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powerpoint - council

Developing a Climate Change Action Plan for Sunderland Jim Gillon Sustainability Co-ordinator 28th November 2007 Presentation to North East Domestic Energy Forum WHY TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE? The City signed the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change in September 2001

Climate Change Bill likely to become an act early in 2008 Sustainability Appraisal of Sunderland Strategy shows up climate change / carbon emission as a key gap EMISSIONS. Past performance Local examples of successes in cutting carbon emissions Solar House Nissan wind turbines

Gentoo EMISSIONS. baselines Sunderland's Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2001 Total emissions of 2,100,000 tonnes CO2 Waste Rail transport 9% 0%

Road transport 21% Public and Commercial other fuels 9% Domestic gas 22% Where are we now?

Domestic electricity 9% Domestic other fuels Public and 1% Commercial gas 11% 2001 baseline 0.8% increase in

4 years EMISSIONS the future E.g. New Plan for Central Sunderland Comprehensive Development Sites Former Grove Site / Pallion West Pallion Retail Park Vaux / Galleys Gill / Farringdon Row Holmeside Triangle Changes Stadium Park

Potential World Heritage Site Sheepfolds University of Sunderland The Port Pallion Shipyard Strategic Locations for Change Sunderland Strategic Transport Lisburn Terrace Triangle Corridor Sunniside City Centre West Bonnersfield EMISSIONS the future Changes expected by 2021

Housing 19,000 new houses 7,000 clearances Transport 20% increase in traffic between 2001 - 2021 Public and Private Development 650,000 m2 of development Waste Achieving 25% recycling rates Carbon dioxide emissions, tonnes CO2 EMISSIONS the future 2,500,000

9% increase by 2021 2,000,000 Waste 1,500,000 Transport Public and commercial 1,000,000 Housing - electricity

Housing - gas 500,000 0 2001 2011 2016 2021 CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN Consultation has begun on the preferred options for cutting emissions

Some actions are planned nationally, locally that should happen anyway: Actions Installation of landfill gas capture and combustion CO2 saving (tonnes CO2) -123,000 National increases in renewable electricity -36,700 5% biofuels in road transport by 2010

-23,000 CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN Options that require local intervention CO2 saving (tonnes CO2) Option 1. Replace domestic boilers -30,000 Option 2. Citywide home insulation programme -53,000

Option 3. Cut energy use by 10% in businesses -67,000 Option 4. Combined heat and power networks -20,000 Option 5. Develop further wind turbine sites -19,000 Option 6. Use more efficient vehicles

-76,000 Option 7. Increase recycling rates, up to 45% -15,000 Option 8. Recover another 30% of waste -22,000 WHERE WE COULD BE If all this can be achieved, Sunderland could reduce its emissions by 500,000 tonnes come 2021 - a 15% drop compared to 2001 . but only if all opportunities are developed

NEXT STEPS Consultation is seeking views on these options Results will be used to put together agreed action plan, and target for cutting the citys emissions Action Plan will be launched in Summer 2008. Role of Housing ROLE OF HOUSING Housing = one third of citys carbon emissions Sunderland is aiming to: 1. Set out a vision of low-carbon housing within the Sunderland Strategy 2. Adopt relevant targets in the LAA 3. Support delivery mechanisms of Climate Change Action

Plan PROPOSAL Sunderland Strategy to adopt target within LAA of reducing per capita carbon emissions (DEFRA indicator) Shared between Housing, Economic Prosperity and Attractive/Accessible each has own sub-target Justification Members have asked for a carbon reduction commitment Existing strategy weak on environmental targets HOUSING EMISSIONS How it would work for Housing Baseline year of 2005 Housing policy to 2021

Climate Change actions 667,000 tonnes +29,000 tonnes (+5%) -125,000 tonnes (-20%) Potential emissions 570,000 tonnes (-15%) (this is without social housing contribution, TBC) BREAKDOWN OF ACTIONS 15 year climate change objectives might be:

tonnes saved Private sector emissions, removing fuel poverty (CEEF project) Insulate all lofts, cavities 53,000 Insulate all solid wall properties -19,000 Replace all domestic boilers -29,000 Social Housing Sector Gentoo Phase 2 energy efficiency programme Commitments from other RSLs TBC TBC

Local Development Framework Code for Sustainable Homes increasing to 2016 -4,800 10% energy from renewables -14,600 WHAT SUPPORTS DELIVERY Already insulating 1000 properties by March 2008 DEFRA 70,000 CEEF funding to develop 3-6 year business plan beyond March 2008 New funding through CERT (replaces EEC2) on stream April 2008 Full commitment from social housing sector New planning policies will be adopted by 2009. CLIMATE CHANGE CAMPAIGN

Public awareness campaign going on in parallel Potential to expand into delivery schemes www.sunderland.gov.uk/climatechange CLIMATE CHANGE CAMPAIGN PICTURE A WORLD WITHOUT CO2 EMISSIONS

Photo competition: Where is your favourite place in Sunderland that you want to protect from climate change. PICTURE A WORLD WITHOUT CO2 EMISSIONS winners Barmston Village Primary School in their wildlife garden.

PICTURE A WORLD WITHOUT CO2 EMISSIONS winners Picture a world without CO2 emissions Jack Whites view over High Moorsley, near Hetton le Hole. PICTURE A WORLD WITHOUT CO2 EMISSIONS winners Alistair Wilsons daughter, enjoying Silksworth

Sports Centre PICTURE A WORLD WITHOUT CO2 EMISSIONS winners Picture a world without CO2 emissions 1st Herrington Beaver Scouts, outside their scout hut. SUMMARY Sunderland housing emissions could drop by 15% by 2021

Needs citywide approach focussing on insulation and boiler replacement Looking to adopt LAA target on carbon emission, guided by Climate Change Action Plan THANK YOU

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