Poverty in Oklahoma:

Poverty in Oklahoma:

Poverty in Oklahoma Poverty in Oklahoma Developed by: Jan Maples, Rene Daugherty, and Dave Shideler Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service/Oklahoma State University Prepared with support from: Rachel Welborn and Meaghan Gordon Southern Rural Development Center/Mississippi State University January 2013, (Revised July/August 2013) 1 Poverty in Oklahoma Lesson Objectives: Understand alternative definitions of poverty Be able to describe current statistics about poverty and how it affects communities, Oklahoma and the nation Apply the issue of poverty to your lives and discover the

importance of action Generate a list of personal actions you can take regarding the issue of poverty and select one on which to work Describe the Tide project and consult with or access other programs, websites, or resources on the issue of poverty 2 Poverty in Oklahoma True or False? ? The official poverty definition (Census Bureau) uses money income before taxes and does not include noncash benefits. 3

Poverty in Oklahoma Answer: ? The official poverty definition (Census Bureau) uses money income before taxes and does not include noncash benefits. TRUE: The Census Bureau includes all pre-tax wages, salaries, retirement and other money income sources, but it does not include non-cash benefit programs like WIC, SNAP or housing vouchers. 4 Poverty in Oklahoma What is the official poverty definition? A household is considered to be in

poverty if total household cash income is less than the poverty threshold. Cash income includes any unrestricted sources of income Threshold reflects the cost of food and basic services not necessarily all living expenses. 5 Poverty in Oklahoma Threshold values vary by: Household size Household composition (e.g., presence of elderly or children) Threshold values do NOT vary by geography!

6 Poverty in Oklahoma 2013 Poverty Thresholds Sixe of family unit Related children under 18 years None One Two Three One person (unrelated individual)... Under 65 years.................... 65 years and over................. 12,119 11,173

Two people........................... Householder under 65 years........... Householder 65 years and over.... 15,600 14,081 16,057 15,996 Three people....................... 18,222 18,751 18,769

Four people......................... 24,028 24,421 23,624 The complete table of thresholds can be downloaded at: http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/data/threshld/index.html 23,707 7 Poverty in Oklahoma

True or False? ? The northeastern U.S. has long been the poorest region of the United States. ? Oklahoma has the highest poverty rate in the nation. 8 Poverty in Oklahoma True or False? ? The northeastern U.S. has long been the poorest region of the United States. FALSE: The southeastern region of the US has long been the poorest region.

? Oklahoma has the highest poverty rate in the nation. FALSE: Mississippi has the highest poverty rate at 23.8%. 9 Poverty in Oklahoma In Comparison Poverty Percent All Ages Poverty Percent Under Age 18 Median

Household Income U.S. 15.9% 22.6% $51,371 Oklahoma 17.2% 24.1% $44,336

Okfuskee Co. 27.4% 34.3% $31,556 Canadian Co. 8.4% 11.9% $62,984 10

11 Poverty in Oklahoma 12 12 Poverty in Oklahoma 13 Poverty in Oklahoma True or False? ? Poverty is solely the result of an individuals actions FALSE: Poverty is not simply the result of bad

choices. While individuals may bear some responsibility for their circumstances, social institutions like educational systems, laws and regulations, and a lack of exposure to alternative ideas/classes, contribute to and can exacerbate an individuals poverty. 14 Poverty in Oklahoma True or False? ? Poverty is solely the result of an individuals actions 15

Poverty in Oklahoma Poverty is Everywhere 16 Poverty in Oklahoma Poverty: The extent to which an individual does without resources. -Ruby Payne Financial Emotional Knowledge of hidden rules Mental

Coping strategies Spiritual Integrity, trust Physical Support systems Motivation, Relationships/role persistence, Formal register models Sources: Bridges out of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities (Payne, DeVol and Smith), Bridges to Sustainable Communities: A system-wide, cradle-to-grave approach to ending poverty in America (DeVol), Bridges out of Poverty presentation, Stillwater, OK May 2011 17 Poverty in Oklahoma Making It Personal: Describe a time when you, or someone close to you,

struggled with poverty (of any kind). What was it like? How did others react? Poverty in Oklahoma Lets brainstorm Taking Action Pledge Card I Can Do 19 Poverty in Oklahoma

