot prepared checklist

Permutations of CBSITCB, including Dolly, wind Direction, Emergency, Flaps Example: DCBSITCBDE (Dolly, Control, Ballast, Straps, Instruments, Trim, Canopy, air Brake, wind Direction, Emergency) Do what works for you and the glider Jim Vincent 19 Make Your Own Checklist

TFRs, NOTAMs, 800-WX-BRIEF Car keys in car, full gas tank, trailer hooked up and ready Unzip fly, remove wallet, hat, map, water, erase logger, set task in computer Jim Vincent 20 Landing Checklist Do not use item (*) if not applicable Water*

Undercarriage* Speed Trim Airbrakes Look Jim Vincent 21 Hazardous Thoughts: We Dont Need No Stinkin Im an expert Im in a rush I did it yesterday I have automatic control hookups

Someone else did it for me Jim Vincent 22 Knowledge is the Foundation of Safety Thanks for all the knowledge! Richard Kellerman Tom Knauff My instructors Soaring magazine

Newsgroup (recreation.aviation.soaring) Everyone elsegood and bad! Jim Vincent 23

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