PowerPoint 演示文稿

PowerPoint 演示文稿

Alibaba It is a journey! Entrepreneurship course: case study by Chen Chen ([email protected]) What is

? E-commerce 2 Alibabas timeline Hard time Won

1998: Founded with B2B website. 2001: Achieve profitability. 2003: Taobao was founded. 2004: Alipay was launched. 2005: Took China Yahoo. 2007: Hong Kong IPO. Expanding 2008: Taobao Mall(Tmall) established. 2010: New products. 2014: IPO in U.S..

Acting as a king of the world 3 Jack Ma Who is the Guy? The founder and CEO is just a tour guide. 4

Keys to Alibabas kingdom Strong Believes Smart and diligent people Think globally Act locally Keep innovating 5

Alibaba Thanks! Q&A Presentation by Chen Chen ([email protected]) University of Southern California Thank Prof. C.-C.(Jay) Kuo for opening the

entrepreneurship short course Thank Xue for coordinating the presentation

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