Regions for Economic Change Conference, Brussels, 7-8 March 07 The POWER project: Creating a North Sea Competence Network for Offshore Wind Energy John Best Chief Executive of EEEGr www.offshore-power.net Why offshore wind energy? General global need for energy, particularly in coastal areas

Massive long term potential as sustainable energy source Opportunity of economic benefits for peripheral coastal regions Currently, biggest driver for offshore wind is governmental policy Offshore wind is currently economically reliant on market incentives, but is likely to be in the long term a cost efficient energy source www.offshore-power.net SLP yard, Lowestoft , UK Multibrid 5MW, Germany Horns Rev, Offshore wind in the North Sea

North Sea Region global leader in offshore wind, both in installed and planned capacity 96% of the globally installed offshore wind energy is in the North Sea, nearly 700 MW 5 GW forecast installed capacity by 2010 in North Sea nearly 2/3 of the forecast world market 5 GW capacity equates to more than 1000 turbines, equivalent capacity to 5 nuclear power stations North-West Substantially larger growth after 2010 - 10 GW planned for the UK alone by 2015 However, offshore wind is still a young & Greater

Wash Thames Estuary www.offshore-power.net Map: BWEA POWER combines globally leading offshore wind energy regions Denmar k German Belgium y Netherland Wide ranging POWERspartnership:

UK Transnational network of business members associations, business support agencies, local and regional government, universities, institutes www.offshore-power.net Benefits of transnational working The transnational POWER region has total capability throughout the offshore wind supply chain A unique offering to the global market But no single region is entirely self-sufficient Different capabilities in each of the regions: Combination of expertise in offshore oil & gas and onshore wind complementarity of supply chains

(results from POWER transnational supply chain study, Douglas-Westwood Ltd., May 2006) www.offshore-power.net POWER: Some of the project activities strategies and knowledge Good practice guidance (planning & environmental issues) Concepts for Visitor information centres supply chain development Network of business associations; transnational business events North Sea wide supply chain study skills development Working towards harmonisation of vocational training certification

Offshore Wind Summer Schools www.offshore-power.net Conclusions - the strengths of POWER Diversification of declining traditional maritime industries (e.g. offshore oil and gas, shipbuilding, marine sector) into the offshore renewables sector offering unique economic opportunities for coastal regions in decline Public sector support needed for the sector to do this transfer POWER establishes strong transnational offshore wind and

energy links reacting to the industrys needs www.offshore-power.net Conclusions - the strengths of POWER Combining regions with complementary industry expertise Wide ranging high profile transnational competence network, including public sector support organisations/stakeholders, education institutions, as well as business associations and businesses Working towards better understanding of offshore wind issues between North Sea regions Influencing regional, national and international policy www.offshore-power.net

Conclusions - the strengths of POWER Supporting regional businesses to position themselves in the North Sea offshore wind market Strengthening and promoting the internationally leading position in offshore wind of the North Sea and its key regions POWER markets the North Sea Region as a global centre of excellence Linking key sector initiatives in each of the participating regions e.g. OrbisEnergy in Lowestoft a physical hub for offshore renewable energy, linking up businesses and research www.offshore-power.net POWER Offshore Wind Final Conference

14-15 June 2006 in Bremerhaven (Germany): high profile public sector oriented conference Photo: Scroby Sands Wind Farm; ODE/E.On Further information at www.offshore-power.net www.offshore-power.net

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