Extension Resource People Research-based information and Asset and Opportunity scorecard .Dave Shideler Poverty in OK lesson..Dave, Jan, Renee Bridges out of Poverty.Lindsey Miner Poverty SimulationJan, Brenda, Sonya, Jessica Nickel Turning the Tide on Poverty..Renee and Jan Please turn in a brief evaluation. Thanks! 20 Poverty in Oklahoma Appendix Alternative Measures of Poverty Additional Resources on Poverty 21

Other measures of poverty -free & reduced lunches 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 State of OK 58.9 60.6 61.5 Cushing

62.9 61.5 61.5 Glencoe 79.7 78.1 73.1 Oak Grove 50

54.1 47.2 Perkins-Tryon 44.3 47.5 48.2 Ripley 76.9 76.8

80.3 Stillwater 41.2 41.7 45.0 Yale 71.4 70.5 75.1

Taken from the Data & Information Report for Payne County, OK; Section C, Table 4. http://www.okruralhealthworks.org To qualify, household income must be less than 185% of the poverty guideline for reduced meals, 130% of the poverty guideline for free meals 22 Other measures of poverty -% of personal income from transfer payments Personal Total Transfer Personal Payments, Income, 2012

2012 State of Oklahoma $154,958,271, 000 $28,702,760 Transfer Payments as a % of Total Income 18.5% Okfuskee $315,307,000 $114,467,00

36.3% County Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Table CA05N 0 23 Other measures of poverty -The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Oklahoma, 2009 http://www.selfsufficiencystandard.org/docs/OK%202009%20All%20Families.xls 24 Audiences for Poverty in OK presentation: OHCE and 4-H In-Service Training for Head Start staff Northeast Alliance for Economic Inclusion Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League

25 Brainstorming of other uses: Poverty in Ok Components Marketing flyer Evaluation Presenter guide Handouts All components are free downloads from http://agecon.okstate.edu/econtrends/index.asp? type=publications And on D2L under OCES-Extension-FCS-Educator26 Resources

Other resources: Turning the Tide on Poverty The Poverty Simulation Bridges out of Poverty Asset and Opportunity Scorecard 27 Turning the Tide on Poverty Plan

for Action Facilitator Training Action Forum Kic k Off Recruit Participants and Facilitators 28 Work On

Actions Community Change Raises awareness about poverty among the general public through civil dialogue that leads to community-wide action Communit Organize Action y Circles

Tide outcomes in OK (Okfuskee Co. 200912) Tide outcomes (other Tide states): Helped stop youth gang violence (AL) Helped residents overcome Allowed high schoolers to apathy realize leadership potential Caused small communities to and build conflict resolution see similar issues and learn skills by working on

together community issues (LA) Found employment for some Created food pantries, clothing receiving TANF closets, community gardens, Helped create community and Community Resource unity & pride Directory (MS) Created a Clearview Planted fruit trees, created community vegetable garden farmers market, and developed actions to improve For more information about Turning the Tide on Poverty: the quality of schools (MS) http://srdc.msstate.edu/tide/results.html

29 Poverty Simulation (Missouri Association for Community Action) Needs for simulation: 25 80 participants 18 20 volunteer staffers large gym or fair building Extension Educators and kits are available to assist 30

Purpose: To sensitize participants to realities faced by low-income people Participants assume roles of different families facing poverty Length: 2 to 3 hours consists of introduction/briefing, the simulation, debriefing and pre and post assessments Bridges out of Poverty Builds upon Ruby Paynes A Framework for Understanding Poverty http://www.ahaprocess.com/solutions/community/ 31

Communities with Bridges programs in OK Coordinated by The Salvation Army Oklahoma-Arkansas Division 32 Compatibility of Programs Ex: 2-Day Extension In-Service consisting of Bridges out of Poverty training on Day 1 and Poverty Simulation on 2nd Day Ex: OSU Medical School Students Training consisting of 1 hour 15-minute Poverty in Oklahoma presentation followed by Poverty Simulation Ex. In a county, conduct Turning the Tide on Poverty program, using the Poverty Simulation

as the Kick-off event. Possible community action outcomes could 33 include: Conducting the Poverty Simulation for the Asset and Opportunity Scorecard (cfed, http://assetsandopportunity.org/scorecard/) 34 Other State Extension Resources: Tough Work, Understanding and Serving People in Poverty while Caring for Yourself Ohio State University Extension


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