Postal Market - Zebra Technologies

Postal Market - Zebra Technologies

Post & Parcel Applications & Successes Agenda Market overview Applications / end users Case studies Summary P&P Market Overview

Post Trends 2005 $269bn worldwide revenues (source UPU) Parcel / logistics Highest growth segment De-regulation EU postal market by 2011 >80% operators face competition NOW

UK 17 competitors (40% bulk mail share) Privatisation is a real threat! Post Investment rising To fight competition, companies MUST invest Royal Mail 2bn infrastructure programme depots, sortation, counters, software and hardware

Private investment in NEW postal companies Red Mail Austria, joint TPG est 2001 Sandd 5 years to create network Benelux UK Mail Division Business Post (60% growth Q4 07) Post Merging of post & parcel

2006 TNT exits 3rd Party logistics 2007 parent TPG rebrands post Applications & end users Products High Performance Kiosk

Industrial and Commercial Mobile Desktop RFID printers / encoders Postal Supply Chain 4 key areas Depot / sortation

Post Office (Business) Post / parcel Mobile post / parcel applications depot / sortation Mail bag / cage tags

applications depot / sortation Letter sortation - tote / tray labels Parcel - address & routing labels applications depot / sortation

Document pouch - address labels Bulk mailer - weight / address labels End users depot / sortation DHL TNT Deutsche Post Portuguese Post

Geopost Polish Post Slovenian Post Moroccan Post Hellenic Post Icelandic Post Georgian Post UK Mail QL 320 / 105 SL / Z4M QL 420 / Z4M Plus Z4M Plus

105 SL 105 SL 110XiIIIPlus 110XiIII 110XiIII & 170XiIIIPlus LP 2844 LP 2844 S4M Z4M applications Post Office

Electronic stamps (linered or linerless) applications Post Office Registered mail

Address labels Weight / franking Q-busting Partner solutions

Italian Post Italian Post Counter application weight print franking Partner: SIPI Printer

2200 TLP 3844-Z Media X cut media (destroys upon removal) Partner solutions kiosks Self service kiosks - parcel labels

- large letters - stamps end users Post Office Austrian Post LP 2844 Finnish Post LP 2844

Swiss Post LP 3842 Italian Post TLP 3844-Z Portuguese Post LP 2844-Z Brazil Post

LP 2844 Ukaraine Post LP 2844 Turkish Post TLP 2844 Iceland Post

LP 2844 applications mobile post / parcel Mobile Post Postman receipt, registered mail, parcel collection Post Offices Parcel / courier label parcels on collection

receipt (cash on delivery) label returns applications post / parcels Parcel labels Courier / express Registered mail

end users post / parcels Zebra leading courier express supplier LP 2844 dominant (2 global companies NDA) DHL LP 2844 / ZP550 TNT

QL 420 / Z4M Iceland Post LP 2844 Global business e-stamps / parcels Case studies

Postal case studies Case Study + Video Polish Post Case Studies only Portuguese Post Greek Post Summary

Postal market facing increased competition Business benefits from Barcode and RFID Productivity, Quality, Flexibility, Traceability Customer Service / Revenues Fast R.O.I Mobility revolution RIGHT NOW Mobile post Courier express

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